Thursday, June 20, 2013

Fisting with Friends

Saturday, December 29th, 2012

This afternoon I went up to Stockroom with Sir Donny and his husband so his husband could pick out his Christmas present from Sir Donny.  I explored the racks of rubber, having the intoxicating smell enter my nostrils, tried on a blue rubber Muir Cap, as well as a fox mask.  I have been hunting for a proper fox mask for ages, but each one I try on is too cartoony, or doesn't speak to me, or is exorbitantly expensive.  I'd love to have one I could wear to events that would conceal my identity and inspire curiosity in those around me.

When finished, we returned to Sir Donny's house and waited for James, a man whom Sir Donny had invited to play with us, and is an experienced fisting bottom.  When he arrived we had a very intimate 4-man make out, man that was hot, I love group intimacy.  James then started to prep himself with a thick dildo, fairly large in size.  I took control and fucked his ass with the toy, listening to him moan made it all the more enjoyable.  He then switched to a much larger black latex dildo, which was about the girth of a traffic pylon! I watched in awe as his ass swallowed the entire shaft!  When it was time and my hands gripped the monstrosity, I took care to be gentle.  Even given his experience he did become uncomfortable a few times during, but we both had a wonderful time!

Then it was time, I pulled on a new pair of latex gloves (I changed pairs with every toy we used, and was careful not to cross-contaminate the lubricant) and greased up my hand.  I started with one finger at a time before I shoved my entire fist inside.  His ass swallowed me, and I felt the warm, moist interior of his anus.  His heartbeat could be felt everywhere inside.  Unfortunately as soon as I was sucked inside of him, he needed me to pull back out.  He apologized, but I knew that he wasn't comfortable.  We had a few more attempts but we had the same result each time, he just couldn't take any more anal abuse and went to shower.

Sir Donny then placed me inside his new vac bed with a neck hole so I wouldn't need to be fully encased with only a mouth tube.  I have had the hardest time trying to get used to full encasement with vac beds if they only have a breathing tube, the suffocation phobia takes over and my flight instinct shoves violently to the forefront of my mind and bashes his fists on the walls of my brain.  Which is also why I do not willingly perform breath play on others, and why I get absolutely livid when someone assumes I want them to clamp their hand over my gas mask if I wear one out to the bar.  Don't assume anything about someone else's desires, always ask permission.

I slid inside Sir Donny's beautiful vac rack and he sealed me inside!  I love the feeling of the rubber as it encloses and encases my body, sealing me within the black sheets, so tight against my bare skin! All the air sucked away, tightening on my naked body!  Completely immobile, I can't even lift a finger against the pressure!  James came out of the shower and Sir Donny handed him his back massager, and James proceeded to torture my vulnerable dick which was quite visible through the form-fitting rubber sheets!

After the torture was over, we headed out for a supper together, me in full leather.  I love wearing my gear out in public, it feels so liberating and exciting! It's always fun to get asked what my hankies mean in my back pocket, or what my title vest means by curious onlookers.  It shows they are brave enough to ask and I respect that a lot. Once back Sir Donny pulled out his other vac bed and James was sealed inside much to his great delight.  A beautiful body sealed like a cut of gorgeous meat inside black rubber sheets that formed to his person like a glove.

I had a little revenge with the massager myself, and making him moan had my manhood drooling.  James was in the bed for ages!  I couldn't believe it, and I was very jealous that he could enjoy full encasement so much where I would be turned into a scared child at the thought of it.  When he did eventually slide out, I felt my confidence grow, it was my turn.  I wanted to defeat the fear inside of me already.  I wriggled inside and the darkness closed in on me, the tube went into my mouth...and that was it.  That was the trigger.  I had to get out.  The tube was thin enough to make breathing a conscious effort, my asthma cough had been acting up and the fear of labored breathing and a cough fit kept me from going through with it.

I got out and took a few breaths, frustrated, my desire for the experience battled against the anxiety of my breathing.  Donny assured me I was okay and it wasn't a problem if I didn't do it, and James assured me the bed was safe and amazing.  I tried pumping myself up again and slid back inside.  I had no trouble with the feeling of the rubber sealing itself around me, but the moment that tube entered my mouth my anxiety rushed back like the flow of a wave on the beach.  I fought it, trying to remember that the bed would fill with air if the tube was pulled out, but even after the affirming words of Sir Donny and James, and my confidence pumping couldn't win and I got out for the last time that night.

I detest my fear, it's an illusion my mind makes, I'm so aware of that, but it still wins out. It really frustrates me to no end because I hate missing out on a good time, especially if I'm the one standing in my way.  I was close to telling Sir Donny to just seal me inside and ignore my fearful state, but I couldn't ask him to do such a thing.

After getting out, Sir Donny wrapped me up in pallet wrap, and James tortured me with the massager.  I love mummification, it's warm and relaxing, a nice plastic cocoon almost.  James then jerked me off with Sir Donny's masturbation tube, a clear rubber cylinder filled with soft rubber spikes that felt absolutely beautiful on my dripping, throbbing dick.  I eventually blew my huge load and sunk into the afterglow, then assisted in helping get James off as well, and his load was quite a sexy sight to see! A nice hot shower later, our goodbyes, and Sir Donny escorted me home.  A beautiful night to remember!

Play Safe Dear Reader.