Tuesday, April 17, 2012

The Boy in the Cage

The weekend of the 25th of March I caught a ride up to the Eagle in Los Angeles with Rick whom I had met at The Crest Bar in Long Beach a few weekends prior, the night had no cover so we easily made our way inside.  I was going to meet Sir John, and I excitedly began to search for him to let him know that I had arrived.  However, my plans to notify Sir John were interrupted.  Loren of the Leatherati newsletter greeted me, along with Alex his husband.  Loren told me that my Fetish of the Month article on Wet and Messy play was to be published on their website very soon.  I was thrilled!  I was going to be published on Leatherati! Holy shit!  No sooner had I said thank you, when Alex took a hold of me on the patio steps and dominated me mercilessly up against the railing!  He kissed me, then snagged my lips in his bite!  Oh god!  I was soon at his complete mercy, and the only reason I hesitated was because I wasn’t sure if he’d ever let me go, as I was still due to check in with Sir John!  Alas, I couldn’t speak, I could only moan as my thoughts were overwhelmed by a handsome man in a leather uniform, my lips in his teeth.

My mind now fits of static, thoughts blurred out, unable to focus on my important task, my submissive nature of wishing to please everyone coming forth, and fighting my sense of responsibility which reminded me of my commitment to Sir John!  My lips released, I took the opportunity to tell Alex I had to contact Sir John, he nodded with a wicked smile, telling me to do so.  As I took out my phone and desperately tried to text as he tickled and stabbed me with his fingers.  Now in no way did I not appreciate the attention, in fact I thoroughly enjoyed it.  I simply would have enjoyed it more if I had squared away my business first before he had overwhelmed me and made me his plaything.  A moment after I sent the text, I noticed a tall man nearby look over and discovered it was Sir John!  He was there the whole time!  He hadn’t noticed us either!  Through gasps and laughter from Alex’s fingers still poking me to no end, I managed to tell him that Sir John was here.  Alex then turned me over to Sir John with a smile, telling me as he left that he had wanted to play with me for a very long time.  I was only too happy to provide him with the pleasure, and I look forward to pleasing him again!

After quickly transferring my bag from Rick’s car to Sir John’s, and saying goodbye, Sir John and I walked back to the Eagle.  Along the way something very interesting happened.  A large, older man dressed in leather, sporting a very long white beard walked in the opposite direction towards us in the darkness, he said to us as he drew nearer “It’s time to let the next generation of leather have at it!”  It made me feel wonderful! I looked back and gave him a quick salute without breaking stride with Sir John, and said “Thank you Sir, I won’t let you down!”

Here a leather man I didn’t know, and probably a member of the Old Guard judging by the way he was speaking, was happily accepting me as the next generation.  Looking back, the whole event which only took about five seconds to happen was like a symbol of the cycle.  An old man leaving a bar, after having fun all night passes a younger man just now heading into the bar to begin his evening.  The old man will most likely go to bed, as he is tired, where as the younger man will stay up long into the night.

Back inside the bar we headed inside the chain spider web room, Sir John ordered me my new favorite drink, a “Cocksucker” (Bailey’s Irish Cream & Butterscotch Schnapps), and took that time to collar me at the bar.  I love the feeling of a collar being locked around my neck, becoming the plaything of a man I respect and admire.  I hope to one day wear an official collar, locked around my neck, and tagged as a Sir’s boy in deep love.  For now the chain sealed at my neck served as a sign that I was to be the exclusive plaything of Sir John for as long as it remained there, and this I was greatly pleased with.

We took our drinks and headed to the other side of the bar next to the pool tables.  I sat happily in Sir John’s lap on the bench and took in the scenery around me.  The bar unfolded before me, red lights in the darkness, muscled men in tight leather and uniforms, drinking and shooting pool, watching high quality hardcore porn on the screens up in the corners.  Sir John noticed me taking in my surroundings and spoke in my ear, “This is how the Eagle used to be, every Saturday night.”  His words filled me at first with awe, which then gave way to slight sadness.

I yearned to see the leather bar nights of the past, back when the hanky code was in full force, back to reckless sexual abandon, back to handlebar mustaches, aviator sunglasses, and biker caps on both Sir and boy.  Yet I must remember, all things existed for their purpose, and customs change with time and cause.  The hanky code was there because men in the past had to keep silent, and speak without voices, as the code was a language of secrets born out of fear of discovery and exile.  The unabated, wild, untamed sex free of caution spread diseases they were ignorant of, and many lost their lives not truly knowing what they died from.  My generation is now left with a gap a mile long with only a few pieces of wood from the bridge that used to be there, listening to those who claim to have crossed it argue over which piece went where.  This is an opportunity to start anew, as we are now much more free to be who we are, and not only celebrate it but to share it with others and invite them inside our bases to party along with us, filling the bars with men once more!

(Pardon me, I slipped into a bit of a speech there.)

Moving over to the outside patio, we discovered Sir John’s friends David and James standing by the garage doors.  David I had already met in passing before, lusting for him at an Anvil party a long time ago, and crossing his profile a dozen times, admiring him in all of his gear, wishing he would reach out and drag me down to worship him at his feet.  James was a welcome new face! Hot, handsome, with a hot British accent that makes my throbbing dick salivate.

We then moved back into the chain spider web bar and discovered Sir Ian finishing a scene with a boy of his.  I looked onward, sighing happily.  I love seeing men at play, even more so in public, it’s a heartwarming scene to see a man providing aftercare.  I must have said “lucky boy” a bit louder than intended, because the next thing I knew, Sir John had blindfolded me, handcuffed me, and shoved me up against the lockers as he molested me right there in the bar!  I was soon forced down on my knees, licking his boots!  Oh what a thrill!  I was in a leather bar, collared, cuffed, and submitting to a man I respected as a Sir!  Life is so wonderful when one can find the pleasures of heaven in a place that may appear as a little slice of hell!

After Sir John had his fill of public play, we left after grabbing a hot dog from the vendor outside, which was surprisingly quite delicious!  Arriving at Sir John’s domain, I was promptly led into the dungeon, tied up with my hands pulled behind me, bent forward, and my pants dropped to the floor.  My exposed and vulnerable ass was then greased up, and Sir John fucked my tight hole.  Despite my legs and back beginning to ache due to my less than merciful position, the feeling was wonderful, and I wanted to be a good little fuck slut for Sir John!  He untied me, stripped me bare, and then bound me up once more on the floor where he pounded my ass! Each slam of his hard, throbbing cock inside my boy hole sent a shock of red in my sight.  My hole burned as he fucked me harder, thrust after thrust, hardcore images flooded my mind!  Bloody, pummeled asses, raped mercilessly!  Screaming boys under evil doms! I wanted it harder!  When he erupted inside of me, he relaxed and slid himself out, leaving my body to rest upon the floor and recover from my service.  I was then led up the stairs and ordered into bed, my arms around my Dom as we fell asleep.

The next morning I awoke with Sir John, and was soon tied to the bed, ankles bound, and fucked once more!  He is insatiable and I love it!  After a pleasant shower, a quick lunch, and a change of clothes, we headed out to the Rose Bowl and to the golf course nearby where we hiked along a long, meandering trail.  Sir John had said before he had explored this area and by pure accident sank to his hips in deep clay and silt.  Now Sir John is a tall man, and his hips come close to my chest, knowing this excted me greatly!  Today we attempted to rediscover it, my hopes and excitement high!  Was I going to finally have my first sink?  We trekked underneath a freeway high above us, through garbage and odd discarded trash, before coming to a place where the creek flooded the area.  Unfortunately the place where Sir John was so fortunate to sink inside was now deep below the watery depths, in the center of the creek in front of us.  There was no mud to be played with today.  I left disappointed, but still determined!  I will have my quicksand someday, and my entire body will sink below the sticky depths!

Arriving home, I was ordered to the upstairs office, stripped and my wrists bound to my neck, my legs tied together, and Sir John had me service his luscious boots!  He edged and stroked me as my tongue slid atop his beautiful bootleather, but my manhood denied me such sweet release!  I was then led to the basement, untied, and collared with a heay metal collar complete with a short length of sturdy, thick chain dangling from the neck.  The steel was cold on my skin, the chain weighing me down like a light pull to submit, to press my forehead to the floor in respect.  I was ordered inside of the big puppy cage in the dungeon, the door slowly opening to my new confinement, I couldn't crawl inside fast enough!

The big iron bars, the comfy mat, the little leather pillow so graciously left inside, my chain was soon tethered to an iron bar, my wrists cuffed, my ankles restrained, and the cage door swung shut, the sound of a padlock clicking shut, I was sealed.  A mirror placed upon the roof, a small box fan heater placed beside my prison, and I was soon alone as Sir John exited into the next room, out of sight.

Naked, caged, chained like a wild beast, and left in the darkness alone.  What a blessing!  I curled up and hugged my knees, smiling in the darkness, listening to the chain rattle and clank against the bars of my prison, listening to the whirring of the heater nearby.  I felt so safe inside that cage, I was protected, I was valued!  Why else would someone confine and lock away something?  Because they hold it so dear!  I was a possession of great value!  A treasured toy!  Oh, what a beautiful feeling to be wanted in such a way by a man I hold in such high regard!

Time passed in what felt like hours, until Sir John returned and presented me with a granola bar and a bottle of water before vanishing once more.  I was being spoiled!  Caged! Bound! Fed! Kept warm!  I was so fortunate!  After enjoying my meal, I placed my garbage neatly outside the cage, and faded in and out of consciousness, enjoying my confinement, safe inside strong steel bars, held fast with iron and leather restraints, leashed with a shining heavy chain, collared with heavy metal.  Keep me locked away, safe behind thick walls of steel, hidden like a priceless secret.

Sir John returned, and stripped himself, lengthened the chain on my collar, and unlocked the door.  He then released my ankles and slid a condom onto my throbbing manhood.  Sir, what are you doing?  Before my mind could grasp the scene, Sir John had sat upon my own dick!  I was fucking Sir John!  The feeling of entering his hole, the weight of him rising and falling on my cock!  He then released my handcuffs and we swapped positions, I now looked down on his back, my backside to the cage door, I gripped my erect member and gently entered him from behind.  I began to fuck Sir John again...and this time something was different.

I felt him awaken inside of me, like a determined intruder he pushed and shoved himself to the forefront of my psyche and immediately snatched control away from me.  I started to fuck Sir John harder, and harder, and HARDER!  I let out a primal roar! I wanted my rock hard cock to stab his gut FROM THE INSIDE!  I wanted to let him know that his boy toy was thankful and loved to be dominated!  I thanked him for everything my mind could recall in that primal red haze!  I thanked him for the drink he generously bestowed upon me at The Eagle!  I thanked him for dominating me in public!  I thanked him for making me lick his boots!  I thanked him for taking me out on my hunt for quicksand!  I thanked him for feeding me! I thanked him for caging me!  I thanked him for fucking me!  I pounded harder, and harder!  I roared again, "UNLEASH THE BEAST WITHIN!"

Suddenly, my head felt the oxygen sucked away, I was going to pass out soon, I couldn't go on...

"Forgive me sir, for your boy is spent..." I gasped, energy draining from my body, I collapsed on top of his sweaty back, heaving breaths of air into my lungs.  I could hear him praising me.  Some time shortly after, Sir John was over me once more, jerking his cock until he blew his hot load on my chest, however I was still unable to climax and I ached for release!  We spoke for a little, and I started to confess how I had a new fantasy of Sir John, David, and James all playing with me at once, me chained up and helpless like a good boy toy should be as all three of them had their way with my naked body, like a sacrifice to famished beasts.  I blew my load soon after that.

An instant after my climax, my body was completely spent of energy.  The metal collar became three times as heavy as it was a moment prior.  I gathered the remaining shreds of willpower I had left to properly clean my cum from Sir John's chest before he moved from beneath me, and laid me down on the cage mat.  Sir John then told me that he had plans for me, designs for me to spend 24, if not 48 hours in that cage.  No way out for any reason.  Oh how I smiled.

We made our way up to the couch upstairs and enjoyed our afterglow.  Sir John then released me from his collar.  I felt as if a shade of the world I lived in was peeled away like a sheet of clear plastic film I didn't notice was there before as the collar left my neck.

Sir John then drove me home, and we ended the evening with a kiss goodnight.

Thank you, Sir.

Please Play Safe Dear Reader.