Friday, August 23, 2013

The Goofy boy

March 19th, 2013

Tonight I was pleasantly surprised to hear from my buddy Bryan, who invited me out to join him and his friends for dinner.  I met up with them and after an enjoyable time together I took Bryan home with me.  Walking alongside Bryan is very sweet, as he happens to be half my size, and I have a liking of shorter submissive men.  It makes them endearing as well as cuddly and it brings out my dominant side a little easier.

Once home, our lips met and we made out for a good while, moving towards the bedroom with our lips locked in gentle kisses and caressing.  I pulled his shirt off and pushed him on the bed, where I tied his hands and legs.

Bryan is an aggressive goofball bottom, he likes to kid around, joke, be silly, so to silence his jabbering I moved in good and close and sensually dominated him with kisses and my tongue on his naked skin.  He's incredibly ticklish so the softest kiss on his neck drove him absolutely crazy, even to the point of screaming, which is pretty hot in its own fun way!  I can definitely imagine tying him down, securing a nice solid gag in his mouth, and then torturing him like a madman, relishing every scream, yelp, squirm, and struggle!

The rest of the night I spend kissing him, caressing his body, and listening contently as he moaned and called me Sir.  Unfortunately my work called and completely spoiled the mood with some unnecessary dramatics (learn from my mistake readers, make sure you turn off your goddamn phone) so we spent the remainder of our time together cuddled close and enjoying conversation until he had to head out.  He's an adorable one, I'm eager to torture him!

Play Safe Dear Reader.

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