Monday, November 19, 2012

Skin Tight 2!

July 7th of this year I went to Pistons Bar with Sir Gaelan and pup Kiba for Skin Tight, a rubber night held at the bar.  Kiba was dressed in a rubber skin suit as well as his puppy hood and tail, while Sir Gaelan sported his leather shirt, jeans and harness.  Before we entered the bar Kiba sprayed slicking polish on his motorcycle boots and I helped him slick up his suit.  I can remember the smooth, slippery feeling of his suited body under my fingers and palms.  The way it felt to slide my hands up and down his slim physique, the feeling of slippery black rubber sliding underneath.

Once inside the bar we saw PuppyTK and Puppeh there, two very sexy rubber dogs in their gear, I also got to meet with Rubberkitten and his partner.  We all cuddled on the stage together, Kiba, PuppyTK and myself, we had a blast just holding each other close, feeling the rubber against our bodies, the smell of the slicked material and the look of the reflection in the dim lights.  Plus the feeling of wandering hands, exploring bodies, holding each other close under black rubber, the intimacy shared between men who are masked and mysterious, identities shadowed and veiled underneath hoods.  Hiding in darkness and obscurity, but so close you are gazing into each others eyes, lustfully.  Fully sexually charged, and just aching to pull the group into a more private setting so you can do more.

Around midnight we said our goodbyes and left the party, and I took the liberty of massaging Sir Gaelan's shoulders as Kiba drove us back to my apartment.

I really must confess, I love Sir Gaelan and Kiba as my dear friends.  Sir Gaelan invokes a feeling of ease in me, this feeling of submission looms over me like an inviting dark cloud, the look he gives me, his masculine voice, his scent, his amazing body and of course the height he has on me all mix into an incredible sexy man whose boots I'd service without a second thought.  He's dominated me before, made me into his slime-covered boy experiment, whilst wearing a pair of black gloves and goggles that gave him the look of the sexiest mad scientist that ever lived. I'd love to be a slime slave to him for a long weekend of warm, squishy gunge sessions!

His puppy Kiba is an incredibly cute, and cuddly man who lives the life of a dog pretending to be a man.  His strong bond to the puppy play mindset is truly remarkable and intriguing, for it is when he acts like a dog that he is at his most comfortable.  This gives him an innocent and sweet energy about him, and at times it is easy to forget that he is a full grown man, and not a dog, even if he is looking you right in the eyes, sans his puppy hood.  He's a pup I'd love to cuddle up to and listen to his whimper as we dozed off to sleep.

Play Safe Dear Reader!