Saturday, December 11, 2010

The Pie Fetish

Today was a day of unique experience!

  I received a message from someone I had been chatting back and forth with for a while on a fetish he had a genuine interest in and I had asked him what exactly it was all about.  He had said that he was available to share his unique sexual interest with me this morning.

The fetish in question? Having pies thrown in your face.

This is perhaps one of the more intriguingly unique and bizarre sexual fetishes I have ever come across and I was all too eager to accept and explore it.  Arriving, he greeted me and we went to his bedroom where I asked the general list of safety questions, "Do you know what safe words are?" "What are your limits?" "Are you clean?" and explained what my limits and boundaries were.  Afterward he explained that his friend had shown him this fetish but he doesn't really get to entertain it as much.

Taking up two fresh banana cream pies that were waiting in the kitchen, I followed him to the bathroom where he had set up a tarp in the bathtub.  Taking his place in the tub, I then mashed the first pie into his eager face.  The feeling, I had never done such a thing before even in general or as a joke and certainly not under sexual circumstances.  It felt fun and I was given a tiny taste of dominant energy as I smeared and mashed the pie all over his face.  I could tell he was enjoying himself as his body was quivering.  I made sure to use as much pie as possible, taking some in my hands and throwing it at his chest, smearing it on his arms and even licking some off his face which really got him going.  Tasted great too!

At this point, any inkling of inhibition I may have had over trying this fetish on myself was obliterated like the dessert on his face.  I wanted in on this. I proceeded to hug him really close, getting the banana cream all over myself via body transfer.  Oh it felt great, wonderful, like a sweet smelling sludge, a bit chilly but I was enjoying myself too much to care.  I eagerly reached for the second pie and hit him a little harder resulting in a whipped cream splatter on the bathroom wall behind him, some even got on the window too, his body was a beautiful and delicious mess!

After finishing up our scene and thoroughly enjoying ourselves, I saw the major drawbacks and safety issues of this interesting fetish.

1) The tarp doesn't catch everything.

Of course some got in the tub and obviously on the walls.  This is a very messy fetish so you should be prepared and well supplied to clean up the aftermath.

2) Slipping hazard.

My foot slipped a few times while in the narrow tub on the cream, if you aren't careful this could really hurt you.  We didn't have a large space available, like an empty garage, which may be better suited for this kind of mess play.

3) Clogged pipes.

Since we were playing in a tub, we were in the most convenient place to wash up afterward, however we ended up standing in a few inches of water during the rinse off because the drain was obstructed by pie shell for a few minutes.  If you play in the tub, be sure to have draino handy (AFTER you shower) so you can clear out any clogs that might happen.  Best to play in an open space and deal with the walk to the bathroom instead.

4) Food allergies.

This bears mentioning, you never know who has a peanut or dairy allergy that might present a serious medical issue.  I wasn't concerned since my host had procured the pies himself, but if you're introducing a new fetish to someone, be absolutely sure they aren't allergic to it first.  Allergies can be fatal, so be VERY careful.

This had to be the most delicious and entertaining fetishes I've had the opportunity of experiencing so far.  I definitely recommend experimenting with it.