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Fetish of the Month: December 2012 - Fisting

(Forgive me Dear Reader, this is incredibly late!)

For the final month of December and to close out a full year of in-depth fetish research, I decided to conclude 2012 with Fisting!

If you needed any introduction to this fetish, this is one of the fetishes that may fall into more of an "extreme" or "exotic" category for many kinky or non-kinky people. Flagged by the red hanky, the act of fisting is fairly straightforward, it's where a top inserts his or her hand into the bottom's anus.  At the minimum, some may only get a few fingers inside the ass, at a maximum the top can be found sliding their entire forearm up into the bottom's hole, all the way to the shoulder.  Sounds pretty wild, huh?

I interviewed a frequent contributor to my blog, Slut Bottom Chris about his experiences in fisting, and here is his story.

So, Chris, how did you first get introduced to fisting?

"I discovered fisting as a natural progression from more and more fingers and bigger and bigger toys. I had been purely heterosexual, though I was curious about playing with men. My ex-wife put her hands in me and we were pretty kinky. Or so we thought then... :D"

Awesome! I was first introduced to it by talking with someone online about it, I had been curious about it for a while and when we met, we went over to his house after getting to know each other.  He told me that he preferred guys to fist him bare-handed, so I greased up my hand and introduced myself slowly to his ass, one finger at a time until I found my entire hand in another man's anus.  It was a thrill!

So what is it about fisting that is erotic or exotic to you?

"There's so much about fisting that is “exotic”!! Everything! First off, it's just plain wrong!! I remember a Navy guy talking about this video he saw of a gay guy shoving his whole arm up this other gay guy's ass!! I didn't believe it. At all. HA!! Well, that was before the hot ex who put her paws in me. Fisting is such an incredible power exchange! Obviously, I'm the bottom, but the person losing their hand to me also feels so vulnerable. We're in it together. They feel my heartbeat and totally own my ass, my body, my core, butt at the same time, they feel like if I cough, I'll break their wrist. (I doubt that's even possible)"

That's beautiful, Chris!  I have to agree, the eroticism of connecting via the power exchange, and by being in the situation together is powerful.  I enjoy the feeling of being so deeply inside of another man's body.  His body's warmth, the feeling of his heartbeat, the moans of pleasure coming from his lips as I push deeper inside of his body.  You start to really feel a bond between you beginning to form, as it is an intimate moment between two people.

So, please tell me, what is your fisting fantasy?

"Kinda hard to say what my sexiest fisting fantasy would be as I've had so many of them come true. I'm truly blessed in this regard. I'm often the demo bottom at a fisting workshop, and then the audience is invited to try! I've had 30 or more fists in my ass before I was even introduced to the fister! Many people I have met have seen me being fisted before we were even introduced. I've been the bottom to fisting gang bangs (I think the top count is 11 tops). I've tried 3 girls' feet 5 times. Soooo close to getting the heel all the way in, but the heel is tricky!"

"One of the hottest scenes was at a Leathermen pig party in San Diego. The party was about over and I was trolling around (naked as always) looking for trouble, when I see the host of the party on his knees to a mysterious dark man. I got a wink and didn't wait! I was next to them on my knees. Soon enough, I am lifted up so that my head is between Host's boots and he's holding my knees up by his waist. My arms are sort of around his ankles and my ass is presented to the dark top. He enjoys my ass slowly and methodically never really letting me get it when I want it. And then when I do get “it”, it's so amazing, it's almost too much! Before it was over, he had both his fists in me! The first man to do that with me."

Wow! You're always one for lots of fun!  That's incredible! I didn't know you could actually fit two hands inside of another person!

I don't really have a fisting fantasy yet, but if I had to really put one together I'd definitely want it to be a romantic scene.  I'd like a nice, dim dungeon environment with a sling set up in a corner lit by a red spotlight.  My bottom is already laying in the leather sling, a muscular and beefy hunk of man.  His body naked save for a nice jockstrap and heavy boots which are hanging in the leather strap stirrups, his hole exposed and ready. I'd lean down and kiss him deeply and passionately for a while before taking my position in front of his hungry and eager hole. I'd grease up well, and begin to enter him, one lubed finger at a time, ever so slowly, tickling his prostate and making him moan, making him beg for more.

With a fetish so intimate, what are some precautions that should be taken into consideration when playing with someone? I've heard that when using gloves it's important to make sure that the glove is skin-tight (observing any latex allergies of course), because the slightest fold in material can be felt by the bottom and can become incredibly uncomfortable and even painful.

"Honestly, if the only real perp is communication. If the top and bottom can communicate, then the bottom won't be hurt. And ultimately, the only real hurt is mental and trust. The asshole is amazingly resilient. Once the mind lets go, the ass will open up and let everything in! Physically, there are limits to the stretch any bottom can take at a time. This is where experience comes in... an experienced top will know not to push so hard to actually hurt the bottom. And the bottom will know how to say no this isn't normal, back off."

Thank you so much, Chris! You've been a great help and a superb guest!
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Play Safe, Dear Readers!