Thursday, August 15, 2013

Playing at WCR

February 24th, 2013

This morning I had the distinct pleasure of playing with Brian, the very handsome producer of Thunder in the Mountains!  I'd been lusting after him all weekend at the West Coast Rubber event.  I finally got permission to play with Brian from Boss Alex as I Had been under his collar for my stay there.

I approached him about a little fun together and told him to meet me in his room, I grabbed my ropes and hankies and slipped inside his hotel room door.  Closing it and locking it behind me.  We sat on the bed and talked a bit before we stripped our bodies naked and I slowly bound his sweet, succulent muscular body on the bed.  I gagged his mouth, and blindfolded him, and then took to his flesh like a starving hound.  I had been Boss Alex's errand boy all weekend, and I finally was able to play with someone.  I was going to enjoy this.

I ran my fingers over his warm, toned body.  His muscled forearms, his pecs, his beautiful legs,  I nipped at his chest, licking his beefy arms and legs, all while enjoying every single moan that escaped his lips, every squirm of his body straining against my ropes binding him helpless, every muffled word blocked by my gag secure in his mouth.

This beautiful man was under my complete control, at my mercy, in my hands, and I was so fucking horny you wouldn't believe.  It was torture that I was under cum denial, that I couldn't release the gigantic load building in my body, but I could release his.

I stroked his huge, meaty cock nice and slow, taking my time, watching it drool in anticipation of the ecstasy that lay waiting in his future.  His moaning turned me on even more and I kept stroking, kept pumping his beautiful dick until he finally erupted with a warm thick load all over his chest.

We cuddled close afterward, basking in his afterglow, resting my head on his beautiful body.  I made damn sure he knew that I wanted to play again.  I certainly hope our paths cross once more.

Play Safe Dear Reader.