Saturday, July 27, 2013

Make the Piggy Squeal

Monday, February 4th, 2013

My fisting piggy came over tonight after we had a few failed attempts at getting together, sickness, work, the usual life nonsense getting in the way.

I just find him absolutely gorgeous, smooth shaved head, his smooth muscled arms and body, tattooed with sharp designs, his fantastic eyes, he's a real dream.  He got undressed and we held each other close, making out with sweet kisses and caressing of bodies.  He prepped the bed with towels, set up his lubricants, got into his jockstrap and took his position on my bed, head down and ass up.

I lubed up my hand with the J-Lube gel and slid a finger into his sweet, tight ass!  Oh it had been a while! He warm hole begged and refused me, I slid in another finger, he wanted it just as bad as I did!  Another finger!  He moaned and I could push in far enough to feel that heartbeat!  Another finger!  We were almost to the best part, I slid slowly in and out!  Fuck I wanted to ram his hole so bad!

"Are you ready?" I asked.

"Yes!" he begged.

I pointed my fist and pushed inside!  Almost...almost...there!  My knuckles vanished and I was pulled deep into his starving ass!  He let out a moan that dripped of ecstasy and intense erotic pleasure, I rolled my fist around in his sweet, wet asshole making him moan louder, and squeal like the beautiful muscle fisting pig he is!  We continued this for a short while before I eventually gently slid out of his ass.

He cleaned up and we went back to kissing and making out for a bit before he was ready for me to fuck him. I slid on a condom, lubed up, and had to push to get inside his tight hole.  Fucking him is like a dream, this studly, muscled, piggish, randy, beautiful man was taking my dick, and begging for more!  His moaning, his piggy squealing, fuck it was all so hot!  I blew my load hard up his ass!  It felt amazing!  Incredible!  I collapsed onto his back, my arms wrapped around his gorgeous body enjoying our afterglow.

We took a shower together, and then enjoyed dinner at a local Thai restaurant before parting.  There's even talk about filming our next session together, and I like the idea of being a masked fister!

Play Safe dear reader!