Friday, July 5, 2013

A Little Bit of Sounding

Friday, January 11th, 2013

Sir Steve picked me up at the Red Line and we headed to dinner at Pho City before coming back to his apartment, gearing up and heading out to the Socal Bondage Club.  We found the spider web room open and he bound me to the metal web and flogged me.  The slaps of leather on my back, I missed them a lot.  Steve brought me to a great catharsis which I had been craving, to let it all out and cry.  It feels so wonderful.

After a bit of a rest, an older man walked up to me and came uncomfortably close, and said he wanted to spank me.  I didn't find the man at all attractive, and if he had respected my space I might have felt different, I firmly told him I wasn't into spanking at all (which I'm really not), and he left.  He smelled strongly of Nacho Cheese flavored Doritos, as if he had just eaten two bags.  That's how uncomfortably close he came.

We went into the main room and Sir Steve asked if I was into sounds and I told him I hadn't had it done before. He asked if I would like to try and I hesitated for a moment before finally saying yes.  We headed to the medical room after Sir Steve washed and cleaned his sounding equipment.  I lay down on the examination table, my feet in the stirrups, he lubed up a sounding rod, a thin rod of metal and he slowly dipped it inside my penis.

It stung a little bit and he took it out, then he let me do it myself.  I went very slowly and my eyes went wide as it went deeper and deeper inside of me.  It felt tingly and strange, slightly uncomfortable and like I needed to pee.  After a bit it felt nice, and I'll do it again in the future.  We cleaned up and headed to the Bullet bar for drinks.  I got a bit tipsy and we went through McDonald's for a quick late snack (my sober self would never have allowed that but he wasn't in control), and ended up at Sir Steve's apartment.  I was told that I had passed out just as Sir Steve was about to play with me, I wish he had just ravaged me anyway, but I do love the respect he has for me.

In the morning Sir Steve and I prepared to leave to go to the Tom of Finland House, when he called me into his study.  He opened up his desk and he told me that he and I share a passion for journalism, he reached inside the desk and handed me a brand new journal!  "Write and have fun." he said to me.

Thank you Sir!

When we arrived at the Tom of Finland house I was amazed at how kinky and sexy it was! A three level house, bondage furniture in the yards, Tom's porn plastered everywhere, literally on the walls and the ceilings, even on the furniture.  Even the car had ToF on it.  The only part of the house I didn't see was the dungeon rumored to be in the basement.

We were there for a bootcamp meeting for aspiring titleholders, however I must shamefully admit that I fell asleep several times. It's not that they were boring, it's that I wasn't moving around and I was getting comfortable...and that I was up late doing all kinds of naughty, dirty things. I'm not the type you take to meetings or discussions, I'm an action guy, I like to get up and do things (and people).  I'd rather be at a party talking than in a meeting discussing.

Have Fun and Play Safe, dear reader.