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Fetish of The Month 2012: November - Watersports

This month I've asked a few gentlemen about a fetish that I've been curious about. At first the idea was a bit of a turn off, however each time I've encountered it the fetish itself became ever so slightly more appealing and less unattractive fraction by fraction.  For the month of November, we’ll be diving into watersports!

My first real witnessing of watersports or piss play, was of a dom of mine urinating on a friend of his while we were visiting him in San Francisco.  At first the sight was quite unattractive, and the smell of urine wafting in from the open bathroom door was so strong I couldn't bear it and became nauseated. I thought for sure I’d never involve myself anywhere near a yellow handkerchief.  The second encounter was with a former boyfriend of mine, he was interested in it and I loved him so dearly that I wanted to include myself in his fetish and share in his happiness.  I pissed on his chest in my shower one evening when we were together, and it didn't turn me off, but it didn't turn me on either.  It was a blank neutrality, but seeing his smiling face under my stream made me happy.

So as always I asked men online and off to tell me their stories of watersports, and before we begin with my first question, we’ll start with a little safety advice from one of my contributors, Kent, who writes:

“Safe play is piss on unbroken skin. Urinating into the mouth, anus or into the eye could potentially pass on an STD to the submissive partner. Although piss itself is sterile it can carry blood from an infection or active matter especially drug residue.   Swallowing piss or pissing in someone's ass can transfer drug residue and effects between partners.  Pissing directly into someone's ass can transfer this residue into the blood stream through absorption through the lower GI tract.”

Now I have spoken with a dominant of mine in the past and his story confirms that transferring the effects of drugs via urine is true.  He told me of a piss session he had with a few friends of his, afterward he experienced an unusual level of energy in his regular day to day life, he had done nothing or eaten nothing different.  After growing suspicious he called one of his piss play friends and told him about the spike in energy, his friend confirmed it had happened to him as well, and went on to say that someone at the session was under the influence of a stimulant drug, and the effects had passed via the urine into their systems.
I ask that you dear readers please refrain from using any kind of narcotics period, especially prior to or during play with others.  You are free to do what you wish with your body and I hope that you make healthy decisions, but please respect the boundaries and bodies of others.

(Slut Bottom Chris)

Now, let’s begin with the first question, how did you discover watersports as a fetish?

Kent:  “pissing on myself in the bathtub and shower.  Later with others being pissed on in the back yard of a friends house ... Also the first time I ever had someone piss in my mouth.”  
Anonymous: “I'm not sure when, but I didn't consider people were doing it until I came across a response to a question my father sent a sex advice person about how he could talk his the girlfriend into drinking his pee. (Im not into my dad, just my first time hearing about it).
I don't usually taste or drink it, but I like getting wet (clothed/nude), and typically do this in the shower.”

Slut Bottom Chris: “wellll... hard to say, really. I think reading got
it started for me in college. I was first more turned on by enemas.
Well, if you do enemas, you gotta pee, right?”

Joel: “I discovered watersports by accident, it happened at a club restroom. The guy I was dating at the time rushed into the stall and took a sip while I was peeing.”

So what is it about watersports that is erotic for you? I myself can see the domination aspect, marking a man as mine with my piss, degrading him into submitting to me as nothing more than my personal toilet. What does it do for you?

Kent:  “The warmth of it, the fact that it coming directly from a partners body.  The taboo of it too.”

Anonymous: “I wouldn't call it erotic per-say - for me it's more about getting dirty and doing something unusual and uncommon. It wouldn't feel like that special kind of dirty if i knew everyone else was doing it. “

Slut Bottom Chris: “The taboo coupled with invasion of privacy. It's double wrong-ness!
And the shock factor to those who are afraids. Hehehe, like YOU!!!! And it's great to use piss play on people new to you / your family!”

Joel: “I didn't think much of it, several years later I was in San Francisco. I was wondering around Blow Buddies and stumbled into the piss room, I found it erotic, animal, passionate watching guys pee on other guys.”

So guys, what is your dirtiest, wettest piss play fantasy? I’m humoring a slight budding interest but I enjoy the idea of a trio of muscled jocks, all on their knees in front of me, naked in a locker room shower, all begging to have me pee on them, pleading to have the privilege to bathe in my urine.  How about you?

Kent: “getting pissed on by one guy while another fucks or fists me.”

Anonymous: “There's a few too many to list, and part of the turn on is keeping it seceret, but one of the hottest things anyone had ever said to me was on a "dating website" some kid asked if he could piss on me and then fuck me while i was still dripping. I said "my place or yours", and he said his place, so i went and had a blast.
For me it's also hard to form a full on fantasy with watersports, as it's typically a quick thing (unless you're drinking lots of water and flushing it out quick enough). my normal ws "scene" is usually as long as it takes to piss it out, and without being much of a drinker, my "stuf" is fairly quick and dare i say - vanilla.”

Slut Bottom Chris: “Wow, there are so many! It's kinda tough, not sure if I can pick
just one! OK, I'd like to be in a trough at a play party where I am
the only place you can pee! Rawr!”

Joel: “I really want to have a bunch of guys peeing on me, to feel their warm urine on my skin is such a turn on.”  
(Slut Bottom Chris) 

I’d like to thank my contributors for their sexy answers to my inquiries and to Slut Bottom Chris for supplying his pictures for this month’s article!

Play Safe Dear Reader!

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