Monday, December 12, 2011

A Very Puppy Christmas

This weekend I spent up in San Francisco with Cockpit and the members of the San Francisco K-9 Unit!


After an enjoyable and humbling-as-always flight up from Long Beach to San Francisco, Coy and I dropped our stuff off in the room and quickly joined the others for a delicious dinner at Amber India, then I was generously treated to an absolutely beautiful and awe-inspiring show of music, light, and human acrobatics at Cirque De Soleil's "Totem" with the guys.  Coy has been so wonderful to me, and it really shows how much he cares, and I am blessed to be able to call him a close and cherished friend.

Afterward we crashed at our hotel room with the very sexy, Copper.  He is a very confidant young man, as well as incredibly handsome with a smoking hot body which I can happily say I cuddled up to.  I want to slowly pull off that tank top of his and show him a hot time.  He exudes dominant energy, and it's interesting, the way I feel around him.


The weekend started with us talking about how Coy was so sensitive to heat, which turned to us joking about how he was born.

I said "Your mother's water broke and it froze solid."  to which he replies "No.  The ice cracked and I fell out."

I love this pup!

Now I know I've mentioned how Cockpit earns his title of Golden Retriever, and he did it yet again today.  Whilst Copper, Coy, and myself were eating lunch and I had left to use the restroom, he had secretly paid for the meal of an old woman who was eating all by her lonesome.  When I was told this, my heart clutched. It was such a pure act of selflessness, and I couldn't help but begin mist up, and of course he said "Hey! No crying!" which made me laugh immediately.  He is a constant reminder that humanity is far from doomed, and he inspires me to do wonderful things.  I cannot ever pay him back, as he has given me mountains, I will however pay it forward, and push the energy forth into the world in front of me.

After lunch we met up with the others at Mr. S Leather, where Brooklyn the store mascot was happily dozing on a chair.  I love Brooklyn's ears, he's so cute! He can make the tips meet in the middle of his head on a whim as he happily trots about the racks of gear, casually sniffing customers as they shop.  I was also able to meet with Santiago, who takes care of the photography and modeling for Mr. S and I inquired about the possibility of becoming a model.  I had been toying with the idea of being a gear model for some time, and what store better to start with than Mr. S, right?  Now I'm not going to be showing off my dick or balls (my mother made me promise never to do porn, sorry guys, and no freebies either) but he did say that I had very bright eyes, which I took as a very nice compliment and something I should probably keep in mind for the future.  So we'll see what unfolds with that venture in the coming year!  I'm excited!

  When Brue, Wolf, and Keith arrived we were able to head upstairs and set up for the Puppy Park.  Coy swept and mopped, moved furniture around, and we stuffed the paw print stockings Coy had brought, and he brought plenty of stuffing items.  There were squeaky toys, wooden bone ornaments, little plastic toys, stickers, bone candy, candy canes, Paw Pride pencils, even sugar cookies that Coy had baked himself.  The pup's so amazing when it comes to Christmas. 

After we had done enough we headed out to Daddy John Ryan's cookie party for a short time, enjoying the delicious treats and wonderful company.  During the party I looked around for Coy and found him cuddling in the dog bed with Scruffy.  Now a big guy.  A towering man, and a gentle giant, a rough beard and mustache which give him his "Scruffy" name.  I love getting hugs from this handsome guy! WOOF!  So seeing him all curled up with Cockpit who was enjoying every second of it by the huge grin on his face was absolutely adorable.

I also learned a harsh lesson at the party.  Never, ever, ever mix your holiday drinks.  I'm not talking about alcohol.  I'm talking never chase eggnog with cider or vice versa.  You will wish you were vomiting.  Thankfully the lesson was a short one and I was fine later that night.

After a quick pitstop at the hotel we made our way to Frolic at the Stud Bar! I geared up in my boots, leather pants, harness (which was recently gifted to me by my neighbor and friend, Brian), title vest, Muir cap, and blue fox tail.  Cockpit stopped outside the bar and asked if I wanted to be his handler for the night, I paused.  He had been so excited to pup out with me for the weekend, but I knew he was very excited to be spending time with Copper as well, so I asked him point blank.  "Who do you want to hold your leash tonight?"  He said "Oh, don't make me choose!" I said it was okay and he said sheepishly "Copper?" which I hoped he would.  I knew how happy it made him to be handled by Copper and I wanted him to have a wonderful night, as he had been working so hard helping with the K-9 Christmas event he deserved every joy that was available.  When we went inside, I immediately saw furries!  It was a first for me seeing furries outside of Califur and the Prancing Skiltaire party.  I never see them around Long Beach either, so it was great to see them in a bar. 

What I saw next really shocked me, two men had brought their dogs into the bar!  A Doberman who seemed very skittish, and a Bernese Mountain dog puppy only 6 months old!  It was so new to me, I didn't know it was allowed at all, but then San Francisco is a very different city from Long Beach.  Cockpit was immediately making friends with the Bernese puppy and the cuteness of the night peaked when they simultaneously played patty-cake paws together, and the surrounding crowd of onlookers awwed.  Heading in there was a sectioned off area with hanging rugs, a covered pool table with plush animal toys scattered on the top of it, and people chilling out.  Heading deeper and feeling more relaxed, I actually went out on the dance floor and started to dance, the music was wonderful, and it resonated so well.  I didn't really begin to dance until Copper was generous enough to buy me a shot of Jagermeister, and whatever remaining apprehension was thrown to the darkness of the night as I danced as I wanted to, cap brim hiding my eyes but not my grin.

I took a break at one point and was approached by someone in a leather vest with a Mama's Family plate who told me I shouldn't be wearing my Muir cap.  I smiled and replied "My puppy Cockpit gave me this hat, and I feel it would be disrespectful to him if I did not wear it out.  I've mentored a boy, and I have dominated other men, I think I can wear this hat."  to which he replied "Well I don't think you should wear it with your title vest."

I just told you why it's on my head and it's not going anywhere.  Mama thought you were worthy of wearing her plate, right?  Well my puppy thinks I'm worthy of wearing his hat, and furthermore my contest judges thought me worthy of wearing their patch and upholding their title of California Leather boy 2012, and my contest mate California Leather Puppy 2012 thinks me worthy of wearing the leather vest he so generously gifted to me in order to carry my patch.  If they didn't they would not have presented me with all of them.  I've been told to be myself, so that's who you're going to get, me.  All of me, and everyone who supports me in my life.

As the night progressed I absorbed the energy in the air and became happier and happier, I danced more and more, smiled harder and harder.  I was surrounded by fursuiters, men in leather, leather pups, rubber pups, furries, ravers, even a cross-dresser!  The night was a prime example that all walks of life can converge and coexist peacefully in a fun-filled night of frivolity and mirth!  All you need to do is let go!  Let go of aggression!  Let go of fear!  Grasp love!  Grasp joy!  Open your heart to your own fucking emotions, God damn you!  Cry hard!  Laugh harder!  Breathe and take it all inside!  There's so much out there to experience!  Don't let petty anxieties and drama keep you from meeting and loving people different from you!

When we had enough, we all left, and Wolf and Copper joined me and Coy back at our hotel room where we crashed together on the bed.


We headed over to the play space above Mr. S and frantically started setting up.  There was so much to be done, food placement, decorations, more sweeping, props, cleaning, sanitizing the fuck furniture, and arranging the changing room!  I taped up the Leather Puppy flags, the K-9 Unit banner, ran for ice, helped Copper put down the puzzle floor mats, it was all so much done so fast!  We finished just as the first guests were starting to arrive!  We had also been conspiring with a surprise for Brue the whole time leading up to the weekend.  Since it was his birthday week, we had gathered the cards and presents, and someone even brought in a wonderful cake.  As the party was really getting started we called attention and surprised Brue, howled Happy Birthday, and celebrated.  Brue stressed himself silly over the whole event so it was beautiful to see everyone contributing back to him, the man deserves it. 

Exhausted from setup, I decided to relax on the couch, and I watched the scene unfold in front of me.  So many men in puppy gear, hoods, tails, naked, geared, collared, un-collared, all romping around, playing with squeaky toys, batting around floor toys, shredding a stuffed dog catcher, the energy was all so positive!  So uplifting! You couldn't not enjoy such a wonderful scene!

As the party died down, something new happened.  Copper and Spike were going to face off on the mats.  Spike seemed very reluctant, making jokes, whining if he had to do it, but Copper was focused and determined.  On all fours they pushed their heads together and began what I can only describe as pup wrestling, but it wasn't fun and playful.  It was more like a struggle for dominance, a challenge of power.  At first Spike wasn't really into it, but then as things progressed they wrestled more and more fervently until Copper ended up on his back with Spike barking loudly in his face a few times before screaming "AND YOU HAVE FUCKING CHRISTMAS CAROLS PLAYING! WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH YOU!?"  Copper didn't seem at all surprised by the expression on his face, in fact it looked as if he had planned on it.  Next Sky came over after the boys had finished, and was even more fired up than Copper was.  He pounded the mats with his fists, barking as if he was foaming at the mouth, just waiting for the signal to start.  I watched them go at it, wrestling, tumbling.  The air was so tense, but it wasn't until I shivered and looked away for a moment and noticed that only a few pups were really watching.  The rest were bored of the scene, uninterested, playing with other toys, or in other rooms ignoring the event entirely.  I didn't understand.  Eventually Copper landed on his back again, and the match was over. 

Soon after, Brue held a raffle and great prizes were given out, dildos, porn, and jockstraps.  As they left people took home their stockings and waved goodbye.  We began to break the party down, taking apart the puzzle mats, sweeping, wiping down, deflating the inflatable tree and puppy, taking down the flags and banner.  Then Coy, Wolf, Copper, and I broke down the fake presents in the alley nearby which was fun, feeling my thick boots stomping on empty presents was such a thrill!  We said our goodbyes to Brue, Wolf, and Keith and headed back to the hotel ourselves.  Coy, Copper, myself and pup Wiz who tagged along with us went back to the hotel, to drop off, breathe, and then head down to Mel's Diner for a quick dinner before we walked a little around the block and said goodbye to Wiz.  Heading back to the room we made an early night, and I began to burn notes into my journal.

I was getting really frustrated, the encounter at the bar had upset me a little more than I had originally thought.  It had been on the back of my mind since it occurred.  Fear of my contest for International Leather boy came up, mainly anxieties of not being accepted simply because I don't follow some Old Guard traditions, or traditional leather protocol.  I don't feel as though I identify as Old Guard, or New Guard, or Traditional...I'm just me.  I identify as myself. 

Copper reassured me that I just needed to be true to what my interpretation of leather was.  He said that he could see that I took a lot of stock in Honor.  He said that I honored Cockpit by wearing his hat, he said I honored my leather by wearing it out.  He said that he saw me getting angry when he told me a story of disrespect that he had experienced himself concerning doms and collared subs.

I felt a lot better, and much more confidant again.  I'm going to be myself.  Just me and my interpretation.

Play Safe my friends.