Wednesday, April 17, 2013

The boy on the Menu

Sunday, October 14th, 2012

This afternoon I went to a dom's house down in Orange County to explore what he explained as a cannibalism fetish.  Before we begin, I'll explain the fetish a little.  You remember all of those cartoons where the hero is trapped or captured and is thrown in a big cooking pot for angry savages or some kind of villain? That's basically the idea, however the scenes never go further than that.  Under no circumstances was I to actually be eaten or cooked for real, as it is more like a situation fantasy.  I spoke with a sub that frequently visits and plays with him, and he had nothing but praise for the man.  I was even given pictures and a short video clip of what happens during play, and I just had to experience it firsthand.

Arriving at his place, I was stripped in his living room where he "inspected the meat", telling me what parts of my body would "make good cuts".  He then led me to the garage where he had me lay down on a foil-wrapped plank of wood held up by sawhorses.  He massaged my body with olive oil, and I looked at my body, it shimmered in the dim light of the garage like a well oiled slab of meat.  He then rubbed me down with seasoning spices which scratched my skin like an exfoliating scrub.

I started to slip into subspace, little by little, letting go of myself.  The smell of my well-seasoned skin floated around my nostrils, I smelled delicious.  He then strapped me into a waist harness, tied my wrists and ankles together with string and proceeded to hoist me up into the air using a wench.  I was lifted up and over to a large steel drum set atop a stack of bricks surrounding a gas burner.  The scariest part was that I was being lifted by the bottom up, so I was hanging upside down, and lowered into this steel drum.  Once inside, I was seated on a pile of weights placed upon a set of wooden blocks, so no part of my body was ever in direct contact with the metal coming in contact with the flames.

He began to fill the drum with water from the hose attached to the laundry sink.  The water rose around my body, it was cold and made me shiver, I had no choice, I was bound up like a pig and forced to endure the chilly waters rising around my naked, seasoned skin.  Thankfully he changed taps and pumped in hot water to take the chill off, but it was an extreme hot and had to be swapped out again before it hurt.  Once the water was at my neck he turned it off and started the burner.  I was in real subspace now, I smelled my seasoned skin, licking my shoulder, I tasted so delicious.  As the water heated, bubbles began to rise to the surface which was coated with a thin layer of seasoning and oil.

My dom, then produced a large wooden paddle and stirred the pot rubbing up against my member, pushing me further into my "meatspace".  As the water got hotter, I sank deeper into submission, and a somewhat helpless mindset.  Reminded of captured cartoon heroes saying "Is this the end of me?" and "I'm done for."  My dom said that I was cooking well, and I'd be a great dinner, mentally pushing me further down.  Soon I began to sweat. The water was much hotter now, I said it was getting very hot, and he nodded.  "Of course, you're cooking now, meat."

When the water became too much, I let him know I wanted to be released, and that I was finished.  He started up the wench and hoisted me out after turning off the burner.  I was scared once more, upside down, dripping wet, and now I was very wary of the sides of the drum which had to be quite hot at this time.  Once on the floor, he cut me free and gave me water to stay hydrated.  He was very attentive to what I needed.

Once I was able, he helped me up off the floor, and put plastic bags on my oily feet so I could go upstairs and shower.  I had to use dish soap to clean off all the olive oil, it was actually pretty funny to me, like a real test to see if they really could break up all that grease and still be soft on skin.  His dog, a lovable little Jack Russel Terrier,  refused to leave me alone during my shower! He kept poking his little sniffer inside the curtain and trying to drink from the faucet, because the little stinker loves running water, and I'm sure my seasoned skin drew him in too.

I had a wonderful time, I don't think I'll be cooked again, as the process of getting me in and out of the pot is a bit much for me, but I wouldn't mind being his sous-chef when we cook his other sub!

Play Safe Dear Reader