Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Dominated by a Sir With Wings

The Saturday before last was one I needed, as I have been starved to submit for a while.  I joke with my friends, saying "What did I do? I went down to San Diego, and won the state title for California Leather boy 2012.  What happened next? I went and found my dom side! The Old Guard and the committee are going to be so pissed..."

It's not my fault, it just happened! I swear!

Well the weekend started when I got off the train up in Pasadena and met Sir John at the station, we loaded my bag in the back and drove off.  We arrived at his house and I dropped off my bag in his dungeon basement and he wasted no time in forcing me up against the wall with an aggressive kiss.  Thank you, sir!

He bound me up with rope, gagged me with a bandanna, and marched me upstairs where he proceeded to tie me up on the floor of his office, blindfold me, and leave me to struggle while he worked on some emails nearby.  I struggled for a little, and then the bondage started to relax me.  I went into my own head for a while, it's much like falling asleep but you're aware that you're unconscious.  Being away from my cellphone was one thing that really helped me relax.  Time passed, I eventually felt him release me, and I came back to Earth again.

From there we headed over to a private airport, a few days prior, Sir John asked me if I liked flying, and I had said yes! I enjoyed flying, it was one of my favorite ways to travel.  We reached the airport, signed in, and we walked to the reason of that question.  A very small 3-seat aircraft.  Sir John has a pilot's license.

Soon I was in the passenger seat, headset clamped on my head, and we were taxiing out onto the runway.  The plane took off and we were airborne!  Man that was fun!  You reach that really cool altitude where everything looks like a toy set below you and you stay there, leveling out and it feels like the sky is a ceiling just a few feet above your head.  During our flight I mentioned I had a fantasy with mud and quicksand and if he knew of any riverbeds or muddy spots, my eyes searched the ground far below but even at this altitude I couldn't find anything.  It's hard to find mud close by in my part of California, I'm still dreaming and wishing for my first quicksand experience. Due to our consistent sunny weather, low rainfall, and lack of rivers and lakes, mud lovers have to trek far for their fantasies to come true.  However he did mention that he did find a spot by accident, silt as high as his waist!  In Pasadena!  It was a good idea I was already sitting down.  I just pray his find is still where he says it is and that he can take me there someday soon!

The flight soon became a little more turbulent and my initial nausea that I was able to ignore before became much more apparent.  I reported my airsickness, and Sir John placed his sweater in my lap.  I looked down at the black sweater, and I felt the waves of nausea increase.  We hit more turbulence, and I heaved...and resisted!  No!  I was not going to puke!  Not in Sir John's plane!  Not on Sir John's sweater!  I was a good boy!  I felt another heave and resisted again!  My sunglasses went foggy with my forehead sweating, the air was warm, every bump, rise, and fall was multiplied by two.  I refused to vomit!  No way! I'm a good boy!  I entered that stage of sick relaxation, where your body just feels mellow but in a miserable way.  The worst was over, but my throat burned.  However I still came out on top.  I did not puke.

We landed and I was able to leave the aircraft, and take a nice seat on the flat pavement of the airport.  Despite the last fifteen minutes, the flight was so much fun!  I just...needed to sit for a moment.  That's all.

Later in the day, and after my stomach finally settled, we were back at Sir John's home, he bound me up once more, and dominated me, forcing me down on my knees to lick his boots.  It's felt like ages since I last serviced a Sir's boots.  I enjoy it tremendously, the taste of boot leather, the pleasure I can give my dominate as he watches me submit and clean the tops of his boots with my eager tongue.  The praise I hear from far above me, "Good boy."  He raised me on my feet and held me from behind, his mouth close to my ear, he asked.

"Is your ass still off limits, boy?"

I thought a moment.  The last time I played with him I was unsure, so I chose to decline back then.  Not many people are allowed to fuck me, with me anal sex is intimate and personal because it deals with someone being inside of me.  I want the men who are allowed inside to be trustworthy.  I've known John to be a very good friend, and an amazing dominant Sir.  He's shown me wonderful experiences in his dungeon, and he has taken excellent care of me in the past.  I gave him permission because he is a dear friend of mine and in my eyes, has earned passage.

He dominated me more, grabbing me from behind in that arms-from-behind hug position, mouth by my ear, perfect for whispering dark words into your helpless sub's ears and hearing him moan.  He pushed me upstairs, stripped me, and threw me on the bed.  Turning me on my stomach, he prepped my ass with lube and slowly entered me.  I was nervous, as I don't get a lot of anal play as I said before, so each time my ass is tight.

He was just right, it felt great, and he moved slowly so I could get accustomed to him.  He screwed me very well, and thoroughly!  I was his boytoy and I really enjoyed every moment of it.  Afterward he provided wonderful aftercare as expected!

A little while later, after we had rested up, he dominated me once more!  This man has a lot of energy and once more I ended up stripped and bound, my wrists bound and my ankles tied, stretched across the bed.  He prepped my ass once more, and I wanted it!  When he screwed me this time, he kept inside a specific place, and the more he fucked me the more it rubbed me sore, until he bent closer and said "When I fuck a boy, I want to make sure it hurts."

I was sent into a dominant-submissive fit.  I wanted it to hurt, I wanted him to hurt me, I wanted to show him how much I could take!  That I could withstand it all!  I roared into the spit-soaked bandanna gag stuffed in my mouth, as I strained against my bindings as he mercilessly rammed my ass!  He roared as he climaxed, and I was left to collapse, it was invigorating!

During the aftercare, while I was in Sir John's arms, I thought about the differences between John fucking me and Dizzy making love to me.  When John fucked me, it was purely for fun, for sex, I was his boy toy and I liked the "abuse" and the praise of a job well done as his submissive.  When Dizzy fucks me, I feel love for him, I crave him, I want to please not only his body but his heart, I want him inside of me to connect with me, I want to connect with him on all intimate levels.

After a delicious meal out, we returned to the house, and instead of going to the Eagle or Anvil, Sir John decided we would be staying home, and I found myself in the dungeon once more, arms chained above my head, and boots chained spread eagle, the metal links keeping my feet immobilized and firmly in place.  Like a scene from an action film, a helpless blindfolded, gagged prisoner in a dark dungeon, awaiting his torture.  Only I was looking forward to it, and loving my predicament.

A flogger struck my back and I grinned into the gag.  I was looking forward to this all day long!  I like Sir John's flogging style!  It's medium-firm and fast, and he gets riled up, and the energy riles me up.  I want it!  I crave it! I hear the leather slap my back mercilessly!  I feel the energy slam against my bare, vulnerable skin!

After a while, I was getting close to catharsis, and I suddenly recalled my dear friend Copper who is tragically not on this plane of existence anymore.  I wanted to release the pockets of emotions that are said to reside within the body, I wanted more release, I wanted him to strike me more to burst them, release the energy stored inside.  However he stopped...I was already buzzing, and he said that I had taken quite enough already.  I was sobbing, and said that I could take more, but he released me and gently guided me to the floor and held me in aftercare.   I lay there on the floor, beaten and buzzed in boyspace for a while before he helped me to my feet, and we slowly went up the stairs, in the soft blue light of his dungeon stairwell.

Sir John led me to the bed, affixed his collar around my neck for the night, and he pulled the blankets over us, and I fell asleep in his arms, miles away in subspace, drunk in flight.

Thank you, Sir John.

Play Safe my dear readers.