Thursday, July 18, 2013

Lunar Leather Weekend

January 26th - 27th, 2013

Saturday - January 26th

The day prior I had come down via the train and slept over at Pup Zephyr's apartment, this morning before breakfast Zephyr, who had roommates who adopted a wonderfully sweet Pit Bull who recently had 11 puppies, surprised me by putting all the pups on me at once.  You haven't experienced a true joy until you're under a bombardment of puppies, all squeaking, whimpering, and whining at once.

We spent the day with his friend Dana, grabbed lunch, I bought a new chain leash that I had been hunting for, and then headed back to Dana's apartment where we had an incredible 3-way shower.  I love bathing with my playmates, my subs, and my doms.  The more the merrier, and this would be my first time with two hot boys in the same shower.  We lathered each other up, kissing, caressing, cleaning and cleansing our naked bodies in the steamy warm waters, stroking and pumping our manhood until each one of us shot our loads.  Easily one of the sexiest showers I have ever taken!  I cannot wait for it to happen again!

Dana was a real help and lent me his camera since I was foolish and forgot my battery charger behind, and we all headed to Pecs Bar for my event, Lunar Leather.  I thought it would be a fun idea to throw my first leather event of the year on the first full moon, and since I hadn't done any parties in San Diego before, it all collected into a bunch of "firsts".

The event itself was a success, a good amount of men in leather showed up, pleasantries and conversations were shared, and plenty of sexy gear was worn.  Sir Jeremy and Sir Michael were there, as well as a friend of Sir Michael's who is a producer of title contests.  I had an interesting conversation with him.

Now in my experience it was widely encouraged for titleholders to have sex with their vests on, to show exactly who was doing what and with whom.  To show that their titles were in fact play titles, titles that encouraged sexual play.  The running joke is that "when you're in the bar sucking someone's cock, kneel on your vest with the title patch up so we know who it is."  This producer however was of the school of thought that the opposite should be done, never be photographed with a beer in your hand and don't be caught playing in your vest.  I was interested in his reasoning as to why this shouldn't happen, and he explained that in his experience the titleholders were frequently headhunted by porn studios and as a result he was afraid that people would think that's all that a titleholder did.

I met up with my friend Peter who approached me and told me that our mutual friend, Damien, had "read him the riot act", and told Peter that I had a community of people that loved me and wouldn't hesitate to kick his ass if he hurt me.  Peter told me that I was loved by many people.  I started to cry, I didn't really grasp that or how immense that was before.  It felt incredibly reassuring and comforting knowing people had my back, and even though I already knew this, it was wonderful to be reminded with such intensity.

After leaving the bar around 1:40am, we arrived back at Dana's apartment, climbed into bed naked, and enjoyed one another.  I became the center of attention as Zephyr rubbed my feet, and Dana jerked my member.  I enjoyed every moment of it, and shot a very satisfying load!

Sunday - January 27th 2013

We headed out to breakfast with Sir Michael, and then Zephyr drove me all the way back to Long Beach.  After the long journey we stopped by the Paradise Bar and enjoyed Drag Queen Bingo with the LA Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence.  Afterward we had dinner at Thai Silk, and I bid Zephyr farewell as he returned home soon after.

Another wonderful kinky weekend, and a special thanks to Pup Zephyr and Dana, as well as to everyone who attended my event that weekend!

Play Safe dear Reader.