Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Three on the Field

July 16th, 2013

Sir Donny picked me up along with his husband tonight for some play.  We arrived his house and geared up in football pads and armor, the only thing missing were the cleats, socks, and helmet! Woof!  I love football armor so much, I feel incredible inside of it!  Since tonight was his husband's birthday, he got to be the star quarterback for the evening.  After lots of kissing and groping, we started things off with me mashing my face into his crotch and gnawing at his bulge.  I wanted him to go nuts, I wanted to put a nice big smile on that face!  It was the guest quarterback's birthday after all, I had to be the best damn center I could be, give it my A-game!

So after riling him up, I was stripped of my pants, flipped, lubed, and fucked!  He rode my ass nice and firm!  He took himself deep into my end zone, and scored not one but two solid touchdowns, and he stayed inside me for both!  Then Sir Donny approached and fucked his face as I grasped Sir Donny's ankles.  Damn it was fucking fantastic.  I needed to recover during halftime, my end zone was sore and torn up, but I wanted to be the best center they had on their team.

When it came time for Sir Donny to take the field, I was on my back and ready for the next play.  He stuffed his huge manhood in my ass and filled me to the brim!  It hurt when he went the whole nine yards but it hurt in the best way, and I wanted to take it all for the team, the whole team!  I loved how he nailed and rammed my boyhole.  He sped up and scored his winning touchdown deep inside his center, and left my weary and used body on the field, ass up and smiling like an idiot.  Fuck yeah!

What a great game, I'm only bummed I didn't join him in the showers, but I was too weak to move for a while it hurt so good!

Play Safe Dear Reader

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