Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Fetish of The Month 2012: March - Wet and Messy

This Month's FETISH OF THE MONTH is none other than the little-known "Wet and Messy" Fetish!

Also referred to as "Gunge Play", "Gunging", "WAM", and "Sploshing" over in the U.K., Wet and Messy play is a fetish that can be customized to each person's tastes.  The most simple explanation is that a person who's into WAM enjoys covering themselves in a messy substance.  This is most often times food like pies, pudding, batter, even cans of beans.  WAM can be split into two categories, Gunge and Food Play, Gunge being substances that aren't meant to be eaten like slime, lube, mud, and motor oil.  Food being the obvious alternative, and quite cheaper to come by.

Gunge play can also involve piss, I have found many images of men who were into WAM also into pissing their jeans or peeing on other men during the process of rolling around in the muck.

Wet and Messy play can be as simple as diving into a pool with all your clothes on!  Some guys get hard by standing in the shower in baggy jeans, sneakers, bomber jackets and drenching themselves.  Some guys even dive into lakes in full business suits!

Exploring this fetish for my March FOTM article, I asked a handful of men to share with me their erotic lives, and this time I was very pleasantly surprised!

For this month, my online friend JP has not only given me some beautiful pictures to post, he would like you to visit him on MudboyUK and Gayromeo!  Thank you so much!

Also thanks to wetjeanguy on Fetlife for his contributions as well!

My first question is always the same, "How did you discover your fetish?"  This is the first time I've had such detailed and lengthy responses!  (Update 3/28/2012: A friend of mine has sent in his responses as well, and even though the blog was already published, I had to add his stories and pictures as well, updates are in green!)

"Well for me wet and messy play is mud, I love gunge and slime too and have had some really horny sessions in gunge I always prefer mud.
Really not sure now I got into wet and messy play, I was always a dirty kid, getting muddy whenever I could, and was always fascinated by deep mud such as quicksand scenes in films and on TV, as I got older this obviously became a mayor turn on for me and I would fantasise about sinking into quicksand.

In my mid-teems i discovered a quarry not too far and used to go play there sinking upto my hips quite often, I really wanted to go deeper but was a little concerned.
It was a few years later i had my first deep mud experience, I had moved away to uni and found another quarry not too far away i cycled over late one night to explore, I found one pit full of quite liquid clay but only about waist deep, I then found another smaller pit but looked more solid. I i walked out an realised the surface was starting to give, a couple more steps and I broke through the surface and sank straight to my stomach and still sinking, I managed to work my was deeper until upto my nose in it, just felt amazing, spent many a fun evening there, unfortunately alone!"

"I've been doin' this kind of thing ever since I was a little kid. We moved to a new house when I was around 6, and there was still a lot construction going on nearby. I remember goin' off with another kid, and we walked around in the mud and I got him pretty muddy. It wasn't anything sexual at that point, but I remember it as his Mom yelled at me for getting her kid all muddy. 

I don't really remember when it started to be more of a 'sexual' thing for me, I'm guessin' when I was a around 10 or 11. None of my friends were turned on by this, but I found that goin' out and playin' around in some mud would really turn me on! I had a pair of olive green rubber boots that had yellow laces and yellow trim, and when I had some 'private' time, I'd put them on, tuck 'em inside a pair of jeans, then go out exploring for some good mud. Seein' the boots getting covered with mud, and then seein' the bottom of my jeans get muddy would really excite me. The more muddy I'd get, the better it all got! Splashin' and stompin' around in the mud was pure pleasure..... Eventually I'd shoot my load, and after that brief feeling of nirvana, I'd end up feeling very guilty and ashamed. I couldn't understand why I had this fetish, (didn't even know it was a fetish back then), and it made me feel badly. I'd have to secretly clean up my clothes and boots, and hope that I wouldn't get discovered. I'd always try to not do this kind of thing again, but I always found myself being drawn back to it. 

As I got older, I ended up with almost 2 different personalities, the 'normal' me, that would date girls and do normal things, and the 'other' me who would still go out in secret and play and jack off in the mud. And I found that I got turned on by other things as well, like messin' around with paint, and food, and motor oil. It was funny as I never wanted to be naked doing this, but always dressed, and the nicer the clothes, the more fun it was. This was way before the 'internet' became popular, (age alert, I'll be 57, so I had no way of knowing that this was something that other people enjoyed too. 

I got caught a few times, and could never tell my folks the truth about this, so I had to lie and try to weasel out of it the best I could. I tried many times to try and stop this sort of behavior, sometimes throwing out the clothes and boots that I liked to wear while gettin' messed up, thinking that if I didn't have 'em, I wouldn't do it, but always ended up doin' it again because I enjoyed it so much. Watchin' a muddy football game, or dirtbikers and 4 x 4's playin' in the mud 
was always a turn-on, or any kind of thing were I would see guys gettin' dirty or messed up.

I once had a friend come over,  and I had the house to myself,  and we ended up in the basement.  We were just poking around,  and I opened a can of paint,  and 'threatened'  to get some paint on him,   He was like, "stop it,  cut it out",  but I kept on doin' it.  I didn't really get any paint on him,  but after a bit,  I left the paint stirrer in the can of paint and turned my back on him.  So he picks up the paint stirrer and starts to 'threaten'  me with the paint.  Of course I really wanted him to do this.  Guess it was the first time I used psychology on    Anyways, I made a lunge  for the stirrer, and ended up getting paint on my shirt.   He was sorry that he had done this,  but of course I was happy.  I was like, "let's try that again",  and  he held the stirrer,  I made a grab for it, and I ended up with more paint of my shirt.  I was like,  "oh, my good shirt",  but secretly enjoying every minute of it.  I finally told him that since we'd already got paint on it,  why not turn it into a football jersey and he should paint a number on the front and back   think I chose the #12, and I got him a brush and told him to do it.  So he does this,  and I say paint the # on the sleeves too, and he does,  but he's making a mess of it  So my shirt's a mess,  and I tell him,  "well,  you 've messed up my shirt,  you should paint my jeans too",  and he starts painting my jeans.  He didn't have any clue how much I was enjoying this.......    And it's amazing to think of how much gear I now own, (leathers,  boots, denim, cowboy gear,  mx gear, football gear, etc.),  thats all been messed up."

"I first got into wet and messy play in a nonsexual way, in my early teens, sitting on a dunk tank. I always liked seeing other guys getting dunked, climbing out of the tank all wet and back up on the seat dripping, and when I got my first turn getting dunked, the only way was in jeans and a tee shirt, which I still consider the best dunking outfit. I would eventually come to swim in jeans as often as possible, and eventually do a fully clothed shower with another guy as a makeout session that would set off a hot sexual encounter.

Later, I would stage a pie fight with guys but again, was nonsexual until I saw more of it online in later years. Exploring, I found that going beyond a simple pie to the face, and getting completely covered in messy (but edible) stuff like cake batter, puddling, and similar things, was a very erotic turnon with the sight of another guy all gunged looking really hot."

"I honestly don't remember. To the horror of some WAM purists, I like my mess to be relatively clean... by that I mean cum, lube, Crisco, and clear liquids."

The second question I ask my contributors is "What about this fetish do you find erotic?"  (At this point it starts to get a little difficult to keep focused!)

"I guess the feeling I like the most is being covered in it, if just feels so great smeared all over you, also the feeling of constraint and being trapped when you are sunk really deep."

"In both cases (wet fully clothed, or gunged wearing very little) the best part for me is body contact and making out with the other guy similarly wet or messy. Over time I would go beyond making out to oral & even rimming, and I would even fuck one guy while we were gunged. Couple all of that with body contact while wet or messy - major turnon."

"The slickness... oh yeah, definitely the slickness. Then there is the degradation factor and that can be a huge turn-on with the right DS partner or partners. Nothing says love quite like taking a load to the face after a good throat-fucking! ;)"

"Seeing a guy naked and playin' in the mud,  or having a food fight with someone doesn't  really do anything for me.   It's the gear the guy's wearing that helps pull the 'trigger'.   Watching a football game played on a muddy field,  seein'  mx riders or 4 x4's out in the mud,  with the guys gettin'  all wet and muddy,  guys in suits and ties having a food fight,  seeing a couple of hot guys in boots and jeans having fun with some paint,  it all comes down to the fact that the guys have to be dressed,  and not in some crummy overalls, or dreary work clothes,  but wearing nice stuff.  

What's also erotic about it, is the anticipation of what's to come.   Puttin' on some nice gear,  knowing that it's  all going to get messed up,  can be a real turn on.   And then the first splatter,  and tryin'  to let the whole fantasy go on and on,  pro-longing the stimulation,  until you almost get dizzy with excitement.   I always get bummed when someone does a vid or does pixs when they don't start out clean.   Or when one second they're clean,  and the next they're totally covered.   And of course it's always erotic to feel and see whatever mess you're gettin'  into,  having it being poured into your jeans and boots,  seein'  it on your nice leather jacket and chaps,, going down the back of your neck or down your chest and crotch....  And something else I find very erotic,  is bein  rough with my gear,  ripping my jeans,  and sometimes my shirts,  and then wearing  them out in public.  And sometimes having my clothes totally ripped off of me.   But that's not really Wet and Messy play is"

With the last of my willpower and the remaining blood in my brain, I ask my brave interviewees "What is your biggest fantasy involving this fetish?

"As for biggest fantasy, i guess I am quite lucky that have done loads of things, from group and one-on-one play out in fields and quarries to mud parties as well as deep sinking, I guess sinking deep in thick clay mud with another fit guy, or more, deep snoging him with our faces just above the mud rubbing our hands over each other under the mud would be one thing i have yet to do. Also would love to play with a guy in a slurry pit."

"I still fantasize about getting fucked while gunged, but I would love a situation where, wearing little or nothing, I am restrained in some fashion and tons of pies are thrown at me as gunge poured over my body. I've fantasized about being restrained in a St. Andrew's (X) cross for that and, after getting completely messy and humiliated, gang fucked by every guy there who, I would prefer, would wind up as messy as I would be."

"Hmmm... I am big into device bondage and also group settings. I want to put together a clear bondage box with industrial latex gloves attached to holes in the box (like a kinky version of these :). Add one slave and a gallon of lube to the inside. A dozen friends to the outside and have a blast."

"one of my biggest fantasies happened last Fall,  when wearing my full leathers,  I was totally pied.   That was really hot!    The only bummer was that where we were doin'  the shoot,  instead of having all afternoon to play,  we suddenly had to be out of there in a real hurry.  Goin'  up the 'Grunge Guys'  party is always a fun fantasy that really happens.   Puttin'  on some nice gear,  grabbing a beer,  then headin'  over to the mudhole, or oil shed, not knowing what's going to happen,  but knowing 'something's'  going to happen...... A fantasy I haven't done is being in full leather and having a paint fight,  or being with a 'special'  someone, and having lots of time and a nice private 'playspace' ,  of course having  all my gear, being able to 'mess'  around, then cleaning up,  then 'messing' around again,  that sort of thing.    'Grunge Guys'  is kind've like that......but it can become very 'social',  which isn't a bad thing,  but sometimes can be a distraction."

Whew...that's some really amazing stuff, guys!  Thanks again for the contributions of time, pictures, personal feelings, and for sending in your wild fantasies!  You're all awesome!

As for myself, I first discovered a feeling for slime when I was a little kid, I was reading a comic for the game "Battletoads" in an issue of Nintendo Power Magazine.  One of the characters said to his teammate "Come on, a little slime isn't going to hurt you!" as they ran past mounds of goo.  For some reason my young self couldn't understand why that excited me so much.  I wanted to touch the slime, I wanted to feel it on my fingers.

Later on I'd discover Nickelodeon's "You Can't Do That On Television" show, whenever a kid on the show would say the phrase "I don't know." a bucket of green slime would be dumped all over their heads (if that show didn't awaken an entire generation of gunge fetishists accross the United States, I don't know what would).  Nickelodeon would later incorporate slime and gunge into more of its programming, the "Double Dare" gameshow, advertising for the network, and images of kids getting slimed in front of the Slime Geyser outside of Nickelodeon Studios in Orlando, Florida all excited me.

In my teens and with the introduction of the Internet, I had heard someone mention mud wrestling one day.  That night I looked all over for images of men mud wrestling, then men in mud, then quicksand.  I discovered a small treasure trove of guys sinking in quicksand, and it turned me on like I had never felt before.  I wanted to be there with them, feeling the thick, sloppy mud all over my body.  Feeling the merciless pull of the quicksand as I sunk deep into the mucky depths.  TV shows and movie scenes of men sinking helplessly only made it worse.

When I discovered sites like Gearfetish, Recon, Mudboyuk, UMD, Grungeguys, and found other men who were also into mud and quicksand, posting videos of them diving headfirst, struggling in the deep, sticky mud, I grew incredibly envious.  I wanted to sink too!

I actually had my first gunge experience when I went over to a man's house and pied him in the face, and then later indulged in his ultimate fantasy.  Finally feeling it for the first time, I had to do more!

Now when someone goes out to play in mud, you have to be very careful, I may not have any experience myself, but I do know that quicksand is very dangerous.  Not only can you not see the bottom (if there is one...) but rocks can cut your feet in the muck. If you are going to go out sinking I recommend the following:

- Bring someone with you!  Besides, it's much more fun if you have someone to share it with.
- Jugs of water.
- Fully charged cellphone.
- Rope.
- First Aid Kit.
- Change of clothes.
- Trash bags to store the muddy clothing.

The eroticism is hard to really describe, the image of a young man covered in dirt, mud, or clay arouses me.  I want to smear it all over him, watch it drip down over his six-pack abs, over his sexy ass, slip between his ass cheeks, slide down his legs, envelop his face.  I like the idea of the helplessness of a man struggling to stay on and above the surface of a quicksand bog.  My favorite quicksand video of all time is's "The Intruder" where a man is pushed into a bog, and you watch as he calls for help, struggles, squirms, and fights the quicksand all up until he goes under, and the bubbles come up over his baseball cap.

My ultimate mud fantasy involves me walking around a muddy area in nothing more than a speedo, there are mud pits everywhere, the quicksand is deep and plentiful.  High grass surrounds each pit and hides it from view, so one must be very careful not to fall in by accident.  I keep walking, passing the small pits until I happen upon a huge bog.  The mud is thick, and obviously very, very deep.  I draw closer and test the mud with my foot, it's nice and warm.  I stick my foot deeper up to my ankle, enjoying the feeling of warm mud on my bare skin.

Suddenly a muddy hand bursts from the quicksand and grabs my ankle!  It holds on tight!  I can't break free!  Slowly a man surfaces from the mud, he's built like a brick house!  Mud slides off his pecs and forearms, sliding down his abs, his eyes pierce into mine.  Deep brown eyes, dark as wet earth. He reaches out and grabs my other leg!  He gives me a very dark grin and slowly sinks back into the mud again, pulling me in with him!

No matter how much I struggle, twist, squirm or kick, I can't break his grasp on me!  The mud is up to my knees now!  I look around frantically  for a reed, a rope, a branch!  Nothing is in arms length!  I beg him to let me go, but he keeps sinking, dragging me in!  I don't know what's under there!  I'm excited and scared at the same time!  I'm now in the middle of the pit, completely at his mercy, his muscled arms draw around me, pull me in close.  There's no way out now, I'm helpless in his clutches.  His muddy body presses up against mine, the warm mud squishing between us, the quicksand rising up to my neck, my feet can't feel the bottom.  He takes one muck-covered hand and strokes my chin gently.

He looks into my eyes, the same mischievious, almost evil look in his dark, petrifyingly intimidating gaze.  He smiles, and then he kisses me deeply as the quicksand sucks us under, the mud rising up to my chin and ever higher.

To this very day, I am still searching for the quicksand pit of my dreams.

(Since you've read this far, I want to say thank you by sharing with you a recipe for cheap, easy, edible gunge for you first-timers!

-Leather Fetish Fox's Easygunge-


- 1 Box of your favorite flavor of instant cake mix.
- Hot Water (not boiling).


- Pour the cake mix into a large bowl, and discard the box.  You will not be following their directions this time.

- Take 1 cup of hot water (DO NOT BOIL!) and combine with the cake mix.  Continue to mix until completely integrated.

- Continue to add half-cups of hot water until you reach the consistancy you desire.

- Test the temperature of the gunge by taking a small amount on your index finger and spreading it on your wrist, you WILL be pouring this all over your body, SO BE VERY CAREFUL NOT TO BURN YOURSELF!  If it is too hot, let it cool.  You can strip naked, grab towels, make out with your play partner, and prep the bathroom while you wait.

- When you're at the right temperature and consistency, take the bowl of gunge into the shower / tub with you and have at it!

The reason I recommend the shower / tub is because it provides easy cleanup and the batter will dissolve in water, preventing any drain clogging.


No matter how wild your dreams may be, always Play Safe Dear Reader.