Sunday, November 14, 2010

Affinity: Motorcycles and Bikers

I was considering adding an aspect to my journal here, since I'm not able to get out to fun fetish events every week and I think this journal needs a lot more attention than what I'm currently giving it, I decided to create an "Affinity" series and explain just what exactly attracts me to such fun fetishes I've discovered so far.

Affinity is defined as "a natural liking for or attraction to a person, thing, idea, etc." So for my first "Affinity" entry, I'll let you in on why those sexy riders and bikes make me take an extra long look.
For starters, the bikes.  Sleek, slick, powerful machines.  Slender in composition, ripped with power, these bikes demand a lot of respect, and offer enormous amounts of speed.  The sound of a bike engine is unique and easy to recognize, making me look up and perk my ears in its direction, hoping to catch a glimpse of it and the rider before they rocket out of sight.  Now to be clear, it's not the bike that I'm attracted to, or rather it's not entirely the bike.  For example, you would add spices to a dish in order to enhance the flavor, so for a handsome man in motorcycle gear to seat himself on his ride would greatly enhance my general interest in him.
Next, the gear.  I love a wide variety of gear, but one of my favorites is motorcycle gear.  Jackets, pants, and boots are very sexy, but full riding suits are much more attractive.  Geared up from head to toe, and extra points if it's leather.  A full body shield makes a man look tough, masculine, and a force to be reckoned with.
Another piece of gear that revs my engine (sorry), is the helmet.  Bucket helmets don't really do it for me, it seems too light, somewhat unfinished.  Something is missing from it.  Sawblade and mohawk helmets are a lot of fun, they're rebellious and very noticeable, they scream "Hey asshole!  Take a look at this!"  Next up the scale are the MX style helmets.  The shape is unique and attractive, the visor on the top also adds something interesting to the overall look and feel of the headgear.  However the most attractive helmet in my honest opinion will always be the mirrored visor or black visor full-face helmet.  These helmets completely hide the identity of the rider, giving a deeply-admired sense of mystery to the wearer.  

Finally, when all of these elements are combined, rider in gear on a sleek and sexy bike, and then riding out onto a nice long open road, the fantasy comes to life.  I myself have had a wonderful experience of riding with a friend of mine on the back of his bike.  The feeling of exposed motion, independence, even the slight aspect of danger all give me such a wonderful rush and love of living.  
And that's my affinity.