Monday, October 24, 2011

A Trip to San Diego

This weekend I traveled down to San Diego and stayed with Puppy Dizzy, who stayed with me during my event, Leather Men and Dogs 2.


Good fortune smiled after I left work, I missed the bus to the metro station, but a young man in a huge white van said he saw me miss it, and took pity on my situation.  He offered me a ride, which I cautiously accepted, and he turned out to be a very nice guy.  His name was James, thank you James, your kindness is deeply appreciated.

From the Blue Line to the Red Line to Union Station and on a Southbound Surfliner, I made my way down to San Diego.  Three hours later I found myself on the platform in downtown San Diego, and who should come running up but Dizzy himself.  He grabbed me and lifted me in his arms, excited as can be and we shared a deep kiss hello.  What a nice welcome to the city!   We then walked through the city to a dungeon that was set up in an apartment building above a Ross department store.  I then met some members of Dizzy's leather family, Mouse, Timothy, Pup, and Vince, and I met Papa Tony.  I could see their love for one another immediately in the way they joked around and poked fun.  Papa Tony told a wonderful story of a mud party that was held once in a while in San Diego, where a clay pit was warmed and several people would be inside just rubbing each other over with the liquid clay.  He went on to explain that you always left the pit with a partner so that you had someone to help wash you off in the showers next to the pit.  He also talked about a labyrinth with glory holes and slings, but the clay pit was by far the more interesting idea for me.

Papa Tony then went on to tell about a mudding experience he had, and proceeded to reenact it with touch, and I instantly enjoyed it, especially when Dizzy and Timothy started in and just smothered my body with soft touch.  I stood there fully clothed as they ran their hands and fingers around my chest and arms.  It was very relaxing.  My shirt was lifted and Timothy introduced me to what was called "the triangle", my eyes closed I could only feel the sharp, serrated edges of something thin and metallic as it was lightly scraped against my stomach.  The scene turned up in intensity when Dizzy proceeded to slide my shirt off and flog me for a short time.  Afterward they sprayed my back with rubbing alcohol to sanitize, which was a very interesting addition to the whole physical experience.   I later learned "the triangle" was nothing more than a cake decorating tool to produce uniform lines in frosting, which Pup jokingly called a "pervertable", which reminded me of a bamboo pen and drinking straw that were used on me on my first time tied to a St. Andrew's cross.  We stayed around for a while, until the dungeon closed for the night and everyone made their way home.  After Pup and Mouse were so generous to drive us home, Dizzy and I couldn't keep our hands off of each other! 

Up two floors to Dizzy's bedroom, which was decorated with deep red walls, and plastic ivy, wrapped around the bunk bed posts, as well as a false tree decorated with string lights that lined the bedroom, giving the room as a whole a soothing forest feel.  He restrained me in the bottom bunk and stroked me for ages, and slid his fingers inside of me, massaging my prostate...oh my goddess...just thinking of it makes me sigh.  He did it with such love and tenderness, and when I looked into his eyes, I saw it too.  I shudder with tears of joy.  It felt so good. 


Saturday afternoon we went to a store called Mankind and shopped for underwear for the underwear contest that was to be held at the Eagle bar that night.  After searching for a little while I found a very nice pair of blue meshy underwear on sale that was modest, but still very sexy, and not in that "greasy-glitter-smothered-slut" sort of way.  Dizzy found a canister of Piston Grease lubricant that he had been looking for and couldn't find for ages.  We then walked all the way over to The Crypt and browsed for a while before meeting up with Michael and Jeff, his sub for the weekend, over at Pleasures and Treasures and saw Anthony Roller who was also one of my judges during my California Leather Sir/boy/Community Bootblack/Puppy contest.  We headed back over to Michael's apartment where Jeff was hooded, straitjacketed, and restrained to the bed while we talked for a while.  I tried on Michael's new bicycling skinsuit which slid on very nicely and had a butt cushion sewn in to make the suite quite comfortable.  Dizzy and I eventually took our leave and made our way back to his house to prepare for the contest.  I slipped into my new pair of modestly sexy blue underwear while Dizzy put on a very nice pair of tropical sunset palm tree underpants that really complimented his adorable butt.  After dressing in my leathers and Dizzy in his bar gear, Vince picked us up and we made our way to the bar.  Upon arriving and after Vince parked the car, we hung out front for a while and spoke to some familiar faces before heading inside.

We found Michael and Jeff at the back, Michael in his marpats and Jeff in irons having a very restricted time of drinking his cocktail.  After a short conversation, I found Mike Russel, who produced the California Leather contest and I spoke with him for a short time before Dizzy and I made our way to change into our underwear later that evening.  Now in just our boots and briefs we made our way over to the pool table where they were rounding up the contestants.  We were introduced one by one, as one of the contestants made his way past us, he attempted to fondle us, I slapped his hand away.  Excuse me, do I know you?  We were then asked to pair up, which was more than easy as I immediately grabbed Dizzy and held him close.  What came next took me off guard a bit, as the first act was to simulate a fuck scene.  I wasn't expecting the contest to get so wild so early, I had the idea that we were going to be voted on look and style, hence the title of "underwear contest", which is why I took my time in selecting my outfit for the evening.  Before I really could grasp on what was going on, Dizzy took the initiative and bent me over the pool table and dry humped me.  I'm very happy it was him, as it wouldn't have felt comfortable with someone I didn't know.
   The next pair after us took it to the extreme, screaming and howling, and the bar was filled with a darker energy that reminded me of my last visit to Anvil.  I was either oblivious to the atmosphere before, or the preexisting atmosphere became much more potent, but the energy was there.  It made me feel uncomfortable.  I made sure my hand was on Dizzy as he stood with me.  Before long the crowd voted for the pair they enjoyed most, hooting and screaming, and Dizzy and myself were eliminated from the running.  In all honesty, I felt relief.  I have stood upon stages before in nothing but a thong and boots, I have performed a sexual fantasy in front of an audience, I have been bound and I have been flogged in front of a mass of staring men, and I have opened my heart out while bracing myself against the chilly wind of an outdoor stage, but never have I felt as vulnerable and even a little cheap in a bar before as I did that night.

    Dizzy and I headed into the back to change back into our gear before the second act took place, however along the way a silver-haired man moved to fondle my groin.  Without thinking I took his hand firmly and yelled in his ear "NO!" and didn't bother waiting for his response.  My energy already low, my mood deteriorating at a rapid rate, I wanted to leave very soon.  I would learn later that Dizzy was groped by the same man, and he felt just as violated, if not more angry.  We took our clothes back and took turns changing, and I used the bathroom before we left.  After I was finished I opened the door and found Dizzy standing at a close guard (I learned later that Vince himself had to swat away another greedy, grabbing hand from Dizzy as he blocked the bathroom door for me).  We said our goodbyes to Michael and Jeff and took our leave but before we could exit two friends of Dizzy, a Mistress and her boy, were accosted.  I walked behind them as we made our way to the exit, and a drunken man playing pool reached over and grabbed the boy's leash which his mistress held.  I didn't have to think as I yanked the leash out of his hand and we kept going. The sooner we were out of there the better. Dizzy was infuriated by the man's disrespect, and yelled behind him as we left, the drunk retorted with a dismissive "fuck you", but what more would you expect?

The outside air was a welcome relief, and before long we were headed to a diner for a late meal.  The more distance we placed between ourselves and the bar, the better I felt and the easier it was to relax and calm down.  Our post-midnight supper was enjoyable, eating out very late at night is a real treat for me.  The world is different, and things take on a quieter light, empty diners are intimate and secret places you can hide out in with your friends.  It's a subtle adventure of sorts for me, enhanced by the fact that I was in a different city with new companions.  After dinner, Vince drove us home after we said our goodbyes to Dizzy's friends.  We climbed the stairs and retired to his bedroom, where I fell asleep in his arms, full and happy.


Waking up in Dizzy's embrace was a great start to the day.  Spending an hour or so talking and cuddling is a fantastic beginning to the morning as well.  Eventually we stripped and shared a shower together, he sensually bathed me and we embraced in the cascading warm water, producing a romantic scene I cannot wait to experience again.  Afterward it was time for lunch and I happily taught Dizzy one of my favorite recipes, Angel Hair and Sauteed Onions.  After lunch I packed and sat on the bed writing in my journal when Dizzy walked in wearing a SWAT vest, camo pants, and a gas mask.

I dropped the pen as well as my jaw.

I was stripped to my underwear, restrained to the top bunk, and he strapped on my neoprene faceguard before dominating me.  He slathered me in Piston Grease, making me look like I had just crawled out from under a car.  I loved how it looked on my pale skin.  I wanted to be his dirty little grease boy!  Released from the bunk frame, he ordered me down on the bed and I happily complied.  What took place next was nothing more than one of the best sexual experiences I have ever had.

Dizzy made very gentle love to me, taking it slow, taking it easy, making sure I was comfortable and happy the entire way through.  It felt beautiful, and he touched me deeply on an emotional level as well as a physical plane.  I had never had such a wonderful feeling during sex before, it didn't hurt at any point in time, it all felt so smooth and gentle, as I have always wanted it to.  Tears of happiness welled up in my eyes, I savored it all, absorbed every feeling I possibly could as he and I connected.  His energy was pure, and it was as obvious as the light spilling in through his window.  I saw us in the mirror, and it looked so natural as we made love.  I saw the tears in my eyes, I saw his cute face, his slim body...oh so sexy...

We changed positions, and the energy heated from soft and sensual to raging and wild!  The world was shaken!  Snarling! Roaring!  Oh Goddess yes!  I'd sooner have torn the bed apart than to abate such a earth-shattering feeling!  When I reached my peak and climaxed it was a torrent of ecstasy! 

We lay there, greased, sweating, and bliss everywhere, kissing intimately.

The afterglow was so potent it lasted at least an hour and a half afterward.  I dozed off several times as I attempted to record the event in my journal, even after a shower and getting dressed.

When it came time to leave, Dizzy walked with me to the corner gas station, and kissed me goodbye before I rode home with Jeff, who was so kind as to give me a ride back with him.  I watched him walk away before he was out of sight.  I cannot wait to see him again.

Play Safe my dear and cherished friends.