Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Gut Punching

When I met my new friend for an experiment in this fetish, I was very excited to learn more about his kink for physical impact.

For my friend he's attracted to the masculinity and dominance of a man slamming a fist into his gut.  The impact, the sound of the fist hitting flesh, the look of another man doubled over and the grunts as he absorbs the blow all give him a rise out of it.

The idea doesn't truly interest me, however the videos he shared with me of men with rock hard bodies getting punched and slammed were very erotic.  When we moved on to actually performing the fetish, I found it to be quite intriguing.  Never before in my life have I ever even thought I'd get away with punching a man three times my size in muscle in the gut and live to tell about it, much less him getting a humongous sexual thrill out of it and asking me to continue, and even less me enjoying it!

Of course I was nervous about it, I was going to be slamming my fist into this handsome man's abdomen, there's a lot of things to consider.  Is he physically capable of receiving the blow?  Will I injure him unintentionally?  How do I punch him correctly?

According to my punch partner, the correct way to gut punch is to punch directly into the abdomen.  Don't punch and scrape the skin or curve and hit the sides, you need to punch straight forward.  Also you want to hit "meat" not bone, so the abdomen is the target, not the ribcage.  You could also aim for the pecs, but personally I'd think you'd have to lighten up on that depending on who you're punching.

My experience in punching him was fascinating.  Here I was slamming my fists as hard as I could into the stomach of a man who could easily rip my arms out of their sockets, I was beating up another man, a man of muscle and strength.  I punched, he grunted, I punched, he doubled over slightly and I held his muscular frame, my fist still in his gut.  At one point I punched with both fists, one-two-one-two, faster and faster and I felt a little part of me start to say "I think I like this!".  Then when I was exhausted he offered to punch me if I wanted.  Curious I said yes, but warned him I wasn't built or physical in any sense of the words! He was gentle, a firm fist hit my stomach easily, then increased in strength ever so slightly until I would assume he was giving 2/3 of a half real punch.  I couldn't take more, so we stopped.

What turned me on more was his muscles, but what enhanced that was the punching.  I'll gladly slam my fist into his gut again.  Unfortunately I couldn't find much sexual attraction to the fetish, but it was fun and entertaining nonetheless.  I feel that I find watching the act much more enjoyable.

As this fetish is very physical I would strongly advise to go very slow at first, light warm up punching, don't put the full body into it until you've built up to that point.  Also communicate everything, good and bad, and use safe words.

Play Safe.