Friday, May 20, 2011

Two Doms and a Sub

Yesterday afternoon I asked my dear friend, the Canadian soldier, if he was available to meet at all.  I am glad I did.

When I arrived, he told me that another sub was on his way, someone he wanted me to help tie up that afternoon.  I was excited by the idea, I had always wanted to play with a helpless sub before with another dom, and doing so with my Sir would be like a dream.  He suggested that I hide in the bedroom, and he would hood the boy when he arrived, we would play, then I would hide in the bedroom again right before he took the hood off when the sub left so he would never see me.  I liked that idea very much, being a mystery man.

I asked who the sub was and my Sir showed me his profile.  I started laughing, it was a man I already knew and had been trying to get together with for some time now, but for whatever reason we had never done so.  The pure stroke of luck struck me as funny, and I thanked my good fortune.

When he did arrive, I made my way into the bedroom and waited, my Sir had him strip naked and then hooded him with a neoprene hood with only a mouth hole and nasal holes for breath, he was lead into the bedroom where I was waiting.

He was amazing, toned body, tan, beautiful chest with firm pecs, slim frame and soft skin.  My Sir and I exchanged thrilled nonverbal expressions, I walked up to him, placed my hands on the sub's shoulders and said.

"Hello, boy."

He responded with "Zage?"

What the hell?

"Is that you, Zage?" he asked, placing a hand on my face, feeling my goatee, my nose, going over the details in his head.  I had no idea of how to respond, I was surprised that anyone could recognize by touch like that, but then again he and I had shared maybe one or two phone conversations before, I was hoping natural phone distortion of voice would work in my favor.

The hood came off and he confirmed what he was certain about, I could only respond with a smile and "God damn it." Am I that recognizable?

He was delighted that I was the surprise dom, and we continued talking casually for a short while.  He brought out his toy bag and showed me two different bottles of nipple lick, flavored gel you can put on someone's nipples in order to give a scene a little bit more detail.  I taste tested them on him and I'd definitely use them myself if I obtain any in the future.  He also brought out a bottle of Rush liquid incense, and explained what it was. 

He told me that it basically gives you a lightheaded feeling, and it makes it harder for him to ejaculate, which he likes because he's a fan of edging and milking play.  However YOU SHOULD NOT USE LIQUID INCENSE OR POPPERS IF YOU HAVE A HISTORY OF HEART PROBLEMS OR IF YOU ARE UNSURE OF YOUR HEART'S HEALTH.  I myself am not interested in inhalants or anything that is a chemical-induced high, but I always wanted to know what they did for people who enjoyed them.

Eventually my new friend was gagged, blindfolded, and bound by wrist and ankle restraints to the door in my Sir's bedroom.  He squirmed and moaned softly into his gag.  His naked body, toned and firm was exposed to us, we were free to do whatever we wished to him, I eased in with some light feather touching.  Letting my fingers slowly skim the surface of his skin, I went up and down his entire body, admiring his firm pecs, his smooth tanned skin, his toned stomach.  I ran my hands through his soft, short dark blonde hair.  I wanted his body.  Badly.  I looked back at my Sir, who was on the bed, stroking himself, nodding and smiling.

I kept going. 

I leaned in and kissed his ear, letting my breath flow inside of it, I then knelt down and did what I've always wanted to do to a muscular stud.  I slid my tongue all the way up from his stomach to his chest, to his neck, and softly bit down on his shoulder.  He squirmed and moaned.

I kept going.

I kissed his body, starting from his neck down to his chest, around his pecs, then bit his nipples softly, running my tongue over them.  I kissed his stomach and down to his hips, stopping just above his groin.  I breathed on his very erect member, and it stood straight up.  I stood up and slid my arms around him, embracing his sexy body against mine.  Feeling him against me, helpless, restrained, whimpering into the gag.  I loved it.

My Sir soon joined me, and we worked him over, licking, sucking, kissing, caressing.  I wanted to make him feel like the luckiest sub in the world.  I wanted to hear him moan desperately into the gag, but I could only get him to whimper.

I love it when I hear men groan, moan, and gasp in ecstasy.  Their eyes rolling back into their heads, close to passing out in pure passion.  I want to make a man reach cloud nine, and then push him even further skyward, have him close to screaming in pleasure.  If I can do that one enchanted evening, I would feel like I had achieved the impossible.

Our sub was released and led over to the bed, where we continued our sensual scene, his wrists and legs bound in a hogtie restraint.  Soon he was lubed up and stroked by my Sir.  Edged to the point of climax, and then denied, several times, his slightly frustrated moans muffled by his gag.  At one point my Sir edged him too far, and he was passed the point of no return, he kept stroking and our sub came.  Suddenly my left leg was gripped, sharp nails dug into my flesh, I froze in shock, he was roaring into the gag.  The helpless, restrained, whimpering sub boy was now a snarling beast with one clawed hand threatening to tear open my left thigh.

He calmed down and looked at me, sweet innocence in his eyes.  Bullshit.  Innocence doesn't snarl like that!

"Are you okay?  Did I hurt you?  I'm sorry!"

I have seen men cum, ejaculate, climax, and reach purest ecstasy;  I have heard them gasp, moan, groan, grunt, and make noises difficult to put into words; but this is the very first time I have seen a man transform into a raging animal in bed.

It was scary.

He explained that my Sir knew what to expect, as they have played together several times before, I however was not warned beforehand as to what to expect.

We relaxed and enjoyed each other, talked, I had mentioned that I had first met the sub at Soca Bondage Club, I recalled that he was dominating another sub intensely. Soon after saying this, the tables were turned...on me.  He transitioned from submissive to Dominant, and my Sir blindfolded me, and placed a boot on my chest, ordering me NOT to drop it.  I was stroked and dominated by two men.  One being my Sir whom I respect and trust enough to have him lead me blindfolded through the plane of hell itself.  The other, a self-tamed animal of sexual energy, whose sharp barking voice would send me hiding in a corner, quivering and shaking, absolutely terrified.

I did everything he told me to, out of fear.  I dared not cross him at all.  He hid his Dominating energy so well, I couldn't sense it at all.  When I had met Ms. Cynthia, I knew the moment I got close enough to her that she held an intense power inside.  I could feel it two feet away.  However when I met this young man, even when he was restrained and helpless, and I was tightly embracing him, I never sensed even an ounce, let alone a droplet of the terror-inducing Domination that was flowing so freely out of him as he towered over my helpless frame.

He then pinched my nose and held a hand over my mouth, I struggled to breathe, and then he allowed it.  He held my nose again, this time sealing my mouth with his and forcing his breath into my chest, I struggled again, what the hell was happening!?  Soon I found a rhythm, suck air in, blow back out, suck air in, blow back out, survive, survive in pattern, he released me and I gulped fresh air.

He had performed breath play on me and did not ask my permission, nor did he warn me beforehand, he did not negotiate this with me.  This was dangerous.

I was so scared of him, terror gripped me hard.  I had completely forgotten that my Sir was still in the room.

At one point he asked if I was someone's boy, and it hit me like a flood of light.


My Master's handsome face ran through my mind, and a new sense of courage flowed into me.  The terror vanished like flash paper.  I felt in control.

"I am my Master's boy!" I answered, proudly.

"Does he know where you are, boy?" he barked at me.


"What?!" he seemed almost angry.

"I am not collared.  I gave my Master his title, and I am his slave, his boy."

He understood.  He continued to dominate me, but now it was more like a power struggle.  I did not feel helpless whatsoever.  He had me on my stomach, he gripped my balls.

"Whose are these?" he demanded.

I felt defiant, almost angry with pride as I answered "My Master's!"

"Good answer, boy."

The scene eased, and I was given gentle aftercare.  He stroked my head, keeping me on his chest, I enjoyed this a lot.  I love gentle, sensual, soft, and soothing aftercare.  We talked a while, the three of us, and later we left and said goodbye to my Sir.  He then drove me home and we said goodnight.

I also discovered something very important.  My Master gives me strength, my Master gives me courage.  My Master has instilled his very essence into me.  I think I know when he did it too...

Before, I had slight doubt about the supernatural, the ideas of magic, ghosts, and mind over matter. I wasn't sure if it was real or not.  I wanted to believe it, but people scoffing and claiming science can explain everything made me feel slightly foolish for doing so, keeping me in a less than neutral state of mind. Now I truly believe there is most definitely more than science.  I have seen a ghost in the past, I have somehow made a quarter stick to a wall with what felt like will alone, and now my Master has installed a piece of his spirit inside of me.  This is more than enough for me to believe that much more is possible.

Play Safe.