Monday, October 8, 2012

A Birthday Present for a Dom

An evening in mid June this Summer I was picked up by Sir Donny and his husband after working to complete a slew of jello shots for an event I was throwing the Saturday of that week.  We had a delightful dinner followed with hilarious conversation concerning unintentionally racist / stereotypical characters of a local amusement park's newest addition to their list of attractions.  Afterward we headed to Sir Donny's new house and changed into our leather gear.

We shared intimate moments with each other, and I was then tied to the bed and rendered helpless, as Sir Donny tortured me mercilessly with his massage wand on my crotch, I moaned and screamed in ecstasy!  I didn't want it to stop! It was so wonderful!  I wanted to explode so badly, but I didn't want it all to come to an end!  Sir Donny finally showed mercy and ceased my torture but only in order to change his boots.  He changed his footwear from leather boots to his sexy sport bike boots, and trampled my rock hard, but exhausted manhood!

I thanked him over and over! I was in such bliss! All I wanted was to serve him, do whatever he desired of me or of my body.  I was his boy toy, his play thing!  Then the moment I had been yearning for finally came to be.  Sir Donny asked me,

"What do you want, boy?"

"To please you, sir!"

"How do you want to please me?"

"To take you inside me!"

"How, boy?"

I looked him right in the eye, "I want your big, meaty cock inside my eager, tight, boyhole! Tonight!"

"Good boy!"

He stretched and fingered me with care, his gentle touch is a warm reminder of his trustworthiness, as he cares for my well being and my physical comfort.  Then, rolling on and lubing up a condom over his throbbing member, he slowly entered me.  Oh his meaty cock deep inside of my body, it was all so amazing!  So wonderful!  He fucked me so gently, I begged for his dick, I wanted all of him inside of me!  Thrust after thrust! Fuck me, sir!  He sped up! Oh! Oh! Oh! Yessir! Come on, sir!

He exploded inside of me and just knowing that he did was more important than weather or not I felt it.  He remained there for a while, I focused on feeling him connected to me that way, the most intimate way two men can be together.  Then it came to be his husband's turn.  He slid on a rubber as well, lubed up nicely, and slide inside of me easily.  Oh he felt so smooth and slick!  I growled and snarled in pleasure!  I egged him on! "Come on! Fuck me! Gimme all you got! Yeah! YEAH!" He slammed my ass and finally erupted, all at the encouragement of Sir Donny.  His husband slumped over me, he was completely exhausted!  I was the contrary, riled up, hungry for some boy's sweet tight ass!  I wanted to fuck and fuck hard!  However, he was far too tired, and I wouldn't dare ask Sir Donny.

I was ordered to jerk off for Sir Donny and I did so with great pleasure.  It took me ages to get off, I wanted it so bad, as Sir Donny said at one point "He may be trying too hard." I know I was.  I was overheating, but why wouldn't I?  Sir Donny is so incredibly hot, especially when he talks dirty to me, and when his husband makes out with me at the same time.  When I finally did blow my load, it came at a terrible price.  My right calf cramped up into a horrific charlie horse and denied me my pleasure of orgasm.  Fear not, the night was hardly ruined, as knowing that my body was a pleasurable and delightful birthday present to Sir Donny filled me with a boy's pride of service to a studly dom such as he.

Happy Birthday sir, and Play Safe Dear Reader.