Thursday, April 18, 2013

The Gifted Gentleman at My Door.

Sunday October 14th, 2012

This evening I met up with a man who I had been talking to online for a while outside of my apartment.  He is very handsome and proved himself a gentleman within minutes of speaking with him in person.  We headed up to Pistons together, along the way he lent me his leather jacket.  It fit like a dream!  It was exactly the type I've always wanted.  Fitting tight, with the leather belt at the waist!  Fuck did it ever make me feel like a badass, and I'd feel even more powerful if it were studded with spikes at the shoulders!

He changed into his leather pants, and woof were they hot on his sweet legs! Inside he treated me to a Jagermeister and we went over to the stage to talk.  Soon talking led to kissing, and we started making out, I had him on his back on the stage, gently and sensually dominating him.  We talked more, and he confessed that he was blessed with an intimidating member, and that unfortunately when guys found out about it they obsess over it.  He told me that he doesn't let people touch him like I was, and I felt very honored that he would allow me such a pleasure.  He then told me to feel his pants, and when I did...woah...he was very blessed indeed!

We left the bar soon afterward, and miraculously found parking near my apartment, walking over, my arm around him, holding him close.  We headed upstairs and cuddled on my bed, he told me that I had a nice strut when I wear my leather, and that my mohawk gave me a dangerous look.  Flattery will get you everywhere, handsome.  Our chemistry soon turned into him becoming more dominant, calling me boy, and me becoming more submissive and eager to please him.  I kissed and caressed him, fighting off the two late nights prior to tonight, I so badly wanted to pleasure him.

I was then given permission to unzip his pants and remove them, as they fell they revealed something very impressive!  Nine inches of a beautiful cut member, right in front of me. I can see why boys get so obsessed over it.  I eventually earned permission to kiss, lick, and finally suck this handsome gentleman's gifted manhood.  I became more and more submissive, I felt amazing when he called me boy.  I was incredibly horny, and asked when I would be granted permission to shoot my load for him.  He granted it to me, and I stroked us both, I wanted him to blow his load too! I wanted to please him!  The closer he came to erupting, the more dominant he became, until he was growling and commanding me to shoot!  Fuck was it hot!

I finally did blow my load too, and damn did it feel incredible! Especially with his arms gripping me tightly!  Sadly, he did not stay the night as I would have loved to wake up with his arms still around my naked body, and he soon took his leave after our play together.  I wearily walked him to my door and bid him a wonderful night, thanking him for his control over me.  I cannot wait to be in service to him again.  I heartily enjoyed his dominance, and I look forward to giving him my body to play with once more.

Play Safe Dear Reader.

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