Monday, April 16, 2012

A Boy for Two Bikers

About the middle of March I met up with a tall, handsome man named Donny, who is part of a motorcycle group I hang out with.  We first met at one of the meetings and I got along with him very well.  This night he picked me up after I finished an advertising task for work, and we headed back to my place so I could change. He wore his leather boots, pants, and top for me and he looked absolutely stunning! He’s handsome and firm, as well as a polite and pleasant gentleman, which is something I admire and value in men.  After I changed into my own leather gear, he took me away to his house where he introduced me to his motorcycle sitting in the garage.  A sexy beast of a machine, he allowed me to straddle it, and I became hard the moment my ass touched the seat!

We headed back inside where he changed me into American Football gear and a leather puppy hood.  Now I usually play the part of the Handler, and don’t have much puppy experience, thinking that since I didn’t really get into it once night at Sir John’s dungeon, it wasn’t for me.  However, wearing the puppy hood for the first time in play, I started feeling the urge to act like a dog, and it was quite fun and natural!  I will definitely explore this pup side of me more in the future!

After a bit of a photo shoot (that reminds me, he hasn't sent them to me yet!), we moved into the living room and Donny brought out the rubber vac rac.  A vac rac is a frame usually made of PVC pipe with air holes drilled into it, covered with rubber sheet.  The vac rac designed to immobilize someone inside of it by sucking the air out from between the sheets using a vacuum and trapping them inside, but still allowing them to breathe through an air hose, hence the name vac rac or “Vacuum Rack”.  Decked out in football gear, and a puppy hood, I was ready for my first vac rac run!  I had seen the pictures of men sealed inside of them, the rubber complimenting every inch and crevice of their bodies, and I wanted to become one of them, like a boy in a time capsule put into a comfortable suspended animation, and sealed away for future use among his brothers in servitude.

My turn was now; I slid and inched in between the rubber sheets, further and further inside, Donny guiding me.  However, when the rubber sheets were pulled over my head and closed behind me, my mind started to panic.  I didn’t even have time to try and calm myself down; it came over me as a rush of fear.  The only light coming from the air hole in front of my face, the darkness closing in on me, the restrictiveness of the black rubber, the thought of air being stolen away from me, everything came at me at once!  I couldn’t do it!  I let Donny know at once, and he let me out immediately.  I hugged his leg tightly, still in a half-puppy space, still fearful, but wracked with guilt.  Fuck!  I failed!  I wanted it so bad!  Why did my fear have to get in the way of my fun?  I felt terrible, here he was so kind to bring out all the pieces of his vac rac and I couldn’t do it.
He held me, wrapped his arms around me and told me that it was okay, I apologized over and over, and he told me not to worry about it.  I still felt so bad, but I was able to calm down and collect myself.  

 A few minutes later Donny’s husband came in from helping the neighbors next door.  A man with dark spiky hair, and a beautifully cute face, still dressed in his sport motorcycle gear!  Woof! After introductions, we headed into their bedroom where Donny put me into the one piece bike gear he had bought off of a mutual friend of ours whom I find incredibly sexy.  As I pulled on the gear, Donny kept reminding me of who wore it, making me hard and my mind fuzzy as the blood rushed from my brain and into my crotch.  The scent of a young man still lingered in the gear, and even though the gear itself fit poorly on my frame, it still excited me to wear it knowing who owned it before!  From there, Donny and his husband dominated me, as Donny crushed me under his thick biker boots, his spouse would torture my groin with a vibrating massage wand, making me moan for more!  I eagerly enjoyed being dominated by two men, the more masculine, handsome doms that I can please with my eager submission, the more enjoyment I receive out of the experience!

Afterward, Donny undressed and put on my wrestling singlet that he requested I bring, and as I massaged his husband’s feet, he got hard and pumped his precum into the crotch of my singlet.  From there we headed into the garage and his husband showed me his bike.  A beautiful sports motorcycle, and my favorite color as well.  A cobalt blue matched with a pure white, gorgeous!  As I admired the sexy machine, Donny remarked on how Jackson Lawless, a porn star friend of theirs said that it was a hot bike, and had grinded up against the rear, saying how it was the perfect height to fuck.  We talked a little more and the idea intrigued me.  I had heard of men actually going so far as to have sex with their cars and bikes, and I wondered what it might feel like.  At Donny’s suggestion I put on a condom and maneuvered myself behind the bike.  Jackson was right, the exhaust was at the right height, so I went ahead and slowly slid myself inside the bike (you can rest assured I made damn sure the area was cold and checked it out beforehand for any sharp edges, I’m not an idiot). 

I must say it was kind of sexy, the eroticism of motorcycles, the shape, the sound, the fact that I had my dick inside a machine that could go zooming down the highway with reckless abandon, carrying a rider clad in body armor.  It was even more erotic when Donny’s husband came over and began to kiss me.  The novelty wore off soon, and I was over my curiosity, we headed inside to fool around and left the garage, me now being able to have credible experience in knowing whether or not a bike was fuckable. Just between us, that bike is a major slut; I now know what “throwing a hot dog down a hallway” truly feels like. (In all seriousness, don’t go fucking your bike, it was a novelty “okay I did it and it was kinda hot” thing and I’m not going to do it again. The more I think about it, the less I think I should have done it.  Exhaust pipes are not meant for men’s dicks, if you cut or burn yourself it’s going to be a very long and painful wait as well as an awkward conversation at the E.R.)

In the bedroom, I was put on the bed as Donny straddled me, horny as hell!  He jerked himself as I watched, looking up at him, into his handsome face, looking at his beautiful sexy body, he erupted and shot his hot load all over my chest.  Then his husband took his turn after inserting a puppy tail butt plug, after a short time of stroking his manhood, he too climaxed all over me.  Finally it was my turn, however nothing worked, and I was over stimulated!  It just wasn’t happening for me even while Donny’s hot and sexy husband kissed me deeply which usually always puts me over the edge, the whole experience had left me so horny and I wanted to explode so bad!  I was offered a chance at trying a puppy tail butt plug.  I had never had a plug in before, and usually when I’m horny my ass feels absolutely starved for attention, needing something inside of it.  The plug was lubed up and I slowly pushed it inside, it hurt a little as my ass stretched to take it in, the hardest part being the widest section of the bulb.  At first it felt like it was too big, that I was much too tight to handle it, Donny’s spouse said to keep going so I pushed a little harder and in a quick moment it slid all the way inside.  It was a bit shocking at first, it hurt, but the pain was swiftly replaced by a sigh of pleasure and relief as it filled me.  I looked at myself in the mirror, I had a tail! How fun!  I wagged my butt and moaned, the swing of the rubber tail moved the bulb in my hole, and now I knew exactly why these plugs are so popular!

Returning to the bed, I stroked once more.  Looking at Donny’s husband’s face, then to Donny who watched with an approving smile on his face, remembering the events that led me here to this point like kissing Donny in his sexy leather, straddling his bike, being crushed under his booted foot, fucking his husband’s bike, being kissed and dominated by two handsome married men!  I erupted soon after, leaving me exhausted!

I sincerely hope to submit to them again very soon, perhaps even go riding with them! Clutching a hot stud in full gear from behind always excites and thrills me!  Especially if the destination ends with me under their boots, gazing up at two riders, faces hidden behind their helmet visors!

Play Safe out there, Dear Reader.