Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Skewered and Spitroasted

Saturday, October 6th, 2012

After spending the day with my puppy, Cockpit, Sir Donny picked me up at the Lakewood mall and we swung by my place to pick up my gear.  While there he received word that the sub that he had scheduled to come and be fisted had just flaked, I was slightly disappointed but I assured him that I didn't mind and was more thrilled that I'd be spending time with him.

We returned to his house and shared an intimate shower together in the dark, he washed my body softly, his hands on my member, stroking me gently, his large frame embracing me under the warm waters, the soap rubbed on me by his strong hands.  He's so gentle.  Then it came to be my turn.  I lathered up his beautiful body, his broad chest and neck, all the way down to his legs, his thick cock begging to be sucked dry as it hung there in my face.  I took it and kissed it softly, knowing it would be inside of me soon enough.  I really enjoy soft and private moments like these where I am in service to upstanding and beautiful expressions of men like Sir Donny.  I feel useful, and of value when I hear them say "Good boy" and it's also a way I feel I can give back to them for their generosity towards me.

We dried off and got dressed in our leather, I wore my chaps, jeans, Chippewa engineers, title vest and medallion.  Sir Donny went with leather pants, and his brand new knee-high custom leather boots, which after he laced up, he used to step on my body, and have me worship in a wonderful trampling session that I thoroughly enjoyed.  Brand new boots and I was the first boy to be walked upon! I'm so lucky!  From there,  Vance joined us and we set out for dinner.  

When we came back, I was ordered to strip down to my chaps and jock, Sir Donny had me first on the bed, his thick, throbbing manhood entered my eager boyhole.  He filled me deeply and as he penetrated me, I serviced Vance's beautiful uncut dick.  I had always wanted to be skewered and spitroasted and what better pair of men to fuck me at both ends than these two handsome gentlemen?  When Sir Donny had me flat on the bed, the feeling of his huge dick deep in my ass was just amazing, fuck me Sir! Make me your bitch!  Then he climaxed!  Yes!  Shoot it! 

Sir Donny took himself out of my hole and then it was Vance's turn to bang me. His dick felt just as wonderful, working my ass.  He exploded soon after he slid inside of me, since I had been working him over with my lips not a few minutes prior.  I was told it was my turn, and Sir Donny grabbed his bike helmet with the shaded visor, being the wonderful dom that he is, he knew that I loved him as my anonymous biker!  I stroked myself to exhaustion, gazing up at that helmeted dominant, unable to see inside the dark shield only turned me on more, but I was so overstimulated from being their bitch I couldn't blow my load!

After a few more attempts, I had to accept that I would not be ejaculating then.  We cleaned up and I was more than thankful to have been able to give my body to these two outstanding men.  Vance headed home and Sir Donny and I redressed in gear and headed up to the Faultline bar in Los Angeles.  We were practically the only men in gear there that evening.  Sir Donny generously paid my cover and gave me a drink, a strong Adios Motherfucker which got me tipsy instantly.  Dan Lovell was dancing (woof), and I was able to flirt and talk with him a bit.  I have such a hard on for him, I'd love to ride on the back of his motorcycle and be his biker bitch boy.  He also does a great cosplay of Kratos from "God of War", he could make me his Cerberus any day!  I'd love to be on his chain leash, being led around the convention in pup gear!

At Sir Donny's suggestion I wandered about the bar, but didn't find many guys to talk to.  I did compliment one man on his bleacher jeans, but he wasn't interested in more than a simple "thank you".   I broke a $5 and had fun tipping the other dancer, Ryan, who was wearing boxing hand tape, red gym shorts, and who smelled of sweat and his own masculine scent.  He boasted a strong, muscled body, and an incredibly hot deep voice!  I slipped a dollar in his waistband after introducing myself, and hugging his beautiful body.  I then tipped Dan and we headed out soon after Sir Donny and I agreed that we had our fill of the bar.  With no one in gear, and Dan working, there wasn't any real reason to stay.

Once back at the house, I stripped naked and slipped into bed with Sir Donny.  I held onto his beautiful body and slipped into blissful unconsciousness.  

Thank you for the wonderful time, Sir!

Play Safe Dear Reader.