Thursday, February 28, 2013

A Surprise Submission

On Wednesday, September 19th of 2012 Sir John surprised me that afternoon. He had come down out of the blue and was in my neck of the woods.  

We grabbed dinner and then went to Pistons Bar for their movie night of "Margaret Cho - Beautiful".  He put me in his slave collar, bound my hands behind me, and made out with me on the patio.  It felt so good to submit to him again, he's one of the few doms I would give up control to, and completely.  He's excellent at what he does to me, he makes me feel incredible. 

When we were ready to get out of there, Sir John grabbed my belt and pulled me out of the bar, woof! On the ride home, he ordered my pants and my jockstrap around my ankles, as well as my eyes shut.  He groped and molested me the entire ride home, making me harder than ever.  When we got back to my apartment he stripped me down to my socks, my collar, and my harness.  He blindfolded me, and I sucked his sweet manhood, worshiping every inch of it. 

He shoved me to the doorway of my bedroom, he bound my wrists behind my back, and strung me up by the door frame  and bent me forward to further worship his cock.  After a while he moved me to the bed, feet bound to the bed leg, wrists behind my back.  He gagged me twice, blindfolded me, and proceeded to ravage my ass!  He fucked me ruthlessly! It hurt so good!  Fuck me, Sir!  It hurts! I want it to hurt because know it pleases you so!  

He came with a roar, and my body was finally given mercy.  I was exhausted, panting, covered in sweat from being his bitch.  I love it!  He then released my bindings and kissed me as I stroked myself, thinking of all the wonderful things I wanted to do with him.  I wanted to sink into thick mud and have him push me under with his thick heavy boots.  I wanted to be a cum target for him and several of his trusted friends.  Be ravaged in front of a dungeon of guys, hooded, bound, and screwed mercilessly and anonymously, unable to talk outside of a simple yes or no shake or nod of the head.  I finally came, and man it was beautiful!

I love you Sir John.  This boy is always happy to serve you!

Play Safe my Dear Readers.

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