Friday, April 19, 2013

A Trip to CCBC

Saturday, October 20th, 2012

I headed down to Palm Springs with Daddy Tom, who I had been talking to at length for a while online, he had offered to take me to CCBC and our schedules finally cooperated.  Along the way down we stopped at a casino, I had to make a pit stop so he went ahead and found a game to play.  When I came out, he handed me some drink money and told me to get something I liked.  While walking around the floor I took in how dangerous casinos can be, the architecture and floor layout makes navigation hazy and confusing, the lack of windows and light make time vanish, bright colors and flashing lights draw you in and keep you there for ages.

After finishing my drink, Daddy Tom then gave me some play money, and I sat down in front of a slot machine.  I had no idea what to do, I had never done this before.  The rules and credits made no sense to me, so I played until the game said I had won. I accepted my winnings and discovered I had won $7.35.  Yay? I won? He let me keep my winnings on top of the play money he gave me so it was a nice $27.35 Thank you, sir.

We resumed our journey down to the desert and arrived at the resort, after checking in, Daddy Tom gave me a tour of the grounds.  Lots of winding narrow paths enclosed and secluded at the back of the property which led to play areas tucked behind corners, hidden by plants and decorated with fountains and small rivers.  Men hid in the corners, sitting in wait for someone to come by, some naked, some barely clothed, some jerking off.  One was bent over a pair of seats, his ass open to any dick to enter him.  No one caught my eye, and the more we explored, the less safe I felt going off on my own, thankfully Daddy Tom kept a close eye on me as he led the way.

After a short rest by the nude pool, we grabbed lunch at Sherman's Deli, and were graced with the sight of a hot muscle stud having lunch with his girlfriend out on the patio, as well as the Mongols bike gang two tables away from them.  After our very large and very satisfying meal, Daddy Tom took us to another casino, pressed some cash into my hand and scooted me off to play.  I wandered around, and saw a very handsome man, we met gazes and made subtle hints at each other.  I unfortunately lost him and couldn't find him again, so I sat down at a machine, and eventually someone sat down right next to me, it was him!  We exchanged names, his was Tom, and we talked for a bit, he was very hot!  He lived here in the desert, and gave me his card, but before he left he stopped playing and printed out his winnings receipt.  He said, "Here, have this." and put the paper in my hands after saying goodbye.  I looked down at the voucher, and my eyes went wide!  $119.25!  What an awesome guy!  I also met up with two guys Kurt and Ming who asked about the hankies I was flagging, it's always a thrill to be asked that question as well as answer it.

Daddy Tom kept urging me to play, the thing is I'm not much of a gambler, I'm a hoarder with my money, so I'm pretty reluctant to spend it. When we were finished at the casino, we headed back to the resort and I went for a swim, it was dark so I felt better about being naked in the water.  I struck up some nice conversation with some other guests and had a nice time.  Back in the room I went to take a shower and discovered there are no curtains on the windows, and the windows are placed low enough that people can look in easily.  It actually was fairly amusing and I liked the idea of guys walking by checking me out while I showered, so I decided I'd give whomever might be watching a nice show, so I bathed deliberately slow.  One person did happen to tap on the window, a guy from the pool whom I had talked to earlier, he said "No privacy, huh?" I laughed and agreed.

After drying off and slipping into my jock, Daddy Tom popped his head into the room to tell me I was being a big tease to everyone outside, I laughed and tossed all my leather onto the bed, and lay on my stomach writing in my diary.  I'll show them a "tease"!  We headed out to Toolshed later on and saw so many hot men at the bar, struck up great conversation with the men we met there.  Back at the resort I decided to take a walk by myself and see what the night had to offer.  I took the winding path, taking in the darkness, the winding lit tunnels, fountains, and arrived at the military bunker theme area.  Nothing to see.  I went to the dark playrooms and watched someone I knew suck someone off for a few minutes, then moved on to another room.  I was touched by a man who complimented me, I gave a flat "thanks", and pushed his hand away.  I didn't invite him to touch me.  I made my way to a couch swing by the pool, the guests were all much older than I was, and the majority who played didn't seem to care who they sucked or fucked.  It put me in a poor mood.  I was frustrated, I began to feel lonesome, wanting someone who was my age, and wasn't so careless and foolish with his health to play with.

Thankfully one of the men who worked there, Greg? George? He came by before I got much too deep in my own depressed thoughts and talked to me for a while, distracting me and bringing my mood back up a bit.  You really helped me that night, thank you. I headed to bed after we said goodnight.

Sunday, October 21st 2012

Daddy Tom and I woke up and went around the grounds so he could shoot a set of pictures of me.  I had fun, posing on the lifeguard tower, in the garden swing, along the path in the back, naked by the pool.  I really want to be a gear model, I think it would be an awesome job.  From there we went to the casino again, and enjoyed their breakfast buffet.  Daddy Tom, as usual, heavily encouraged me to eat.  He really did look after me the whole weekend, making sure I was safe and happy.  He gambled a little bit more after breakfast and from there we went to the Palm Springs tram up to the mountains.

I already felt nervous about the trip up, I cannot stand heights, it's nerve wracking for me.  You won't catch me in a hot air balloon, skydiving, or cliff jumping.  It's my fear of falling.  Once on the mountain, Daddy Tom took a few more shots of me, and I went down to see the mountain forest.  I took in everything around me, the natural silence was so wonderful.  The peace, the tranquility, the serene beauty.  I dreamed of a Sir to collar me, and kidnap me away to the mountains for a long weekend together.  Walking in the snow on his leash, playfully getting into a snowball fight, building a snowman, and warm nights wrapped in his arms and his ropes in front of the fire.

I headed back to the tram center and climbed the cliff side  looking down on the desert city far below, the mist crawling over the top of the forest behind me, then the valley which brought us here.  On the way back down, I stared intently at the floor, gripping my seat tighter every time we went over a support and making the car swing.  I distracted myself with fantasies of that leather Sir who would kidnap me to the snowy mountain cabin.  A tall man with short black hair, tan skin, sporting stubble in a sexy 5-o'clock shadow.  His leather jacket would be unzipped, revealing a white tank top that boasted his muscular chest.  Tight blue jeans would hug his sweet ass, stuffed into black tall harness boots.  He'd sport a black mustache, his dark brown eyes hidden behind his aviators, and his deep, sensual voice would slide into my ears, as his broad arms embraced me tightly, leather gauntlet gloves gripping my body.

Fuck, now I'm horny.

On the way home Daddy Tom and I shared stories and a lot of laughs. Thank you so much Daddy Tom.  You're such a wonderful host!

Play Safe Dear Reader.