Sunday, June 3, 2012

Two boys, Two Sirs

I spent the final weekend of April this year with three men, Sir John, Sir Michael, and a Sir Michael's boy Navypup.  That Friday, Sir Michael picked me up at my apartment in Long Beach with his boy in bondage in the front seat, reminding me of my road trip up to San Francisco with Sir Patrick where halfway there he bound me to the passenger seat. So much fun!

Along the way we stopped at Burger King and picked up a meal for the road.  With Navypup bound, we may have violated the Geneva Convention a wee bit by teasing him with food, but in all honesty he was more than capable of eating! He refused it! It was right in front of his face and all he had to do was move forward for it! Hehehe!  We all ate and I had fun unlocking his prisoner from his straitjacket for a bit while he ate, then putting him back in it, all in California freeway traffic!

When we arrived, I was already in shackles when we drove into Sir John's garage, and if I had a tail it would have been wagging furiously when he walked out to greet us.  Navypup was taken away first, and then I followed into the dungeon and our weekend began.  After my pants were removed, I was placed in a straitjacket, leaving me in my harness, jockstrap, and boots.  While Sir Michael attended to his boy, Sir John played with me.  Fingering me, kissing me, and rimming my eager hole.  A towel was laid over the top of the puppy cage and then Sir John proceeded to lube me up then fuck me over the cage.  He gently pounded my boyhole, putting me into my favorite subspace mentality, eager to serve him as his sex toy.  When he had his fill of my body, he took me into his arms and kissed me.  He then looked me in the eyes and said,

"There's a difference between love, and very, very strong like for someone, and I really, really like you, boy." Hot tears welled up in my eyes, my heart soared on feathered wings.  I looked into his eyes and said "I really, really like you too, Sir!"

I was so happy!

I then serviced his boots, was locked away in the standing cage and played with.  I was stripped of my straitjacket, dressed, and we went for dinner.  Upon our return I was collared by Sir John and led back down to the dungeon.  My harness was removed and I was positioned over the cage, Navypup inside already.  In my peripheral vision I saw Sir John walk over to the wall, and my heartbeat increased! I knew what was coming, I couldn't wait! This must be what goes through a dog's mind before being given a treat as they watch their master walk over to the cabinet! Sir John brought down the flogger and gently introduced it to my eager back.  The blows came harder! "Thank you, sir may I have another!?" Slam! "Thank you, sir!" Wham! "Oh thank you, SIR!" He became excited with my yelps of pleasure! "Yeah! Yeah, boy! Take it! Thatta boy!" 

At the end I wept with joy, I had reached my catharsis, it was a milder one than most, but I milked it for everything I could!  He gently took me in his arms, forced me down to service his boots and I licked them eagerly! Hungry for my tongue to cleanse his bootleather!  He then brought me back up, looked me in the eyes and said 

"I love you, boy."

My world skipped, my eyes gushed, "I love you too SIR!!"  Oh the beautiful love between DOM and sub! Sir and boy! Slave and Master!  The bond formed between two people, one who serves, one who takes control!  The trust and faith! 

I was put on the floor and fucked again! Enter me, Sir! Fuck me, Sir! Use me, Sir! He pulled out and then rolled a condom on my shaft, lubed me up, and rode me! Oh his warm hole was so wonderful! Sir John then asked me what I would like.  I answered I would like him to be on all fours so I could properly love his hole.  We swapped positions and I entered his beautiful body once more.  My primal mindset returned, Dark Fox tore into him!  I slammed myself into his ass! I roared! I was getting close!  Ohhh! "Sir permission to cum, sir!"  "Granted, boy!"  Oh thank you SIR! I was so close! Then I finally exploded in a great howl of ecstasy! I gushed inside of him! Howling like a wolf! Oh fuck was it hot!  I love you, sir!

I collapsed down on all fours after pulling out of him, I remained there for a while.  I noticed a small cum spot on the towel where Sir John was, my thoughts collected a bit.  I had gushed into the condom, so it could not have been mine...had...had I fucked Sir John to orgasm?  Had I given him that pleasure?  Upon asking, my suspicions were confirmed, it was indeed his!  I was surprised, and very thankful that I could have given him that feeling!  

I found myself led upstairs, and placed on Sir John's bed.  I was joined there by Navypup, and we cuddled through the night. My body spent, my heart soaring with joy, I faded into unconsciousness.  

Saturday, I awoke to a bed that was slowly populated to four men, who stroked, kissed, and molested.  It is such a blessing, and I love group sexuality so very much.  The energy and feeling you get being surrounded by men you enjoy, all ragingly horny and touching each other, moaning, gasping, groping naked bodies.  I love this, all of it! Every bit!

Sir Michael took his boy, and Sir John took me and we split to head down to San Diego for Sir Michael's Gear Night that evening.  I saw many friends, Drew, a hot, tall puppy I enjoy getting tackled by, especially when he shoved me into the wall with an aggressive growl! Papa Tony and his boy also made an appearance as well! I met hot and sexy new friends, Andrew and his friend AJ, as well as a HOT young man named Sean who was dressed in a sexy pair of bleachers (jeans which are splattered with bleach to make a unique pattern, usually worn by those who are into skinhead gear, best when the bleached jeans are tight-fitting and worn with tall boots).  I was treated to two Cocksuckers that evening, making me quite happily tipsy.  I was joined by pup Dizzy at one point, and we took to the Man Cave part of the bar and had a wonderful conversation.  After Dizzy left, I learned that Sir John, Sir Michael and his boy all had left, and I soon took my leave as well, carefully making it back to Sir Michael's apartment on my own.

I joined the others, and fell to me knees, placing my head in Sir John's lap.  As he stroked my hair, I fell asleep, so comfortable and happy to be in his arms again.  I was eventually put to bed beside him, and thus ended another beautiful weekend.

Thank you Sir Michael and Sir John for another wonderful and intensely enjoyable weekend! 

Play Safe dear reader!  Have fun and live life!

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