Tuesday, November 27, 2012

San Diego Pride 2012!

Friday July 19th, 2012

My friend Kevin met me outside my apartment and we loaded up his motorcycle with my bag before we headed out, but not before he taught me an important mantra "I am not of my body, I am not of my mind, I am divine."  The mantra helped distract my thoughts and improved my mood since I hadn't been at my most cheerful or positive before we headed out.  The long ride down there was very enjoyable on the back of his motorcycle   Watching the world go by on a bike is much more fun than sitting restless in a car, and our trip down to San Diego only required one real pit stop to rest.

Once we arrived, and after checking in to our hotel (which was just stuffed with cute boys sporting shirtless, beautiful bodies!) we met up with Sir Michael (check out his new website here!) who showed me the gift basket Jagermeister had sponsored for my Internationals contest, as well as gifting me a plastic onion.  (Once when he spent a long weekend at my house, he found a rancid onion I didn't know was going bad while he was cleaning my kitchen while I was at work.  This was his idea of a joke.  Very funny, sir.) After dinner we dropped by Pleasures and Treasures and found an International Ms. Leather Pride Kickoff party upstairs, celebrating the history of the International Ms. Leather competition.  I haven't been to a Ms. Leather contest yet, and I'm interested in attending one and seeing what they do differently from a Mr. Leather contest.

From there we went over to Normal street (I still can't get over that name, how amusing) to find a street fair complete with ferris wheel and throngs of Pride parties.  We found a bar that had just opened called Uptown  Tavern, and then made our way down to the Crypt where we met up with California Leather Puppy 2012, Slutbottom Chris and his girlfriend Liz, we talked a good while before Kevin and I headed back to the hotel room, ending the night.

Saturday July 20th, 2012

This morning we met up with Sir Michael at his apartment for the Parade.  Kevin went on ahead so he could be at the motorcycle staging area, while Sir Michael and I walked.  We met with puppy Zephyr who is an adorable and silly pup, and I briefly was able to meet with my friend Jeremy and Wish who did a wonderful job of keeping us all hydrated and fed (which was a godsend because we didn't eat breakfast! Thank you, Wish!) I was at the front with the group number with Wish, Keith, and Anthony Ovaldson.  Anthony held our Leather Pride flag and was dressed in full military combat uniform!  Have I mentioned how incredibly hot Anthony is? Plus in full uniform? Oh my woof!

During our march down the parade path, we passed by the very corner where I had met Dizzy last year.  It was pure chance, he was in puppy gear and on all fours at the front of the crowd on the sidewalk.  I went up to him and pet his head and said he was such a good boy and that I loved his gear.  I ran back to get back into formation and thought I'd never see him again, and was thankful for the chance I had to say hello.  Little did I know...

After the parade I handed the number to Papa Tony, in case he wanted to keep it for historical sentimental value, and ran to meet Kevin and Sir Michael as we made our way into the festival.  Walking down the street towards the Leather Realm, it was here that I revisited another memory.  Last year, right outside the Leather Realm door was where I found Dizzy, again, by pure chance.  I recognized him in his puppy gear and said hello.  We talked for a little bit and exchanged numbers.  I thought he was just so freaking adorable and sexy.  I still do.  It's still one of my most cherished memories.

Once inside we sat in on a puppy play demo by Pup Phoenix who explained puppy play in detail with pup Zephyr, when close to the end of the demonstration another puppy in spiked gear came bounding up and roughhousing with pup Zephyr.  He was introduced as puppy Nikita! I asked Phoenix "How does one find their breed?" I had heard of pups calling themselves different breeds, puppy Cockpit is a Golden Retriever, but I wasn't sure how someone discovered their breed.  He suggested that I look through dog breed books and see which breed really matched my personality traits the best.

Pup Nikita is so adorable! I got to be his handler for the afternoon, and held his leash as we walked around the festival grounds, being stopped many times for pictures.  We sat in on a discussion panel, and then I got a text from Dizzy, he was finally here. I'd be lying if I said I nearly strangled Nikita with his leash and collar as we made our way over to where he was.  I was just so eager to see him I could barely contain my excitement. When we arrived to where he was, Dizzy introduced me to his friend Joe, and pup Zephyr was with them already.  Dizzy didn't wish to stay very long, he feels very uncomfortable around Pride festivals, and he made it very clear as to why.  He has such a passion in his heart, a blazing fire, an intensity that I admire and respect, it's one of the things which I like about him and which make him who he is.

After Dizzy and Joe made their exit together, I leashed Zephyr and Nikita and walked back to the Leather Realm with two VERY sexy pups on chain leashes under my control, swamped with picture requests.  It was such an empowering ego boost like you wouldn't believe.  Sexy as fuck!

Heading back to the Leather Realm, Kevin helped get Sir Michael home on the back of his motorcycle, using my helmet, it was his first time on a bike and he was nervous but I'm told he did a very good job! Kevin then came back for me and we went to dinner after freshening up at our room.  After a great supper at Outback Steakhouse, we went back to the room and my friend Jeremy picked me up from the hotel and we went to Pecs where I met with friends of his.  I was talking to someone who I found very attractive, however he then asked me if I knew where to "score some coke" and it was just like one of those moments where you drop your glass out of sheer disgusted shock.  A boy so young and beautiful doing coke, what a stupid tragedy.

From Pecs bar, we went back to Jeremy's place, he showed me his beautiful home, and we made out in his sacred space, a secluded room private from the rest of the house, enjoying each other's bodies to intimate soft music and the sweet smell of incense.  He then led me to the hot tub outside, and we cuddled in the hot bubbling waters, talking about our lives and lovers, of former relationships we remembered fondly, to terrifying exes we learned harsh and important lessons from.  We then wrapped up in soft bathrobes and returned inside.  He's so soft, gentle, and intimate, kissing me gently, sucking me, rimming my hole, it was at such a level of intimacy that I wept.  It was such beautiful lovemaking that I had craved for so long, tears of joy and gratitude slide down my cheeks.  He gave me a wonderous orgasm, and we fell asleep in each other's arms.

Sunday, July 23rd 2012

I woke up with Jeremy, after cuddling for a while he went down on me, and oh universe is he good at it! Holy shit! Then he dug his tongue deep into my ass, making me gasp and moan for more before finally stroking me off and having me erupt in ecstasy on his bed.  We shared an intimate shower, bathing each other in the warm cascading waters, then dried off and headed upstairs to begin making breakfast for the whole household.  Jeremy had friends staying over who partied out all night coming home after we had finally gone to sleep the evening prior.  Six handsome bears woke up one by one as we prepared the meal, I felt like Goldilocks if she were a gay man.  I would have loved to have a cuddle pile with them all, but Jeremy had to get going so after a wonderful pancake and scrambled egg breakfast he dropped me off at the hotel where I met up with Kevin again.

We packed up the bike and visited the festival one last time to say goodbye to friends at the Leather Realm, where Sir Michael was performing bondage demos.  Pup Phoenix put me in the Cone of Shame (a dog cone collar) and led me around on all fours on his leash in mitts and knee pads for a little bit before leading me to Sir Michael who strapped me down to the bondage table.  I love being immobilized, the feeling of ropes keeping me secure to a comfortable table is just so relaxing and erotic.  I feel safe and secure in bondage, taken care of, watched over.

I discovered that while in puppy headspace, my blue fox tail acts as a pacifier, the squeaker in the white tip has a very relaxing effect. Stroking my tail and squeaking it puts me in the most wonderful of places while I'm in puppy mode.  After being released and returning to Earth, Kevin and I said our goodbyes and headed back up North on his motorcycle.

Thank you San Diego for a wonderful Pride this year!

Play Safe Dear Reader