Sunday, December 19, 2010

Sexy Santa 2010

Tonight at Pistons there was a Sexy Santa contest hosted by the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence.  On a whim I decided to participate in the contest myself!  Once having turned down a similar opportunity at a different bar for a fun sexy contest I swore to myself I would not pass another by.

Unfortunately due to the rain, the changing room (a makeshift tent out in the patio) was wet, but that didn't stop me from wanting to parade around in my leather! Hah!  There were seven contestants and three parts of the contest.  The first part was to just introduce yourself, answer a fun question and seductively suck on a candy cane.  I was asked if I would ever fist anyone or be fisted, I thought for a moment and answered that I would rather fist than be fisted.  The idea has actually occurred to me and I am genuinely curious about...well...shoving my forearm up a man's ass!  But in all seriousness yes, I would like to explore fisting and do so safely.

For the second part we got back up on stage and dropped our pants to stick our bare asses in a hole on the stage, it was painted so it looked like Santa was mooning the audience when the Sister would remove the cloth from the cutout.  I reminded myself and everyone else "it was for charity!" and went for it!

The third part of the contest we stripped down and were given a red jockstrap and damn was it COLD and WET tonight!  Whoo!  We then poked our crotches into holes on stage and a Sister used whipped cream to draw a smiley face on each of us, then patrons who paid $10 could come up and lick the whipped cream off while we gave our best sex moan.  That was fun.

Unfortunately I didn't make the final three, but I was given a consolation prize of some nice looking leather porn, the Santa hat we were given at the start and we could keep the red jockstraps.  I had fun, it was for charity and I hope to participate in another contest soon!