Saturday, October 1, 2011

Folsom Weekend 2011!

Four days of the most incredible experiences, and a real look at San Francisco, and it is all thanks to Puppy Cockpit!  Thank you my dear pup.  I deeply appreciate it all!


My dear puppy Cockpit and I flew up to San Francisco and made ourselves comfortable at the hotel before we headed out to Don Ramon's for the Puppy Supper held by the San Francisco K-9 Unit!
When we arrived they had a little table set up where we selected our meal package and received a colored table card which made it even more fun!  Heading up the stairs, the pups had taken over the entire second floor!  The balcony banister was covered with white sheets for privacy, and the men were already pupping out in gear, on all fours, collared, and even bounding across the floor in mitts!  Those who didn't pup out were standing around in leather and gear chatting at the tables and petting the pups as they whined for attention. 

The dinner itself was fantastic, those who were pupping ate out of their dog bowls on the floor, and I had the pleasure of cutting up Cockpit's meal and scraping it into his bowl. 
   One mistake I made was leaving my plate unattended while I went to the bathroom. As I returned from the bathroom, Dennis mentioned I needed more training as a handler (something I was pretty anxious about the whole night, how I should act around pups and if I was doing a good job as handler), he said "You don't leave your plate alone around these pups." I looked over and sure enough Cockpit was licking my plate clean.  I approached him from behind, arms crossed, and said "What do you think you're doing?"  He stopped, looked up at me, and made a face as if to say "Oh! You're back early!" before proceeding to try and hide under the table.  It was so damned cute (and I had already eaten my fill) that I couldn't be angry at him at all.

After the supper Cockpit and I headed over to the 15 Association where a play party was being held.  Signing in, we headed inside to find a large two story play space, I was shown around by one of the friendly and helpful staff members.  At the front there was couches and a food table (something I had never seen in a dungeon before, but I hear that in heterosexual dungeons it's actually more common to find one than in gay dungeons.  Interesting, possibly a culture thing.), a St. Andrew's cross, as well as a porn corner.  Downstairs was the real dungeon where the rules were more strict, as the first floor was more of a social area, where people could talk comfortably, even around the crosses, the downstairs area was strict "dungeon silence" as is one of the rules of dungeon etiquette with the only real noises being slaps of floggers, beautiful moans of ecstasy, screams of pleasure, and "Thank you Sir, may I have another?".  After the tour, I stripped down to my leather jock and headed downstairs, after standing and observing the scenes for a moment, I was approached by someone who mentioned he was available to play, he moved in and kissed me, caressing my butt as he did so.  Thinking I knew him, I replied that I'd keep him in mind.  As he left I noticed his title vest, it was not one I knew, or had seen before and I immediately realized that I had no clue who that man was!  I felt angry, who the hell is he to move in on me like that?  At least introduce yourself before you kiss someone. 

Walking quietly around the scenes in progress, I spotted someone from the Avatar club down in Los Angeles standing against the wall, a tall man with a long white beard and a gentle face.  I only barely really knew him, and his name escaped me completely, but I went over and said hello anyway.  It was great seeing a familiar face, and I got the feeling he shared my sentiments.  We negotiated a scene and went to the back where a smaller room filled with a sickly green light and another St. Andrew's cross allowed us our scene.  He bound my arms gently in leather restraints and raised them, rendering me helpless...just as I enjoy it.  My body shivered slightly in the cool air on the chilly cross, a few deep breaths later and he began to flog me.

Our scene was simple and pleasurable, the moans of others in the background began to fade, and I entered boy space, I thanked each strike, my heart had ached for this for so long.  I had been dominating nearly every scene I have had recently and I really just wished to submit.  My dom introduced me to the whip / single tail, which I can't say I am a fan of, it is more annoying than pleasurable for me like someone flicking you to get you angry in class.  The scene ending, he took me down and sat with me, bringing me back down.  I came close to weeping, I wanted to so badly, I love the catharsis from a good flogging, but something kept me from reaching it this time.  When I was ready, he released me from his care, and I wandered upstairs.  Tired, but in great spirits. 

I made my way to the food table and sampled a cookie, a chip and grabbed another cookie before my scene dom approached me and gave me some sage advice.

"Never eat the food at a play party."  he said.  I looked up, still halfway in sub space.  My mind searched every logical answer that wasn't covered in blur. "Why shouldn't I touch it?" I finally asked, stumped.  "Isn't it obvious?" he said, I took another moment and thought more, but came up with no answer.  He then took his finger and wiggled it between my butt cheeks, "Oh hey how you doing?"

That sobered me out of sub space like a bouncer hurling a drunkard to the curb.  I immediately took whatever I was holding and tossed it in the trash, disgusted.  Every time after that, whenever I saw someone reach for a piece of food on that table I felt a little ill.  I explored the downstairs once more, and noticed that this dungeon was different than the one at Threshold in a major way.  The downstairs was one big room, with two rooms on either side that could have been considered private, but wouldn't pass very well as such.  There were four St. Andrews crosses, two against each other in a cluster of four, bondage chairs along one side of the room, and various pieces of play furniture around the center of the room.  The major difference was that this play space was very public, a voyeurs dream, there was no intimacy.  While this can be fun, I would still prefer a private, out of the way corner where few roam to, but I have no problem being tied to a post or cross in the middle of a room either.

Before Cockpit and I left, Sir Ian commented on how much he loved my hair, as I had recently had it buzzed for the first time the week prior.  He also went on to say that if I were to get a pair of bleachers, suspenders, and a Fred Perry shirt that he wouldn't be able to keep his hands off of me!  It was very flattering, and I do love the tall boots and thick laces along with bleached jeans, so I may have to set myself up with the outfit sometime!

Heading back to the hotel, Cockpit mentioned that it was past midnight, earlier in the day we had made an agreement to swap roles each day we were in San Francisco to make things interesting and exciting.  It was now time for me to take the role of boy from handler.  I was excited, as I love to submit, but also slightly nervous.  Cockpit had said that I would have to do anything he asked (within limits obviously) and that he can be pretty sadistic and evil too.  We crawled into bed, and fell asleep in each others arms.  The best place that whole night.


Handler turned boy, I accompanied Sir Coy and Wolf from the SF K-9 Unit on a grand tour of San Francisco.  Traveling through the Castro, up to Coit's Tower, down through Little Italy and China Town.  We enjoyed some dim sum, but unfortunately for Sir Coy when he asked for no meat that's exactly what he got, a steamed bun meat!  Just the bun! Language barriers are so much fun.  Our walking tour ended at Wicked Grounds where we enjoyed a brief respite and a light snack amongst the kinky decorations and things for sale like a fridge magnet set of BDSM Jesus, and plush dolls of STDs.  I also met my first "Little", she was dressed like she had just walked off the set of a Shirley Temple film, she was so adorable!  She spoke like a small child, and was very cute.  She had spoken with Sir Coy earlier and when she realized we were together she said "Oh that's great that you two are together! Because you're awesome, and you're awesome!"  That really made me feel wonderful. 

From Wicked Grounds we walked to Mr. S Leather, and the store was absolutely slammed, but I would expect no less from Folsom weekend!  So many hot, sexy men were in the store, including two very big, very muscled men walking around shirtless who I couldn't take my eyes off of.  These guys were big, burly, throw-me-over-your-shoulder-and-take-me-away HOT.  Sir Coy saw me gazing after them and said "They just walked off the set of their latest porn shoot."  If I didn't already know he was kidding I would have believed him and asked for autographs.  (Huge sucker for muscled men here if I already haven't made that obvious.)  As I was browsing the toys and gear, I met back up with the Little from earlier, and asked her what a Little was.  She said that a Little is someone who is into regressed age play, diaper play can also be included in this fetish, as well as dressing youthfully like she was, and acting like a child.  It was interesting to learn, as I had never heard of Littles before.  After we parted ways, a few minutes passed before we encountered each other one last time and she ran by and said "Tag, you're it!" before skipping off.  She was so damn cute.

As we walked around, Sir Coy asked me to try on a rubber harness, and it felt good.  It was an English Bulldog harness, "How's that feel, boy?" he asked, I said it was great but I'd prefer a leather one, as the rubber was a bit too hard for my tastes, and the straps were a bit distracting.  He asked if they had any leather ones in stock for me to try on, and they had just sold out a few hours prior.  Sir Coy turned to me and said "I'm sorry boy, we'll get you one next time." I stopped and looked at him, he was completely serious.  "That was your surprise! I'm sorry."  tears welled up in my eyes and I threw my arms around him.  It was so sweet, he was going to buy me a new harness!  I didn't care about the harness, I was more moved that he would surprise me like that.  He had already been so generous with taking me along and paying my way through San Francisco, and now he was going to surprise me with a new harness!  I thanked him profusely.  We explored more, and I went to the Muir caps on the back wall in the hallway, grabbed one and tried it on for Sir Coy and asked him what he thought.  He loved it, as well as the neoprene face guard I had tried on earlier that made me look like a young Sub-Zero from the Mortal Kombat series.  At the end of our visit, Sir Coy turned to me and said, "Go grab your hat, we're leaving." Again I was frozen and again the tears came, I wanted to kiss his boots right then and there! I quickly found my size and made my way to join him at the register, I noticed that he was holding the neoprene face guard that I had liked earlier, and my heart swelled.  Several times throughout the trip he said to me "A good puppy takes good care of his handler." I am very blessed to have such a generous and giving friend like him! 

We headed to the Vagabond on 9th to check in, another plan of Sir Coy's to place us directly inside the festival to make the trip even more pleasurable!  Once checked, we met Sir Michael and his boy Dom for dinner at Mel's Diner, had an enjoyable meal, then joined them at the Castro for a visit to Hot Cookie which is a small bakery with hot men plastered all over the walls, and several porn stores.  Along the way up the street to the bus station we were greeted by several acquaintances of mine who were also visiting.  The really scary part is, that I didn't recognize them at all.  I didn't know who they were! 

(This has been happening more often.  I'm forgetting names, which can be a pain for everyone, but forgetting entire faces, people, and names is starting to really get to me.  People get angry or sad when they are forgotten, and the last thing I ever would even think of would be to piss anyone off intentionally or to make anyone feel that I did not care about them when I genuinely do!  So if I have forgotten your name or face, please do not take it personally.  It's becoming harder for me to remember, if you could help me out and reintroduce yourself to me, I would greatly appreciate it.  Thank you so much.)

As we were talking with the group of acquaintances, a drunk woman came up and in a very thick cockney accent, demanded that we all get together so she could get a picture of us.  She was very flattering, saying we were all sexy in our gear, but damn if that woman wasn't pushy! Hahaha! 

After a short ride back to the Vagabond, and a pleasurable walk behind some hot studs on the way from the bus to the hotel, Sir Coy and I retired to the room where we found it to be past midnight, and Sir Coy became Cockpit once more.  He joined me in the shower, and bathed me in the most sensual, intimate way.  I love that so deeply, to be lathered and cleaned by another man, especially by one of my close and dear friends.

We fell asleep again in each others' arms.


The day of the fair had finally arrived!  It had only just begun when Coy had returned from Wicked Grounds, raving about all the freakish things he had seen!  This only enticed me further! I could not wait for this fair to start!  I quickly dressed in simple clothing, there was no time to gear up!  The festival wouldn't really start for a while, so we made our way through the blocked off streets and saw tents being set up.  People already out and about in gear, a person fully encased in black slick rubber wearing heels, as well as a red rubber fox whose picture I've seen at furry cons around the internet.  Coy and I stopped by the K9-Unit booth and said a quick hello before I needed to head back and change for the titleholder introduction.  Along the way back, I became very lost, as the fair had sprung up in the short time I was at the booth, the streets had become very confusing and different.  Where one cocktails tent had been, three identical ones had sprung up in similar places, making landmarks completely useless and my pigeon-like sense of direction thrown far out the window.

Thankfully I found my way back to the room, quickly changed into my CHP uniform, Muir cap, and aviators that I obtained the night before along with title medal.  I looked at myself in the mirror and absorbed my own reflection.  I really liked who was looking back at me behind those reflective lenses, who was standing up straight, booted, leathered, and wearing a medal around his neck.  I then made my way to the stage, filled with the air of confidence.  I felt powerful as I walked down 9th street back towards Folsom, this was to be my first Folsom Street Fair experience, and I was to be introduced alongside every titleholder in attendance! 

Unfortunately I got turned around again, and if it wasn't for a two friends of mine, I would have kept heading in the wrong direction!  Turned in the correct direction, I headed towards the stage and it wasn't before long that I spotted my dom from the previous evening, the gentle giant.  He offered to help me and lead me to the stage, as I rode his wake through the crowds that now began to choke the streets.  I am very blessed to know such kind and wonderful people.  When I made it to the stage, I was ushered inside the fence behind it, and filled out a small intro card and we were organized by region and area as we were introduced.  We stepped up one by one, introduced, and waved to the crowd. 

I was on stage at Folsom.  Holy shit!

As we stepped down, I introduced myself to Luna, who held a local Bootblack title and very kind words had been said about her.  She was very sweet and had a very gentle demeanor which I immediately took a liking to.  Her straight, long, white hair gave her a mystical look.  Were I straight I would probably have tried to court her.  She told me about a party going on at Stompers Boots and invited me along which I graciously accepted.  Along the way, I showed her to the K-9 Unit booth, unfortunately Cockpit was out on walkies with Alpha Brue, so we continued on and soon came to the store. 

As I was told before, the legendary Stompers Boots was a tiny little shop with a huge stockroom.  A few very nice models of boots were on display in the front, a consignment room behind there, and a boot-exclusive area where only those wearing boots were allowed access, which led into the garage where a food spread had been generously laid out for us to enjoy, as well as a pleasant back yard filled with men in all kinds of gear, mainly leather, rubber, uniforms and even cowboys.  All of whom were wearing sexy boots of one kind or another.  A very delicious feast for the eyes.  Meeting with my new producers for my next contest, we spoke for a while before I left for the hotel room, as Cockpit had forgotten his leash.  I made my way towards the K9-Unit booth and once I arrived, Cockpit took one look at me and barked his approval and hugged me tight.  He had already geared up in pup hood, mitts, tail, and his own invention, puppy pants!  I stayed at the booth a while, watching Cockpit pup out before taking him out for walkies.  We were barely five feet from the booth before people started asking for pictures!

 We eventually made it back to our room after stopping at the Titan Media tent and meeting Jason, whom Cockpit had already made friends with.  I swapped my CHP gear for my black leathers and went back to the K9-Unit booth and met back up with Cockpit who was helping them tear down for the day, it was already 4:30pm and things were starting to wind down.  I wandered around on my own for a while, went by the Titan Media tent once more and gave my card to Jason, picked up a free calender and had it autographed by Mr. November, the sexy and adorable Jessy Ares who (hopefully) now has my business card!  Arf!  More wandering revealed a dance party with sexy people on top of huge blocks in the middle of the street, a puppet urinal (basically a guy who had people peeing on him and his hand puppets, go figure), a nude cellist who earned my only dollar, a bounty of naked men and women, lots of exposed breasts (more than I thought I'd ever see in my life as a gay man), a hot porn star who had abs bigger than my face and a body I dream of going to bed on top of (and I had a total starstruck moment, HE TOUCHED ME! AHHHH!) I've always wanted to have a man with a body like that as a boyfriend, god that would be so amazing.  So what if he's a gym rat, that means I would get in shape alongside him!  Hot man on my arm and my body gets the exercise and training it needs too! Win-win!

Soon Cockpit joined back up with me, after frantically texting me that someone he had set up an appointment with for me was in the area, unfortunately he couldn't get me the number in time before he left, and when he arrived he was crestfallen and claimed he had failed me.  I assured him he had NOT failed me in any sense of the word.  He is a GOOD DOG and I love him very much!

Later that night we met Brue, Copper, Wolf, and the adorable Spencer at a cafe.  Apparently throughout the dinner the group had been making jokes about how Spencer totally wanted me, which totally went over my head.  By the end of the dinner, the group was all but shoving us off into the night alone together!  Spencer and I went back to the hotel together in the chilly night air, walking through empty streets that had held drunken revelers, kinky freaks, and uninhibited nudists among a sea of discarded beer cups not several hours prior.  If you had passed out in the middle of the street at 3:00pm and come to at 10:00pm, you would have thought it was all a wild and crazy dream. 

Spencer and I entered the hotel room, finally alone and to ourselves.  He stood there in his leather vest, pants, and boots.  His body slim, slender, and smooth, I held him close to me.  He was so soft, his kiss youthful and sweet.  We lay on the bed, kissing, caressing, he even bit me! Hard!  I liked it!  He had a fun energy!  Clothes fell off in pieces, bodies came together, skin against bare skin, and our intimate moments lasted into one another.  Energy went back and forth, and I wasn't sure who was playing for dominance, but I didn't really give a damn, he was so soft...he was all mine for the moment, and I wanted to make him feel wonderful, to give him an amazing night.  One thing led to another, I slipped on a condom, and I was inside of him, fucking him.  He moaned, and I banged harder, he wanted it! I wanted to give it to him!  So cute! So soft!  So adorable!  He woofed, and I went further!  I want to make you feel good!  I want to fuck you right!  I want to make your night amazing!  I want to fuck you until you see stars you handsome, hot, sexy son of a bitch!  Soon he reached his peak, he climaxed, and I slowly eased and relaxed, as he basked in his own afterglow.  His expression one of bliss, I smiled looking down on him, I made him feel good...and that makes me feel powerful.  To bring sexual joy to another man...

Cleaning up, we rejoined the pack at Badlands, smiles on our faces.  We entered the club and danced for a while, Spencer was more a wallflower, so after a bit I walked with him to the hallway, my leather had become hot and I was ready to take a rest anyway.  He had to get going, and after a few more kisses, he left.  Oh sexy fucker...please stay out of trouble and stay clean!  A cute young man such as yourself needs to be careful in this world of ours. 

I started to feel sick, my throat had a scratch that evening, my nose began to run.  Ahh a cold, what a pain, but my experiences this weekend far overshadowed it.  Although I started to feel delirious, the heat and exhaustion had gotten to me.  We soon left the club, Cockpit running ahead and grabbing me water and juice while Copper, Wolf, and Brue looked after me in my delirium.  After the pack dropped Cockpit and myself off at the Vagabond, we went straight to bed, again in each others' arms.  I love my puppy.


Today was spent exploring with Coy, my cold had gotten slightly worse, but I wasn't about to let that get in my way!  We looked through the Apple Store, Disney Store (did you know they don't sell DVDs in their stores anymore? Weird huh?), jumped a construction barrier and went to the Ghirardelli shop, we then went through Crate and Barrel and squealed over kitchen utensils and furniture (that was probably the gayest thing we did the whole trip, and we were there for Folsom!)  Afterward we hopped my first Cable Car and enjoyed a ride over the holy-shit-this-is-roller-coaster-grade-steep hills of San Francisco.  We landed at Fisherman's Wharf, stopped in one of the tourist crap shops just for shits and giggles as well as to make fun of the crap that they had there.  I mentioned "You have to at least look for the googley-eyed walnuts."...they had "I'm Nuts for my (blank)" with peanut characters.  It was too close to my prediction for comfort so we left...frightened. 

After a very enjoyable lunch at Flying Ninja, we hopped a cab over the hills, as the cable cars had stopped running for some reason, and the local minstrel was really starting to annoy us.  While he was singing "What would you do if I sang out of tune..." I didn't have the heart to tell him that he was already singing off key.  During our cab ride back to Mr. S, we saw a skateboarder slaloming down the hill in front of us! The crazy fucker was weaving right in the middle of traffic! Hot stud too!

Mr. S had calmed down significantly since our last visit, and I found Spencer again, and snagged a few photos with him in the changing room before kissing him goodbye.  I can't wait to dig my claws into that sexy fucker again...he better keep his ass clean. Woof!  Before we left I had the pleasure of meeting the store mascot, a beautiful puppy named Brooklyn!  Oh my god he had the CUTEST ears!  They looked as if they were half-docked, because he could move them in the strangest and most adorable way!

We eventually made our way to the airport, lots of dragging of luggage, running for the BART train, going through security.  When we finally made it to our terminal, I saw who I thought was Wee Man from MTV's "Jackass".  I asked Coy if it would be rude to ask if it was him and give him my card, I didn't want to bother him at all, but Coy encouraged me to go for it and after psyching myself up I went over and...found out it wasn't him.  Whoops!  I apologized and said that he bore a striking resemblance to him, their faces were similar, he said that it was okay and people mistook him all the time.  A little embarrassed I quickly made my leave...and then realized he was pretty cute, he even had a nice British / Australian accent that was kind of sexy. 

Once our flight was in the air, Coy, who was assigned the seat in front of me, put his hand on my leg the entire flight, and only when we were landing did he finally let go.

I really love my puppy very, very much.  I am very lucky and very thankful to have him as my dear close friend.  He is a man of integrity, honor, respect, generosity and not to mention sadistic mischief too!  Hahaha!

Thank you Coy for such an amazing experience in San Francisco.

Play Safe out there my dear readers.