Monday, October 21, 2013

Lover of Punishment

August 13th, 2013

Today Sir John came by for a visit. I haven't seen him in a long time so I was especially eager for his presence to grace my home. He carried two heavy bags of gear with him, which he then let crash to the floor once he was inside and greeted me with a wonderful, slow kiss. His arm pulling me close. Eventually we were on the bed, cuddling and embracing, I love the comfort I feel in his arms.

I was stripped to my red jockstrap, I wore it specifically for his visit, as he enjoys dominating a boy in a jockstrap, and I'm all about pleasing him as much as possible. I was then hooded in my neoprene hood, only my mouth exposed, completely blind, my ankles bound in leather straps and locked together, my wrists bound behind me in locked leather restraints. He then allowed me the pleasure of sucking his long, beautiful cock. I worshiped it, took it as deep as I was able! I lock sucking cock, especially the dicks of my Sirs!

It wasn't long until I was put on the bed and prepped for play, he took off my hood and the rush of air and the light disoriented me. I was then gagged with hankies, and bent over. He put the jar of Elbow Grease in front of my face and I knew it was coming. I breathed slowly, anticipating my fate, it was going to hurt...just how we liked it.

My ass prepped with grease, his rubbered cock slicked up, he entered my eager, hungry hole and proceeded to make me his bitch. Over the next hour or so, I would be ravaged, torn into, banged, slammed, and brutally fucked. I was given a brief period of relief, I was untied and held close to Sir John as we lay there on the bed. My body exhausted, my hole ravaged, I held onto him, the man who brutally fucks me as he read an article in an issue of Instigator that I keep by my bed.

I was at peace, I was his fucking boy, his eager-to-please bitch. Then the peace came to an end, as my body was bound once more and my hole begged me to stop him but I let him tie me, gag me, and I let him tear into my abused boyhole as he wished. He leaned in close, I whimpered, he growled in my ear and told me he knew how much it hurt me, how much it pained my hole when he fucked me, and he told me how much he loved fucking me and making it hurt. How much he loved having me as his bitch.

I whimpered, cried, and screamed into my gag, he pounded and slammed into my ass ruthlessly, mercilessly. Savagely. Like a predator tearing into his helpless prey, I could only scream and sob, but it felt good. It hurt so badly, my body protested every slam of his cock up my ass, but I knew he loved my screams of pain. I loved that he loved it. When I knew my body was at its limit, I shook my head and the fucking ceased.

He untied me and held me close as I shuddered and held him tightly, dazed, worn, exhausted.

"I love you, Sir." I said, weak and exhausted.
"I love you, too, boy." came his gentle reply.

He then rubbed his dick over my body until he shot a great load with a loud roar, and I was then given the pleasure of being jacked off and tortured with in edged pleasure for a good while before being granted permission to jerk my own cock and shoot a load of ecstasy and relief all across my naked body.

I lay there, spent, thanking him. I love him and his savage side of sadistic beastly power.

You'd never guess by just a glance, that this tall, handsome, clean cut man can be such a wonderful monster. Thank you Sir!

Play Safe Dear Reader

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