Monday, August 26, 2013

Drinking From My Tap

March 20th, 2013

Tonight Mark came over to be my little piss piggy.  He had told me to start chugging water an hour before he arrived, and by the time he did arrive I was about ready to pop.  My bladder was so full I could feel it sloshing inside me.  When he walked in he presented me with a case of beer, which went right into the fridge (unfortunately I'm not a beer guy, trust me I've tried to like it but its not happening), I couldn't risk drinking another drop.

We went right into the bathroom and he stripped naked and jumped in the shower.  He sat down and I let it go, unleashing the stream that I was holding back for so long!  Man did that feel so fucking good!  He embraced it all, I sprayed him down and he even sucked and drank from my cock directly.  He's a good little piss pig and I heartily enjoyed hosing him down with my stream.

Washing him up, he got out and offered me a massage, I was only too happy to accept.  He borrowed some olive oil from my kitchen and oiled me up.  His strong hands made me melt, all the stress, anxiety, aches, stiffness, all of it gone.  I was completely and incredibly relaxed, so much so that I dozed off a few times during the whole thing.  I loved the feeling of his oily hands on my body, he does this as a hobby, and I was so grateful for it.

After my rubdown, I had to wash all that wonderful oil off my body, so back to the shower and he went back on his knees for another fun piss session of showering under and drinking up my stream. It's starting to be more and more fun for me to piss on another guy, maybe even try it myself as a sub.  A nice intimate and close-quarters shower later and Mark had to leave.

He did mention he wanted to help me look for a mud pit.  I'm holding him to that like you wouldn't imagine.

Play Safe.

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