Friday, February 1, 2013

Domming a Tall Dog.

Wednesday afternoon, September 5th, 2012 I met up with the very handsome Pup Gabe.  We had talked on Recon a while and he confessed that he wished to submit to me

When we met at the local coffee shop we spoke for a while to get to know each other, however the two of us were entirely too horny and too interested in each other to sit idle for long.  When we stood up, I got to take in his tall, slender frame for the first time that I was unable to when I first arrived, as he had been seated.  If you haven't already known, I adore men taller than myself.  To top off his sexy body was a handsome face, easy to admire. Woof! This man wished to be my puppy for the night!? What great fortune!

We walked the long distance to his motel room, shut the door, and started to get intimate with wonderful kisses.  Laying down on the bed, we decided to take a short nap together, nesting in each other's arms, the heat of the day had drained us and we needed our energy if we were going to have fun together. Waking a half hour later, he presented me with a gift, a leash that he had bought for this occasion.  I was flattered that he would do me such a kindness.

I collared him with the chain and lock that he had so thoughtfully provided for me, and then collared him again with my thick slave collar, then leashed him, making him completely mine. I yanked him in close and we made out passionately.  I had already changed into my harness, boots, leather jock, and my Sir cover, donning my deep blue sunglasses, I wanted to truly dominate this sexy dog.  More deep, passionate kissing led to me tying his ankles, but unfortunately not his wrists, as I had to earn more of this handsome pup's trust if I was to totally render him helpless.

Another session of long kisses, then I gave my pup a selection of flavors from my flavored condom collection that I had brought with me.  He made his choice and I fed my puppy a grape flavored bone.  I had him worship, suck, lick, and throat my bone until I was satisfied that there wasn't a lick of flavor left on the rubber.  I then ordered him on the bed and to present his sweet ass.  He complied obediently, I put on a fresh condom and slid right into his eager hole. Nice and tight, so enjoyable.  He felt amazing from the inside, sliding in and out of his sweet, tight ass.  He loved every minute as much as I, and when the time came to finally shoot, the feeling was glorious!

Cleaning up, we relaxed and enjoyed our afterglow together on the bed, and in each other's arms.  Talking of the next time we'd play together.  I'm definitely eager to see him again and next time will have to be in his own home for the weekend.

Play Safe, Dear Reader.

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  1. Great story. So glad you had a great time. You sound like a kind and considerate dom. - Uptonking from Wonderland Burlesque