Sunday, November 25, 2012

A Wave of a Red Handkerchief

July 18th of this year I visited Sir Donny, after a light supper we arrived at his house and he allowed me to use his new shower shot.  I had never used an enema hose before and I was excited to try it out.

(Long story short and with utmost honesty, it was a very uncomfortable and emotionally traumatizing experience, the details of which I will protect you from, because I feel that it is not an attractive or positive story to tell. However if you dear reader wish to know, I will post it as a separate entry later on if there is large enough demand for it.  I just beg that you don't.)

After my experience with the shower shot, our guest bottom Brian arrived who Sir Donny had previously arranged to visit for some fun.  I had known Brian for years, long before I was introduced to the kinky scene, in fact it was actually Brian who told me about the websites Recon and Gearfetish and got me started on my fetish journey. If it weren't for him, I never would have met George who introduced me to Leather.  Thank you Brian, you did a lot more than you may know.

After drying off, getting dressed, and walking upstairs I found Brian serving Sir Donny's cock.  I happily joined in, and enjoyed Brian's oral work on my own dick before he went downstairs to wash himself out for what we were about to do to him.  During his absence, Sir Donny took the opportunity to strap me down to the bed and torture me for a good long while with his vibrator in the best way. When Brian returned we set up to fist him.  I had been curious about fisting for a while, hearing stories of the intense pleasure one receives while being fisted, as well as the unique feeling of being wrist-deep in a man's ass.

I strapped on the rubber gloves (which should be skin-tight, don't screw around with this part if it bunches up around the knuckles it will be very uncomfortable for the bottom being fisted, it will feel like sandpaper I'm told) and got a generous glob of cream-type lube (we were using Elbow Grease cream lubricant) on my hand and as per Brian's instructions, went in one finger at a time, middle finger first, until I had a total of four fingers inside of his rectum.

It was a very strange, new feeling.  He was so warm, and I felt his pulse on my fingers.  Brian is very sensitive, I couldn't wiggle my fingers or twist my hand at all, I had to keep completely still or it would be incredibly uncomfortable for him.  At the time I wasn't sure how I felt about the experience, my mind was still processing everything, but later on I figured that I really did enjoy this part a lot.  I gently pulled my hand out of his ass (the keyword here is SLOWLY, be gentle! It can damage the bottom if you go fast, so don't be in a hurry), and Sir Donny lubed up and went inside of him.  Watching Sir Donny's fist go in and out of Brian's hole was very erotic, and enticed me to do this again!

Afterward I slipped on a condom, lubed up, and fucked Brian.  Being freshly fisted he was slick with lubricant, but he had a hard time finding the best position so we had to move around a lot.  He couldn't take much more anal play so I pulled out. I presented my boyhole to Sir Donny, who fucked me as much as I could take.  The enema hose from before had left me sore, and I couldn't take a lot of his rock hard, masculine cock pounding my eager hole for long before having to beg for mercy.

We then stood over Brian who sat on his knees looking up at us, and stroked ourselves to our peak, blowing our hot loads all over his face.  Woof, facials are so fucking awesome!  After wiping off, Brian stroked himself to the point of exhaustion, but he just couldn't climax, the poor boy was so overstimulated.  I know his pain, I've been there many a time.

I'm looking forward to my next fisting, this was a fun introduction to the fetish!

Please Play Safe Dear Reader.