Thursday, July 4, 2013

Diaper Play Revisited and Public Bondage in San Diego

Friday-Sunday, January 4th-6th, 2013

This weekend I headed down to San Diego to scope out some bars for potential.  I stayed with Sir Michael and was told I'd be meeting another boy he had with him for the weekend.  Upon arrival I was greeted by Sir Michael at the train station in his biker gear.  He had a new sports bike, a beautiful blue Ninja.

Riding on his bike as a pillion was a bit scary, he's thin and light, and I felt like I was too heavy along with my backpack.  He dropped me off at the apartment and went to Oceanside to fetch his other boy.  When they returned, a taller man entered the apartment, nicknamed Mez.  A tall figure, wearing a full face biker helmet with a dark visor, I ran up and hugged his cold body close to mine.  Nothing gets me quite like an anonymous biker, especially when they're taller than I am! WOOF! He felt so good, I didn't want to let go!

He then took off his helmet to reveal a handsome and adorable face!  Arf! I knew I was in for a fun weekend at first sight!  After introductions Sir Michael placed Mez in a straitjacket and my wrists into shackles and we were taken to Pecs bar where we enjoyed a drink, and then dinner at a local Mexican restaurant where we enjoyed the amused glances of the staff.  I was given the fun task of feeding Mez as I was the only other one with free-ish hands.  Public bondage is a lot of fun.

Back at the apartment I was placed in 5-point shackles, I'm not a fan of them, as the steel rubs against my heels and it's uncomfortable for me.  It was time to retire to bed and I lay next to Mez, we were placed in diapers at Sir Michael's whim, and we lay there holding each other for the entire night.  I loved holding this tall cutie close!

The next morning, I awoke to my bladder aching.  I really needed to take a piss but I seriously didn't want to use the diaper.  Now diapers feel nice and comfortable dry, it's gentle, padded, comfy, and it wasn't my first time in one either.  I remembered I didn't enjoy it the last time when I had to force myself to just let go and piss mine.  Mez woke up and I told him I really needed to go, he urged me to just go right there.  Given no other options, I focused hard at unraveling all the psychological blocks I had placed in me during potty training in my early childhood, and wet the diaper.

I really didn't enjoy it at all.  It's official, diapers are not my thing.  I'll be honest, the five seconds of warmth is very nice, but then the wallowing in cold urine in a soggy diaper is not.  Not to mention the smell of the first piss of the morning stinking up my groin.  Once Sir Michael woke up, we were released and one very satisfying shower later, we enjoyed breakfast, and Sir Michael drove me over to my former boyfriend's apartment.

Riding the sport bike on the freeway was...terrifying. I focused as hard as my mind was able to become a solid piece with the motorcycle as we ripped down the river of pavement.  I have no idea what Mez had been feeling when they did this last night, and all the way from Oceanside.  When we arrived, Sir Michael headed off, and I knocked on the door.

It was nice to see Dizzy again, he looked healthier, cleaner, and a little nervous.  I guess that's to be expected when you see your former boyfriend after a long time.  I wanted to keep a friendly relationship with him, so what if it didn't work out romantically, I was more thankful we could still talk and be friends.  We headed inside and took a look at the fun stuff he was selling, he had a flight suit, a leather wristband, and a few kinky shirts that I grabbed.  We talked, caught up, and I paid him a little extra than what he asked for the lot.  I didn't want any of that stupid social awkwardness that I heard other couples had when they ended their relationships on good terms, I just wanted him as my friend again.

I stuffed everything into my backpack and said goodbye, called Sir Michael, and one scary ride through the freeway returned us back to the apartment where Mez lay in chains, naked and helmeted.  Fuck yes.  I enjoyed his vulnerable body a bit before we were geared up for the evening.  I was placed in the straitjacket and Mez in fistmitts cuffed to a belly chain.  We walked for miles, stopping to eat at City Deli where the staff was absolutely wonderful, open-minded, and respectful of us in gear. Plus the food was just fantastic!

We continued over to Mo's bar and watched people enjoy country night with square dancing and cute cowboys on the dance floor.  We were approached by a friend of ours who started to dish some negative gossip over some group having strife over some bar and I stopped him.  I told him I really didn't care about local drama, and instead I wanted to hear about three great and wonderful things that happened to him.  We eventually left and started the long trek home, I was absolutely exhausted when we finally got back to the apartment.  Once out of the gear and stark naked, I relished being cuddled up next to Mez's naked body as we fell asleep.

In the morning we headed to the train station where we said our farewells, and Mez joined me on our journey back to Los Angeles.  The ride North was very comfortable, cuddling Mez on the way up through Oceanside where we parted ways and I continued my way home alone.

Play Safe Dear Readers.

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