Thursday, June 14, 2012

On the Backs of Iron Horses

On the morning of Sunday, May 13th, I met up with my friends Marc, Stephen, and some of the Satyrs at a local diner called Park Pantry for breakfast, we were joined by my friend Kevin later on.  Afterwards we crossed the street to Hot Java to hang out for a bit before setting up for the ride we were going to take to the Inland Empire.

The route was planned, formations assigned, and once geared up we headed out. It was exciting, members from both the Mello Moto and Satyrs aligned in formation, two groups of men on loud, roaring motorcycles, and I was happily seated on the back of one of these bikes!  It was like I was part of a motorcycle gang, the camaraderie, the masculinity, the leather, the chrome, it was just so fucking awesome!

I've noticed something really cool about bikers.  When they pass each other in opposite directions on the streets, they wave.  Not over their head and shaking their hands like you would as a pedestrian, but a low, outstretched arm with an open palm, a signal that they see you as another biker and say hello.  Perfect strangers, never to be seen again, but for one brief friendly moment they say "Hello brother biker."

That's what makes me so happy.

Kevin rode me out with the group through amazing places, up the highway for ages, through gorgeous neighborhoods, that led into the high hilly passes, along mountainsides looking over the acres, and acres of neighborhoods far below.  At one point I could see all of Long Beach stretch out into the horizon, including the University's blue pyramid!  I love these long rides, my mind is able to relax, detach, and refocus on the majesty of this world we live in.

On our travels back to Pistons Bar we passed through a large expanse of beautiful open hills! So green and lush!  A tribe of bikers, men in leather, on iron horses, roaring through the countryside, free to roam where our hearts lead us!  The camaraderie, the men in gear cutting through the wind in a unanimous uproar!  It's beyond a thrill!  Riding up and dismounting, our tribe entered Pistons and we celebrated the victory of Keith winning Mr. Long Beach Leather 2012 long into the afternoon.

I think I experienced something that has happened feels historical in a way, and modern at the same time.  Like someone else's deja vu.

Play and Ride Safe, Dear Reader.

Please be responsible on the road.