Saturday, March 12, 2011

Power Swap and Energy Flux

Today held a new experience that was completely unexpected and very energizing.

A friend I have been talking to online had come to California on business and was in the neighborhood and I had invited him to hang out for a while.  We had a nice conversation, and my friend mentioned that he feels that I'm "on the fence" between sub and Dom.  I said that I was a natural sub, as I enjoy submitting and serving under the right Sir and to my Master.  However I have been feeling more and more dominant in the past few months, talking to submissive men online at length, some over the phone, and feeling a rush for dominant energy.

We talked some more and eventually he changed into his leather overalls and I into my leather jacket and pants and we showed them off, then we hugged and it went all downhill from there!

During the scene something very interesting happened. We swapped roles and the energy fluctuated very frequently.  From a slow, low flame buildup of gentle hugging and caressing, to turbulent and passionate infernos of kissing and squeezing, gasping and sighing; the energy jumped all around the board.  Roles were fallen into, then thrown across the field, back and forth.  Master became boy, then Sir again, kneeling one moment and then towering over the next.

It was wild, and we both enjoyed the sudden changes in energy and flow.  All that happened was an amazing exchange of power and energy, no masturbation, no ejaculation, just pure, raw energy that built up, overheated, turned down again, burned brightly once more, again flying low, then one final intense burst until it all flowed peacefully and we lay together on the bed in gear.

Play Safe my leather brothers and sisters.