Monday, July 16, 2012

Long Beach Pride 2012!

Saturday morning of Long Beach Pride weekend back in May I got lost trying to find the volunteer entrance to the festival grounds.  Now with my odd roundabout luck, I found myself on the inside of the festival grounds without using any of the main doors.  I have no idea how I did it, I just was suddenly inside looking at the exit to the entrance.

I found my way around and helped out the UFLB (United Fetishists of Long beach) set up their tent.  This was where I met Dino's boy Jr, and I happily assumed the role as Alpha boy, we hung out in the tent for a while before I met up with my friend David and we went back to his apartment where he sacrificed his junk food to me in order to clean his place of evil foodstuffs.  I happily accepted this sugary and fatty burden and went back to my place to take it far away from him to help him in his mission to lose weight and eat healthier.

From there, I headed back over to puppy Cockpit's apartment and gave him his dark red hanky (which I assumed at the time was rust colored, unfortunately it was not), we shared a snack, talked about the upcoming IML trip, and I headed back down to the UFLB tent at the festival.  I met up with Dino again and he gave me food, which I gratefully accepted, at this point I was fading and very fast.  Rushing around Long Beach on foot in a frantic "gotta get there" frenzy grinds ones energy very easily.

Not seconds after my last mouthful of food, Dennis strips me and puts me in a speedo, collar, and I was aggressively dragged out on stage for a mummification demo.  I really enjoyed every minute of it, my exhibitionist side comes out and mummification is really fun!  I was wrapped up with package cling wrap, spun from a large bolt.  After being wrapped I was gently laid down on the stage and as Dino explained what was going on, I was tortured with ice cubes stuffed in the holes made in the wrappings.  Then they lit candles and dripped hot wax over me, which is always a thrill! I enjoy wax play a lot, however you must be careful to buy the right candles, as each candle wax burns and melts at different temperatures so don't scald yourself, research it first before you try to get hot in the bedroom.

The demo was quick and to the point and I was cut out from my wrappings.  It's important that you have a towel or blanket nearby to wrap the sub in after he or she gets out, the temperature change and sweat that accumulates inside the wrap leading to a rush of cold air on the skin can be a bit shocking, so cover up and provide proper aftercare once the wrap is removed.  I went back stage and was placed inside a head harness, knee pads, and fist mitts.  Then they leashed my collar again and I was put down on all fours and became a puppy.  I was lead out in front of the stage, amused gazes were upon me as I was pulled around in front of the stage, I stopped in front of a trash bin and lifted my leg and heard an eruption of laughter behind me.  Dennis yanked my leash and said "Bad dog!"

I found myself locked into a large metal cage, and right next to me stood Sir David with his boy and his girlfriend.  I wanted so deeply and so badly to lick his big, thick engineer boots, he wore his Sir cap and full leathers and that made him all the more enticing and attractive!  If he ordered me to call him "daddy" I would without question.

The more time passed while I was in the cage, the further I slipped into a puppy headspace.  This was really the first time the headspace was so thick with me, as I had only skimmed the surface before, dog hoods and time on all fours bring this out strongest.  My thoughts became two-dimensional and basic.  I did things I thought a puppy would do.  I laid on my back, I stamped with my paws, I barked, I wagged my butt, and as time went on it felt more and more natural to do them.  At one point Sir David scritched my head and I did everything to show that I liked him!  I wanted to hug his leg so tightly, as I looked into his beautiful, handsome face!  At one point a couple of cute, giggly girls came up to pet me, and the attention felt wonderful!  I wanted to make everyone smile and laugh!  It felt great to make people happy!  I was a puppy!  That was my place in the world!

The tent closed, and I was led out of the cage and into Dennis' lap on the stage where he slowly took off my gear, piece by piece and I came out of puppy headspace.  I was delirious, as my thoughts were reshaping back into three-dimensions.  Soon after I was back on earth, I hugged Dennis and thanked him for the experiences, then joined Dino, Ice, and Jr. as we made our way over to the beer truck where mama Paloma was volunteering with Fabrique.  I was handed a beer and we hung out until puppy Cockpit's friend Carl gave me a call and offered to take me up to Pistons on his bike.  Never one to pass up a chance to ride, I happily accepted and said my goodbyes to the group.

Once home, I changed into my riding gear and met Carl out on the street, he rode up on his beautiful blue sportbike and once I swung my leg and hugged him tight from behind, we were off.  For some reason, the party at Pistons didn't have that fun energy.  Everyone was there, the lasers were going, the music was hot, but something was just not there for us.  We left soon after, me clutching tight to his sexy hips, searching for a Denny's to cool off at for a late dinner.  Suddenly, Carl's shifter broke and we pulled into a nearby IHOP, we had a pleasant meal, Carl took a picture of the broken shifter and thoroughly scared my puppy when he sent it to him.  I scolded him, telling him that it "wasn't nice to freak out the dog."  After dinner we were able to ride back to my place and crash for the night.

Sunday morning we headed to Cockpit's, Carl on the bike, and myself on foot.  I geared up in my leather and we went over the details of the parade.  I set out on my own, Cockpit would join me later.  As I ran over to our staging area I approached someone I didn't expect to meet in person.  The bright orange he was wearing gave him away immediately and I knew it was Sister Unity Divine!  I was so happy I could meet him in person and after introducing myself I thanked him for making all of his Youtube videos, as they had helped me tremendously during some hard times I had while I was living with my ex.  He was just as sweet in person as he is online.  He hugged me and he said that I had a lot of love to give just by feeling my hug.  It felt beautiful.  I said my farewells and continued on.  I met up with a friend, pup Jeff, and he guided me to the staging area where we joined the UFLB.  Hours went by, and Cockpit showed up as things were getting ready to start.  More time went by, and suddenly SubmissAnn who was in her pony gear, flew up into the air and dangled there as her cart and rider tipped backward and her rider fell flat on her back!  At first it was shocking and I rushed over to help, but as soon as we saw her laughing the situation became much more comical, Cockpit was rolling in laughter, and later told me that from his perspective she simply vanished in a puff of glitter followed by a crash.

Finally once things got underway the real fun started, Cockpit on my leash, waving at the crowds, cheering along with them all, my puppy swapping between biped and all fours depending on the speed of the parade.  Cockpit drew hundreds of cameras, and about halfway through the march I spotted Dizzy and Mr. Mike, and urged them into the parade with us!  It was great! Surrounded by my friends and loved ones in a parade, walking my puppy on his leash and waving at everyone!  Cockpit approached one dog who took a sniff at him and slowly backed away, the very concept of him screwing with his little doggy mind was much too great, it sent me into fits of laughter!  The look of pure confusion on this dog's face was priceless!

Of course there were protesters, and Alex Kitay had us all stop and start making out in front of them which was fun and exciting!  Much to the amusement of the crowd.  When we reached the end, we were tired, hot, sweaty, burnt but thrilled!  I headed back to Cockpit's place for a while before heading back down to the festival grounds where I met back up with Dizzy for a bit and helped him retrieve his yellow hanky someone had borrowed, and then was told someone was looking for me inside.  My friend Dan had come to say hello and catch up a bit, he even went off and got me food, the awesome guy.  He had to head off and I went back inside the tent to eat back stage.  There I met up with Lou, who had dominated me last year at the leather tent,  he wore a leather cowboy hat, beautiful black leather boots, and sported a titleholder belt buckle that read "Oil Can Harry's 2005".  He took my food from me and shoved his boot in my crotch, then he proceeded to feed me in the most erotic, dominant, and sexual way.  The more he fed and dominated me, the more I wanted to submit.  He sat and put morsels of food on his leather pants, which I eagerly lapped up and licked clean.  Hearing him say "good boy" made me so happy and horny.  After my meal we stopped by the cigar lounge on the other side of the tent and he had me rest my head in his lap as event goers passed through.

After helping tear down a bit I went back to Cockpit's with Carl, Howard, and another man they had met up with at the festival, and thus ended another Long Beach Pride.

Play Safe Dear Reader.