Friday, April 20, 2012

A Weekend With My Leather Brother and a Sir.

The weekend that ended March and began April of this year was yet another enjoyable one.

I traveled by the railway down from Los Angeles to San Diego, catching an earlier departure than usual.  Unfortunately due to a tragic circumstance involving a woman who took her own life on the tracks, we were delayed.  It's always a tragedy when something like this comes to be, however we can still take some solace in knowing that this person is no longer suffering from whatever possessed them to do such a horrible thing.

After an interesting ride with my seatmate Peggy, who made all the delays and stalls entertaining with intellectual discussion, I arrived in San Diego and eagerly contacted Dizzy.  I had not seen him since the Gear Party with Sir Michael, and I wasn't physically able to touch him due to my bindings which frustrated me to no end that night, and my body ached for his arms around me once more.  I finally met up with him in a construction shelter tunnel along the way to the dungeon for the Beat and Greet, and like always he raced up to me, picked me up off my feet, and swung me around in that romantic hug and swing as I laughed with great joy.  It was so wonderful to feel his embrace again, now as my Leather Brother.

We made a short stop at a few places before heading up to the dungeon space.  We talked a short while before Dizzy asked me to remove my shirt so he could flog me.  It took a little longer for me to drop into submissive mindset comfortably, a few annoyances had intruded in on my headspace and refused to leave until Dizzy told me to go into my "happy place".  After a few good strikes, I was able to relax and really enjoy him working my back, listening to the slap of leather on my skin, focusing on my breath, feeling the impact of each throw.  After I was comfortably soothed he handed me the floggers and asked to see my florentine technique.  I happily showed him what I was able to do, a few training tweaks later, he presented his back to me and it was time to perform my first live florentine.

I took a breath and did my best to relax and focus.  I began, starting with my non-dominant hand, then swapped to my dominant hand after a few throws, falling into my rythem I threw with both hands, the floggers spun and slapped at his back.  I did my best to keep my strikes narrow, keeping away from Dizzy's spine and keeping the tips from wrapping the sides of his chest.  Flogging is no light matter whatsoever, several things are going on at once that you must pay close attention to, plus the physical effort of throwing the floggers in sync with each other can wear you down.  Before too long, Dizzy said that was enough and my arms fell to my sides, the drain hitting me with the tingle of the effort.  He turned to me and smiled, "That was perfect."

No fucking way.  I pulled a "perfect" on my first live florentine!? I was ecstatic! I started laughing and I hugged Dizzy tightly!  Perfect he said! Hahahaha! I can't wait until I actually get my very own pair of floggers! Then I can practice even more!

We stayed at the dungeon a little longer, chatting with other members before we decided to leave and cabbed home.  Once at Dizzy's condo we headed up to his room where presented me with me a pair of his underwear he didn't want anymore.  A pair of short, skimpy, pink boy underwear. I immediately fell in love with them!  Yes, I like the color pink, it's a soft sweet shade of bubblegum, a color I find comfort in, something that is warm, sugary, innocent, and friendly.  Don't laugh, the power color has over the human mind is remarkable.  For me, pink relaxes and comforts, reminding me of a saccrine, syrupy feeling bringing a gentle smile to my lips.

After thanking him for the new undies, we began to kiss and became very intimate.  He dominated me in the best way, and I received him eagerly, greedily, I wanted him! All of him! Every bit!  I missed him so badly, I had ached for this moment to return, I didn't care how much or little it hurt!  It would hurt more to not have it at all or ever again!  I savored every romantic second I had with him, from the time we undressed to the time I fell asleep in his arms.  My handsome, sexy leather brother.

The morning came, and we had breakfast then headed down to Mitsuwa for a delicious meal, I discovered I enjoyed Natto (fermented soybeans, served on steamed rice) then we returned to the condo and rested a short while before Dizzy helped me work out.  It was so sexy to see his muscular arms tensing and flexing, watching him lift weights made me grin, he said that someone had told him he wasn't working out properly.  I kissed those smooth, rock-hard arms of his and told him not to listen to such fucked up nonsense. His efforts had results, and the results were making me really horny.  After our workout together we made our way back into his bedroom and this time it was my turn to take him...

I bound his wrists in leather restraints then clipped them to the metal rings in the bedposts.  I then seated myself on his chest, and with a soft wicked smile I started to tickle my prisoner!  Oh he did not like that at all, he being an alpha in the bedroom, he writhed, strained, struggled and even cussed at me!  I had to teach him that cursing and calling your captor names was not such a good idea when the man who sat upon your chest held your freedom.   A felt a fun little sadistic urge emerging the more he struggled and spat out swears.  He attempted to free himself by unclipping his wrists from the bedpost which only resulted in more tickle punishment.  I may be too soft-hearted, as I gave in after the fourth time he successfully unclipped his wrist, but next time I'm going to be a bit more thorough in making him my helpless plaything!  We wasted no time, and with condom unrolled, I made love to him.  It was beautiful to feel him from the inside, to gaze into his eyes, to feel his weight on me, kissing him deeply, until he reached his peak and burst!  Oh, my sweet Dizzy puppy...I love being inside of your irresistible ass!

Afterwards we shared a warm shower together, cleansing our bodies of excitement and sweat in the soft soapy water as it cascaded down over the two of us holding each other in the steamy confines of tile and glass.  We then made our way downstairs and relaxed in front of the TV.  Unfortunately something urgent came up and I wasn't able to stay the night, much to both our disappointment.  We walked over to In-n-Out, had our last meal together for the weekend, and walked home having great conversation both ways.  Thankfully, Sir Michael was available to take me in for the night and he arrived a little while after we returned to Dizzy's.  I gave Dizzy a tight hug goodnight before making my way to Sir Michael's car, he had arrived in full leather gear and he looked spectacular!  He took drove me home where he held me under the blanket and we watched Monty Python's Quest for the Holy Grail before retiring for the night but not before thanking him repeatedly for coming to pick me up and hosting me on such short notice.

That morning I was bound in a straitjacket, bishop's head harness, a strap wrapped my legs, and my feet were slipped into leather socks.  My ankles were chained to the bed, and my collar chained to the bedpost.  Now I still have some anxiety with straitjackets, not as bad as it used to be thanks to the previous visit and Sir Michael's retraining, but I started to feel the panic in the distance.  He placed his hand on me and calmed me down again, talking me down, and allowing me to enjoy restrictive bondage once more!  He is a grand example of a good Sir!  He enjoyed me in my helpless state, and I struggled for his enjoyment, hearing the chains rattle, the leather creaking, grunting futilessly as I writhed in my bondage drove him crazy and he came.  Then he grabbed my hard member and worked me for ages, I closed my eyes and went into my own headspace.  Savoring the situation, letting my imagination go where it wished.  Thoughts of military men entered my head and I told Sir Michael the fantasy as it played out.  A few young, buff recruits on the base surround me, wicked smiles on their faces, their chests bulging under their tight marpat uniforms, the blouse sleeves folded up around their huge biceps, big crushing hands stroking the bulges in their marpat pants that are stuffed into their tan desert boots. They carry me into the barracks and take turns with me, dominating me one way and the next, tied to the bedframe and molested, untied and led into the showers to be stripped and played with, I didn't get any farther than that as my orgasm ended my dictation.  It was overdue and intense!

Cleaned up then dressed, we headed out to a place called Babbo's, and it is worth mentioning as the restaurant proudly displays the Bear Pride flag right beside the stairs that lead up into the big dining room.

Not to mention the crepes there were fantastic.  We returned to Sir Michael's apartment where I was bound once more in chains and shackles and Sir Michael had me help him bake a cake in bondage.  Like a good boy should! I had to make a quick run out to the store to pick up more oil, which I happily did wearing my title vest sans the chains (walking up and down hill in chains may get me in trouble, plus you could easily trip and badly hurt yourself if you fall).  The cake finished, we made a dash to the station, unfortunately I missed the train as it pulled out just as I arrived.  A pleasant drive around town later and Sir Michael helped me catch the next ride up to Los Angeles, completing yet another fun and exciting weekend spent in San Diego.

Thank you Dizzy, and Sir Michael!

Play Safe Dear Readers.