Thursday, October 31, 2013

Chores and Ropes

September 13th, 2013

Today The Little Brown One came over after a few missed meeting, I had him strip down and pushed him up against the wall, forcing my tongue down his throat.  He really liked that, as he moaned in response.  I ordered him to do my dishes and I busied myself with other things, when he was done I pushed him to the bed and molested him, teasing his ass with my dick, rock hard in my underwear.  I had him sweep the yard and do my laundry.  He did an amazing and very thorough job on the yard as not a leaf was left and it looked as good as new, but this also made him filthy and sweaty.

Now a good dom keeps his slaves, boys, pigs, and bitches in good shape, so I had to wash him off and do a thorough job of it, which meant I had to molest and grope every part of his dirty body with lots of soap and warm water, which includes deep kissing, stroking, and embracing.

After the shower he organized my office box, and put my leather gear away. I discovered later that he had organized my kitchen cabinets on his own.  I was very impressed and very pleased with his work, and I am going to be keeping him as my chore boy after he shows this much promise.  His reward is a good, deep fucking the next time I have him in my domain.  It was getting close to my evening plans, so after he brought in and folded the laundry I saw him off, and told him how much his work meant.

I then geared up in my leather and met Sir Donny and his very handsome and tall friend Jon at the local coffee shop for Bike Night.  I mingled with the Mello Moto Motorcycle men until Sir Donny, Jon and I headed up to the SoCal Bondage Club.  The evening was pleasant with every room full of horny men getting tied up, down, or to something or someone.

Sir Donny collared and leashed Jon, and handed me the lead, which I couldn't be happier over.  I showed Jon the hall of rooms then brought him to the end of the hallway, in the little dark corner where I enjoyed some sweet, tender kissing and told him I would protect him so long as he was under my control.  I told him how I took this seriously, and that I wanted to show him a beautiful night.  I wanted to rip into him like no one's business, but him being new here made me hesitate.  As dominant as I can become, I do still get nervous about new boys, which is a tremendous pain in the ass especially when I want to unleash myself on a guy with reckless abandon.  Like a starving wolf in a cage.

We wandered around a bit before Sir Donny flipped the roles on me, and I took off my Muir Cap.  It was getting heavy, and sometimes I don't want to be dominant, I love my natural submissive roots and it feels so good to return to them.  Not that domination is a chore, but sometimes it calls for more effort.  I was tied down to the bondage table in the main room by two very handsome, sexy, tall men.  The ropes felt wonderful on my skin, my body relaxed, no where to run, no escape, I felt myself slipping into beautiful subspace.  It was bliss.

Eventually I was released and we left around midnight, as they both needed to get up for work in the morning, and I was dropped off.  I do hope to have Jon on my leash again, I want to sink my teeth into that man.

Play Safe Dear Reader

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