Monday, April 15, 2013

My introduction to Financial Domination

A while ago I discovered a fetish that I hadn't heard of before, Financial Domination.

To sum it up, financial domination is when the dominant has control over the submissive's finances.  This can be performed in many ways, the sub can tribute gifts to the dom like gift cards, items off of a wish list, cash directly, and in more extreme forms the sub's finances can be under complete lockdown by the dominant.  The dom can control the sub's paycheck by only allowing the sub a set allowance, and with remote access technology even go into the submissive's online bank account and make changes as he deemed fit.

Since this fetish deals with personal finances, it is incredibly important that both sides realize how dangerous and delicate the subject of money is.  If the dominant is careless, they can easily destroy the submissive's livelihood so great care must be taken with every action, and you absolutely must pay attention to every detail of what is going on.

In my experience of this fetish, I was exposed to it firsthand by a submissive who told me he wanted to tribute me gifts and money, and that it would please him sexually to do so.  I thought that this was an interesting idea and I agreed. The submissive never did follow through, and actually vanished from communication, but thanks to him I did some research, asked a few friends, was given some important information and discovered a social website on the fetish.

When I set up an account, I decided to lurk for a while. I just detailed my profile and watched what the other dominants were doing to the submissives, and how people behaved here. Upon watching, I was surprised at the callous treatment of the submissives and cash slaves.  Verbal abuse was commonplace, and it seemed the dominants didn't care about the submissive's wellbeing.  Now I do recognize that most are into such poor treatment, however something didn't seem right, the more I spent time on the site, the more it seemed the louder and more verbal dominants didn't care at all.  They were far more focused on the money than the submissive's enjoyment or health.

Even with the environment being so poor, and with no knowledge of any other financial domination sites, I thought I should still give it a try.  I eventually picked up a few subs, and surprisingly discovered some major problems after asking them about if they were fit to tribute me financially, as I wouldn't let any sub give me money if they needed it more.

One submissive had a wife and children.  I couldn't in good conscience accept any money from a man supporting a family, and through further questions I discovered he had an addiction to being financially raped, spending large amounts of money on random strangers that demanded it from him.  I ordered him to close his accounts, and to clean himself up.  That he was forbidden to ever access the site again, nor give any tribute of any kind.  I demanded that he tell his wife to help him in his endeavor, and to focus his money on his children.  He even offered to pay tributes to me as thanks, but knowing that it wouldn't help him, and I would simply be enabling a problem, I refused.  He was grateful for the assistance, and we moved our conversations to emails and away from the site so he would be away from temptation.

Another submissive admitted that he was on social security, and I refused his offers as well, that money was meant for him, not me.  It is meant to help him live, not to be used for fun and sexual games.  He confessed this after he had already sent me money, thankfully it was via Paypal and I was able to promptly refund it to him in full, with no fuss whatsoever.  He understood, and is taking the steps to better his situation.

Yet another sub was jobless, and even though he was on unemployment, still wanted to tribute to me.  Again, I refused any monetary gifts, however he is a big fan of leather gloves and as such sent me a lovely worn pair of gauntlet gloves of his in the mail in lieu of a financial tribute.  I accepted them as they cost him nothing, and I am happy to have them.

I developed a code of conduct for myself while dominating financially as a guideline to help protect the well being of my financial submissives.  A fetish should never take over the life of someone, reality must come first along with obligations, responsibilities, and basic needs.

- Under no circumstances should financial domination prevent someone from paying bills, affording food or fuel for transportation.

- Financial domination comes last! All needs must be paid first, this includes family, job, basic needs like food, shelter, transport, bills, and savings. If there is any money left over and can be spent frivolously in good conscience, that will be considered "fun money", and can be treated in any way the sub deems fit.

- The dominant must recognize and acknowledge the submissive's financial situation at all times and treat it with utmost of respect. If the submissive is not fit to financially tribute, then the dominant shall not accept it nor demand it until the submissive is capable once more.

With all that being said, I did meet a few subs who were very capable of financial submission to me, and I have even received a few nice gifts through them.  They include a nice new pair of sneakers, a leather belt, as well as the pair of gloves I mentioned earlier.  Another submissive agreed to the idea of a "boy tax", where he gifts an annual sum of money to me on a regular time period under an imaginary tax.  He was thrilled at the idea, and I enjoy it as well, as I get a thrill out of making him happy, and the added financial perk.

Under no circumstances are my boys forced to pay me anything.  This is strictly for fun and entertainment purposes, and they have the final word.  If they are unable to tribute, I understand and we talk of other things that we can do together.  I actually do give a damn about them, and I do my best to treat them with the utmost respect for their devoted trust in me.  They deserve it, as all my boys, slaves, submissives and pups do.

Thank you dear reader, please Play Safe and if you wish to involve yourself in financial play I ask that you please play responsibly.