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Fetish of The Month 2012: July - Uniforms

You guys ready for this? July's Fetish of the Month is all about Uniforms!

This month my good friend Sir Michael, (yes THAT Sir Michael!) sent in some hot photos of himself in his sexy uniform in addition to a handful of handsome men who contributed their uniform experiences for us to enjoy, and Sir Michael also gives us a very in-depth look at his experiences with uniforms as well!

First things first! How did you discover uniforms?


"I discovered leather uniforms as a fetish when i was 21 years old and i saw a picture from a leatherman wearing his leather uniform it was a shock.. cus i used to like only leather gear, but when i saw that i said "OMG thie is great" and cus i like policeman, then i thougt "this is the best combination between uniforms and leather" and i only felt atraction for the uniforms..."

"GF Member M."

"Discovered uniforms as a kid watching shows like CHP, and more later as I got more into boots especially the tall motorcop boots. "


"I met someone at a bar who took me home and put me in one of his uniforms and I was hooked."

Mmn nice answers, boys! I think I've always liked the look of a uniform, I'd say it was one of those fetishes that grew with me. When playing a certain online game we could swap around costumes and I always loved having a police or army uniform on mine, complete with the 8-pointed cap for the cop. Once I became sexually mature, it was always exciting to see a policeman in full uniform, puffed chest due to the Kevlar vest, and gun belt.

Okay, next question! What about uniforms do you find most erotic?


"well the uniform has to be tight and with tall boots... and I think they are appealing for me cus the man who is wearing it looks really macho and super hot for me.. is like "Im going to abuse you boy" lol something like that.. and talking about the clothes, the uniform, well i think the best part of the uniform is the pant i dont know the name "breeches" or something like that is a police pant... i love them... with lines to the sides..."

"GF Member M."

"Motorcop uniforms of course... the tall boots, tight breeches, authoritative look all turn me on."


"It's all about the leather."

Excellent! Hot! Now before I share my own piece, I'd like to introduce Sir Michael's experiences in Uniforms, it's a great read!

"Sir Michael"

"Military uniforms are somewhat of a new thing for me. I’m sure I’ve been interested in them for a longer time, but only recently have had the chance to explore it. I never had much interest for the old green uniforms. They were too plain for me. The dress uniforms are too much like suits and I don’t really care for suits… too formal for me. The camouflage uniforms, however, are entirely different. The older woodland BDU (Battle Dress Uniform) style was the first style I liked. I had thought the “digital” style uniforms looked silly… after all – clothing isn’t digital and neither is nature. After a while though, my opinions did change. I am always curious about why things are the way they are. Once I learned more about the different styles, it started to make sense.

They started to “grow on me”. So, I picked up my first digital style uniform – the ACU – Army Combat Uniform. With all the Velcro attachment points, I decided to customize to the uniform, but do it my way. See, when I go out in uniform, my goal isn’t to look fully like I am in the military. I like the gear, but not so interested in many of the other aspects. As such, there is no pretense of rank on my uniforms. There is rarely a branch tape as well. My goal is to attain the look of an MP. It is a perfect mix of bondage and gear. As I do like to do things at least somewhat correctly, I’ve gone so far as to get the right shirt, socks, even blousing straps for my pants. It is my own way of at least showing respect for the uniform, as it should get. I eventually got more uniforms, specifically both styles of MARPAT (MARine PATtern USMC uniforms). I have found I like them even better than the ACU, as they fit a little better. I’ve taken things a bit further with my Marine uniforms, as I now have name tapes with “SIR MICHAEL” sewn on the blouse and the trousers. I added handcuff pins where the rank would normally be as well as bought the proper duty belt for my handcuffs and leg irons. I’ve even researched the USMC policies and procedures regarding holding a prisoner, application of handcuffs, leg irons, and even straitjackets.

Through all my research into trying to find the right things to wear and the right way to wear them, I’ve learned a lot more about the military than I ever thought I would. Some of it has been quite entertaining, like finding out about how they apply straitjackets. Some has been kinda boring or “useless” to me, like where one can/cannot wear a uniform. Overall, it has been a lot of fun and I look forward to learning more. I always enjoy getting compliments or even tips from guys that are in the military. It makes me feel like I’m at least doing a decent job on making the uniform look right."

I love it when a man takes his gear seriously! That's really awesome, and commendable, not to mention sexy as hell!

Speaking of sexy, the attraction I have for uniformed men is definitely the authority they exude, the first thing I think of when I hear the word uniform is cops. Policemen have a lot of power behind their image. Tight fitting pants, buffed up chests, nice tall leather boots shined to a reflective mirror sheen, dark sunglasses hiding fierce, dark eyes. That authoritative tone they take when speaking to you, and then the basket weave gun belt with baton, handcuffs, and that lethal gun. Images of intense power and respectful authority that get me rock hard.

Allrighty, here we go! My favorite part of the interview! The fantasy!

So boys, what's your big fantasy with uniforms?


"is to be with a muscualr and handomse and sexy man in leather uniform and have a role play session, maybe i could be the slave but i like being active =)"

"GF Member M."

"Biggest fantasy with uniforms involves the man in the uniform who carries it well. Don't any one 'big' fantasy, just to enjoy good play in uniform. "


"Just being swept up by a leatherman in uniform was be great."

"Sir Michael"

"My fantasy involving uniforms is something that I have partly lived out. I’ll be in my full uniform, say my Woodland MARPAT one, with my duty belt which has handcuffs and leg irons. I’d meet some hot boy in a leather bar. After talking a bit, I would arrest him, putting him into cuffs, leg irons, and a gag, right there. From there, he would be brought out to my car and taken home. I’d lead him, still bound in cuffs and leg irons, chains clanking away, into my home. He would be then held prisoner by me until I decided to release him. Chains and leather would always be holding him bound. Sometimes he’d be in a straitjacket and muzzle, when he got more aggressive. At lighter, calmer times, he would just be in cuffs. The boy would be kept gagged quite often, another way to make him more submissive. At the end, I would release him by bringing him cuffed back to the bar, uncuffing him there and setting him free."

Woof! Hot stuff!

My uniform fantasy begins with me walking down the street, probably from a bar after an event, or someone's house after a brief visit with a friend. A police cruiser pulls up, it's the California Highway Patrol. The window rolls down and the face of a uniformed officer stares back at me, he's wearing sunglasses so I can't see his eyes. Young and strong, a light mustache sits atop his upper lip matching the dark rough stubble that reaches up to his sideburns which lead to a head of short black hair. He asks me where I'm headed, and I answer that I'm going home.

"Where's home, boy?" he asks in that direct, authoritative tone. I give him my cross streets and he tells me to stay where I am. He gets out, and approaches me in those tall leather boots, shined to a brilliant finish, his leather gloved hands are gripping his gun belt, which is equipped with everything. A long black baton, pepper spray, handcuffs, and a gun strapped in its holster. He gets close, he stands a foot taller than me, looking down slightly in order to look me in the eye, he starts asking me more questions, basic ones. Do I live in the area, where am I headed from, what am I doing out so late. Each answer fills me with more anxiety until he steps closer and smiles a bit.
"Am I making you nervous, boy?"

There's no lying about it, I nod, he grins wider and places his leather gloved hand against the wall directly behind me, trapping me in front of him. Nowhere to run, blocked in by this handsome cop, whose muscled arm is inches away from my face. He takes off his sunglasses revealing deep, dark brown eyes and stares deep into my psyche with a piercing gaze.

"How about I take you downtown boy? Let you sit in a cell, and if you're really good..." he leans in close, his lips to my ear, "...I'll let you polish my boots with your tongue."

My head is a haze, and before I know it my hands are cuffed behind my back, I'm pushed into the back seat of the cruiser, and the door slams shut behind me. He takes the front seat, flashes a fun, yet menacing smile at me through the bullet proof glass divider before hitting the gas and flying off into the city.

Play Safe, Dear Reader.

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