Wednesday, September 26, 2012

A Day at the Fair, A Night at the Bar

June 10th, I went up to the Los Angeles Pride fair and after a little bit of wandering around, made my way over to Erotic City where I was able to meet one of the authors of the Leatherman's Handbook!  We talked a little, and I gave him my cards, and then met up with a few friends of mine in the cigar tent.

I found my good friend Steve, that wonderful giant of a man, and hugged on him, feeling his big burly arms around me was so relaxing and comforting.  I rested my head on his chest and told him I loved it when he hugged me so close and tenderly.  He suddenly cursed and pushed me away!  Apparently my head had rested on his radio, and the entire volunteer team had heard what I said.  Whoops...

I met with two very cute porn stars at their sales tent, and then left to head to Pistons for Kontrol.  Meeting Sir Dave and his boy Alex at the bar I (excitedly) became their on stage demo bondage boy, under boy Alex's hand I was tied in a Peach bondage, and then flogged by Sir Dave! Sweet bliss, to be struck by that stud, his salt and pepper hair and beard, his manly voice, his strong hand! Oh, thank you sir!  I showed them my deep gratitude by kissing their boots, afterward I was stood up and bound by boy Alex once more.  I didn't catch the name of this tie but I could have lasted an entire evening in it, I was so comfortable.

Released, I stepped offstage and mingled a bit with the crowd, I saw Dennis who was dressed in a skin tight outfit that made him up like a burglar in the night, sexy! Troy gave me another one of his intense massages, which released the tension that I store in my shoulders. I met up with Sir Dino, Paloma, and boy Jr.

We got to talking about a certain individual who had been making me angry as of late with his actions, and I slipped into a bit of a rant, and when I came to my conclusion, I realized that, without noticing, I had built up an suitable audience of friends and other titleholders.  I don't even remember what I said, or what I was even angry about, I just hope I didn't say anything damning or hurtful.  I really detest being angry and do everything I can to stay far from that emotion as possible.

My evening came to a close as Sir Dave, and his boy Alex drove me home.  I got to talking to Sir Dave on the ride home, and let him know that I was interested in experiencing knife play under his hand.  The idea of it scares me, but I trust him and the experience would definitely be worth writing about.  Much to your amusement and entertainment, I'm sure, dear reader.

Play Safe.