Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Bondage County Fair

(Original Post Date: September 13th, 2010)

Talk about your busy weekends!

This past Saturday I headed over to Pistons with two gear friends of mine to attend the Band of Brothers' Bondage County Fair! We arrived very early, so early in fact they were still building and setting up!  We got to speak with our friend, Pup Don (Mr. Sister Leather 2010), before he had to get back to setting things up.

Later that evening after gearing up at my friend's place, we returned and found the fair to be quite an amusing venture.  They had a dildo toss, ring toss, cotton candy, sno-cones, funnel cakes, a raffle and a steer-roping contest.

Now I never thought I'd say this, but I participated in the dildo toss, it's actually very hard to get a huge flopping rubber dick in the holes provided.  I'm an awful top! Hah!  The raffle also produced a lot of amusement as I won a can of Crisco and a porn DVD.  Other prizes given out were passes to Anvil, Gay Pride, and even some Tom of Finland artwork.  I do regret one thing actually, not signing up for the steer-roping contest.  Three subs were tied on stage and judged according to ropework, effectiveness, and what Brad Taylor (Mr. Regiment 2010) thought of their technique.

These guys definitely know how to put on a fair, and all the proceeds are to help with AIDS research.  I had a blast and when I spoke with Marcus Hopkins (Mr. Pistons Leather 2010) as the event was winding down, he suggested that I run for Mr. Pistons for next year. 

I would love to have the chance to run, helping them out, giving back to the community, it's definitely something I would have a solid interest in.  Although the only reason I hesitate is because I don't feel like I would have the time to do so.  I'm trying to square some things away at this juncture, but once things are set I'll charge forward.

...or maybe I can handle everything at once...we'll see.

Socal Bondage 3

(Original Post Date: September 11th, 2010)

Last night was a real treat, I arrived at the club with my leather buddy and we heard that there was a real crowd for the night.  Around perhaps 30 or more guys were in attendance, in addition to the photographers from "OMG I've been shot!" who were doing a complimentary photoshoot for guys in their gear.

When the huge door opened I was astounded, the main room was crowded with guys in their gear, in scenes, talking, and getting photographed.  I had never seen such a turnout for the club before in my short, but very pleasurable history with the club.  Every room in the back had a scene either starting up or in full swing,  I joked to my friend "If it gets any more crowded, we're going to have to grab a number!"
I did see some very interesting scenes that night, in the Japanese red room a handsome blond young man in leather pants was dominating an older submissive tied to a wooden cross with another sub.  However maybe "dominating" is too light a word.  He was barking orders in such a strong and masterful tone like the snarl of an enraged German Shephard, straining at the leash to rip apart a foolish intruder.  As a result, my respected attraction to his handsome face and sexy body turned instantly to intimidated and fearful respect of the brutal power that his cute face had hidden.   I assure you,  if you had watched even 100 videos of master and slave fetish pornography, it would not have prepared you for this scene.

The black and white chain spider web room next door was just as intriguing.  No words, but rather primal moaning and near-screams of ecstasy were pouring out of this doorway.  A man was blindfolded and gagged with a mechanism that forced the mouth open, tied to the chain web.  His dominant was lightly slapping his testicles and penis with a riding crop, varying with intensity.  The reactions were jerking and struggling accompanied by moans and cries that attracted quite an audience.

Moving on, I passed by several of the other rooms.  The jail cell, doctor's office and victorian rooms had men being tied and scenes just starting up, but the most interesting scene I witnessed that night was a man in a gas mask being suspended in the throne room by generous amounts of rope.  He turned slowly and gently, close to the floor, facing the ceiling in what looked like the most comfortable rope bondage scene I have ever had the pleasure of viewing.

I also met up with the gentleman who had tied me my very first visit to the Socal Bondage Club, it was a pleasure seeing him again and I thanked him again for the experience.  The night went on, and I was briefly straitjacketed, gagged (with painter's tape this time. Let my painful experience be a lesson to you, duct tape is NOT a good gag for those with facial hair! Damn!) and blindfolded.  Unfortunately with my leather CHP uniform and gloves, the jacket proved to be much too hot.  The heat, combined with laying down on the couch, gagged, blindfolded and my boots beginning to be tied together proved to be overwhelming and I felt panic start to set in.  Needless to say, the jacket came off soon after.

Safety Note: During any scene, when you feel the start of panic start to set in, let your play partner(s) know immediately so they can provide proper attention.  Freak outs can be traumatic, so nip them in the bud ASAP.  Also, when dominating or supervising, always check to see  if your submissive is doing well or not so you can see to the corrections immediately.

Later on I had the chance to try on a friend's football gear and helmet. I have always had a light admiration for American Football gear, the bulky armor, the look of a jersey draped over the shoulder pads, and the rock hard helmet concealing and protecting the face of a pigskin warrior on the field.  It all just reeks of masculinity!  This was a lot of fun, I love the feeling of armor and being protected from physical blows to the body.  The shoulder pads and helmet were actually a lot lighter than I had originally imagined, and I did get a lot of guys banging me up as a result...by playfully punching and banging on the armor of course.

Near the end of the evening it was finally my turn to have my photograph taken in my gear, the photographer did a phenomenal job of communicating, he asked me what I wanted to portray and how I saw myself both in and out of the fetish world.  He took a set of me in my CHP uniform and a set of me in my friend's football gear.  I'm very excited to see how they all turned out, especially because another friend of mine got into my shoot and "spiced things up" for my CHP set.  I actually enjoy the idea of being an "officer in peril", it was a new and fun experience.

My leather buddy and I closed out the evening at the Bullet with me downing my first shot of peppermint schnapps, which I am now a big fan of.

Play Safe!

Socal Bondage 2

(Original Post Date: August 15th, 2010)

The other night was one wild evening!

The whole experience began immediately after my leather buddy and I entered the Threshold in North Hollywood for Socal Bondage Club.  A friend of his spotted us and we went to speak with him, and immediately I found myself bound with my hands behind my back, and soon the rest of my body strapped and tied.

Of course at this point I knew I was going to enjoy my evening.

My bondage top then proceeded to gag me with a bandanna and tape, then blindfolded me, and carried me off to a different place in the room where I would be tied to a suspended metal ring and left to struggle for a while.  As I stood there, stiffly bound and unable to move, I let myself relax into the ties, feeling the ropes and straps on my body, keeping me in place just thrilled me.  The dungeon music filled the air with a heavy, industrial mood and an erotic sound, enhancing the bondage experience and giving the whole room that delightful, seedy and sexy feel to it.

A few times my bondage master came over and held me from behind, covering my already gagged mouth with his hand, giving me a wonderful sense of safety in his grip.  It is somewhat rare for me to feel so at ease so quickly into the scene, so I knew we had a definite connection.

Further on in my bondage scene I was allowed again to see as the blindfold came off and my vision returned.  I was standing in front of another sub, and my bondage master proceeded to tie him up, gag him, and then bind the both of us together.  As I felt his body tied to mine, I had an overwhelming urge to nuzzle him, as if to reassure him that everything was fine, and that I would protect him even though I had no ability to defend myself.  It felt...natural to do so, so I just went with it, never once questioning my own instincts, and it felt wonderful.

As the overhead lights started to brighten, signaling the club's waning hours, our bondage master told us that we were to get ourselves untied, and he would have no problem leaving us there and going home himself.  Knowing full well in the back of my mind that he was bluffing, I was still under the scene's influence, and I started to attempt my escape.  Hands free after some time, I started working on my fellow sub's ropes, so he could free his hands.  Then, both of us able, we untied each other in swift teamwork.  I do believe I impressed my master as I overheard him say "They're a lot smarter than they look."

Then came a very painful part of the evening, my master had gagged me with tape, and I had once been gagged as such before and there was no trouble.  However my bondage master had used a different type of tape, and it stuck to my facial hair quite stubbornly.  My face still tingles when I recall how he was forced to rip it off, taking some of my goatee with it!  My hands free at this point, my bondage master made sure to make some distance between the two of us, taking advantage of the resulting stun once the last piece was ripped from my face.

Of course after that kind of bondage experience, being angry is near to impossible for me!

Closing up shop, we left the Threshold and headed over to The Bullet in hopes to get in one drink before last call.  Arriving in time, I had a bailey's on the rocks and made some nice conversation with a new friend of mine who I talked to the last time I had attended Socal Bondage Club.  Soon, last call was announced and we made our way outside, soon my bondage master took me by my leather collar and forced me up against the wall.  I really enjoyed him roughing me up a bit and kicking my legs apart, as he forced his leg between mine.  His lips came to my ear and he told me we "would give them a show."

Forcing my hands behind my back, he lead me back to our little group and proceeded to cover my mouth and keep my hands in check.  It felt great, and I'd be damned before I would feel any kind of embarrassment of submitting in public, at least at that hour with only a few spectators.  My bondage master asked me if I liked boots and after saying that I certainly did, he forced me on my knees to kiss his, and then my leather buddy's boots.  After being ordered up again, he held my hands behind my back once more, holding me to his chest, making me feel absolutely amazing once more before getting an idea that would complete the evening.

He told my leather buddy to grab the rope out of his trunk and when he returned with it, my bondage master forced me over to the small alley between the bar and the next building, gagged me, and proceeded to tie me up with the rope, drawing even more attention of bystanders whose curiosity drew them to peek inside the alley.  My bondage master finished up and forced me over to my leather buddy's car, where I was led into the backseat and my legs tied and bound.

Before he left, my bondage master came around the other side of the car and took my gag off, giving me a kiss goodnight and sending me into euphoria.

Thank you, SIR!


(Original Post Date: August 13th, 2010)

I had a very enjoyable experience quite recently with a friend of mine who surprised me by having an interest in zentai!  He had ordered a pair of suits and we both tried them on for the first time.

Now zentai is a full body tightsuit, which covers the entire body including the wearer's face.  There are variations of the suit, but the most recognizable version would be Spiderman's costume, yes Spiderman is a kinky bastard it seems!

The feeling of being in a zentai suit is like being in one giant tight, you're naked inside the suit because the suit is so tight it will not fit well over clothing.  It was a very unique and positive feeling, and I felt like I was a living shadow due to the suits being black.  The feeling of my hands and body encased in the Lycra material was just amazing and even the act of simply hugging someone in one of these suits is quite pleasurable, as it is a full body experience.

Another little detail that I enjoyed was the feeling of anonymity, being just a solid black, person shape, face completely covered, no recognizable marks, clothes, or traits showing, it is extremely difficult for someone to know who you are if you don't speak.

I would definitely recommend zentai to even the most vanilla people out there, even if it doesn't make your fetish list, it's a lot of fun to wear!

Avatar BBQ

(Original Post Date: July 29th, 2010)

I had a very entertaining evening last night, my good friend and I attended the Annual Avatar group Barbecue and had a wonderful time.  I met up with my friend Pup Don, and made friends with another titleholder as well.  Once we found out we were both die hard gamer geeks as well as gear heads it was set in stone that we would hang out again!

The food was delicious and the men were in leather, what more could a guy ask for? :)

The Avatar group will be holding a few interesting classes in the coming months so check out their website for more information at


Play safe!

A Night at Pistons

(Original Post Date: June 5th, 2010)

This past Friday night I met up with a leather and bondage friend at Pistons.  We started things out by a warm welcome followed by me being encased inside a double leather hood!  Now I've been inside hoods before, but never anything this constricting or deep.  It felt great at first, dark, confining, the tightening of the hood on my face is what I really enjoy.  Blocking out sight and sound is perfect for going deep inside my own mind.

Next was the straitjacket, a thick leather one with removable chest panels.  On it went and I was completely bound, but it didn't last very long.  The combination of the hood and jacket were a but too much and I felt a small creeping fear crawling at the back of my head.  It wasn't overpowering but it was there nonetheless and I immediately let my friend know that I didn't feel comfortable.  He immediately released me and held me for a while,  calming me down and bringing me back down to earth.  Once I was ready, we put the jacket back on and left the hood behind.  He leashed me, and led me over to a piece of fencing, which I was bound to.  After struggling against my jacket and bindings (enjoying every second of course) my friend removed the chest panels on the front of the jacket, and proceeded to "play with his prey".

Now I don't have a "wired" chest, so I'm certain someone else may have just gone hog wild with being constantly pinched and played around with, but I enjoyed some of it.  I did enjoy my friend enjoying himself, you could call it a transfer of energy.  What happened next was unexpected, but nonetheless very enjoyable.  A friend of my friend, and a very handsomely rugged one at that, asked our permission to play as well.  As he reached down to my chest, I followed his hands, and he then calmly instructed me to look in his eyes.

I locked his gaze and his eyes were like stone.  No emotion, just a solid, intense look into my eyes.  It was calming, and very erotic.

Soon after more friendly torture I was released, and my partner arrived from work, and we spent the rest of the night talking and sharing stories before the bar eventually had to close.

A very enjoyable evening.

Mr. Rubber Contest 2010

(Original Post Date: June 26th, 2010)

I had a very enjoyable time last night at The Eagle bar in Los Angeles with a close friend of mine, as we attended the Mr. Rubber competition. I had seen a poster for the event at Rough Trade in Silverlake, a gear store specializing in leather and fetish gear and it had peaked my interest.  Having very little experience with the rubber community, I decided it would be in my best interests and an enjoyable night to attend.

We arrived around 10pm, but fortunately the contest hadn't started yet so we opted to meander and chat.  The bar was full of men in various gear, the most popular of course being rubber, then leather, and I did see perhaps two men in motorcycle gear.  It was a very pleasing sight, the slick, shining rubber shirts, vests, pants underneath the dim red light of the bar, tightly form fitting against well-toned bodies of men.

I met up with the MC of the night, George, who I had the distinct pleasure of meeting the evening prior.  He introduced me to his friends who were also in gear, one of whom was wearing a leather uniform, breeches and a leather hat which fit him very well.  We chatted for a short while before I returned to the bar.

The event started somewhat late, and there were only two contestants, one who opted for generous fanfare and introduction as well as extravagant rubber gear, and the other who hopped on the stage and went for a more simplistic look and style.  I was amazed at the rubber gear the first contestant (Michael?) came up with, but I also really enjoyed the second contestant's (Jason I believe) attitude and personality.  Unfortunately there were only two entries this contest, but they were both very attractive and slick in their gear.  Funny thing, he actually brought his own mother to support him in this dark, overtly sexual, gear-filled bar!  Now if that isn't parental support I don't know what is.

I don't recall the entire contest, unfortunately, but Michael won, and I'm certain it was due to his amazing gear he had a friend help him design.  Although I wouldn't have minded giving Jason a nice long hug in his simple gas mask and rubber shorts!

I will definitely be returning to this bar in the future, and hopefully the next fetish contest will have more entries than this one.

Avatar: Setting the Scene

(Original Post Date: June 24th, 2010)

Last night I brought a friend of mine to an Avatar meeting who is somewhat new to the fetish scene, and I thought the idea of corrupting a newbie would be fun if not educational. ;)

The subject was "Setting the Scene" a lecture on how different elements can really assist in making a fetish and kink scene more enjoyable for both parties.


Communication and negotiation of a scene is important.  Both parties must make it clear what each person enjoys and dislikes up front, and not just leave it to interpretation.  A lot of communication these days is done online, emails, texting and so on.  However, a lot is lost in simple tweets and internet messages, you don't have body language or vocal inflection.  Sure you could type in ALL CAPS, underline, bold, or italicize some parts of your message, but it still doesn't carry the same weight as a hand gesture or vocal influx does, and it never will.  So it is important to communicate properly, call each other, and meet up in person in order to negotiate a scene and discuss interests for better chances at understanding.


Music is also an important part of a scene, it can add an additional energy to the room during play that both parties get a specific boost from then a silent dungeon can provide.  Choosing the right sound is also critical, and should be obvious in some situations and circumstances.  I'll share a personal experience as an example:

I attended a dungeon play party one evening, and during my visit I met with a very nice older gentleman.  We hit it off very well and negotiated our scene, proceeded with our play, and in the middle of our scene, I finally noticed the music the dungeon had chosen to play was Whitney Houston or some similar female vocalist.  It became very difficult to focus on my scene and even though I still enjoyed myself, it was a constant distraction and I couldn't reach that 100% of nirvana.

Also be prepared to compromise music selection, the top may enjoy German Industrial while the bottom may want Gregorian Chants, it's important that both parties be happy during the scene or else no one will enjoy themselves, so be sure to have a variety of music available.  Also try to keep an eye out for merchants that sell music specifically designed for fetish play, they can sometimes be found at large fetish events such as IML and FOLSOM.


This should be pretty obvious, as no one would like to be freezing their ass off while trying to get into the mood and flow of a scene, nor would they like to be roasting in a poorly air-conditioned dungeon space.  Temperature is probably one of the easier things to understand,  as we deal with it on a daily basis anyway.  However it can also be a part of a scene, being a tool for comfort or the deprivation thereof, but also it can be a safety issue, as the last thing you want happening is your play partner passing out due to being so lightheaded.


Another easily understood, yet sometimes missed point.  Both parties should be aware of the others' interest in kink and fetish.  The lecturer gave a perfect example.  One day he had dressed in simple military camouflage pants and a green shirt to meet up with a bottom, when they met the bottom really enjoyed his pants and they had a great scene together.  The next day they had set up a demonstration of a punching fetish, the lecturer dressed up in leather and was all set to go, but when they met up, the bottom was dressed in military camouflage, and unfortunately the scene wasn't enjoyable for the sub, as his hopes and interests relied on the top being in military fatigues instead.

So be sure to make your gear fetish clear as well, if you want your top to be in leather, let them know.  If you like your bottom in uniform, tell them!


This is what makes or breaks a scene.  Some people may be more in tune with energy than others, but the fact remains the same, energy is important to everything.  When energy is in balance and things are smooth, you can rarely notice it at all, but when the energy is negative or sour, you tend to feel a certain uneasiness in the air, and it tends to make people uncomfortable.  When the energy is right and charged, you know it, you feel great, you feel wonderful, you feel ready to do anything you want!  (I am speaking from personal experiences and opinion of course so your experience may be different from mine, but it doesn't change the importance of energy itself.)

I hope this could be helpful to you, if you have any suggestions, comments or hints please share them, and as always, play safe.

Gear Night at Pistons

(Original Post Date: June 19th, 2010)

Had the pleasure of attending a gear night tonight at Pistons with my gear buddy.

They were hosting an event, Cum Get Your Daddy I believe,  Plenty of older gentlemen in gear in the back yard, plus a fun drawing and prizes.  I was lucky enough to win a Pistons Bar t-shirt in the second round.  Then afterwards they held a brief daddy auction with only three men on the block, one I would have loved to win as he offered a massage, and with my tension, I needed it! However when it comes to bidding I'm a bit shy, but luckily for me I did get to speak with him throughout the night.  Funny thing, he even asked me to GOM (glove over mouth) him with my leather gloves, and he loved it. ;)

Now I'm not one who's normally into bears (larger, hairy men) or daddies (older gentlemen over the age of...let's say 50) but the man who asked me to glove his mouth was attractive.  I was able to hug and caress the back of his head with my gloved hands and since he got such a thrill out of it, so did I.  I enjoy making other people happy that way, through simple touching, hugs or just a quick kiss.

Also, being the youngest one there, during the contest I won the shirt in I walked inside the bar to exchange the shirt I won for a medium size, and as I walk back in I hear the man hosting the event joked "There are no chickens here! The closest thing to a chicken just walked out!" Which flattered and amused me immensely! (Chicken is a term for young guys as the opposite of a Chicken is a Chicken Hawk, an older man who is interested in significantly younger men.)

I enjoy going to that bar,  just wish I could go more often.

Bondage Club Meeting

(Original Post Date: June 13th, 2010)
The other night I attended a bondage club meeting with a friend of mine.

The event started around 9:00 in the evening, when we arrived we headed through several hallways and sitting rooms before arriving at a giant door.  Entering we were greeted with a small group of men of varying ages.  The rules of the meet were stated quite clearly, no interrupting someone else's scene, no means no, clean up after yourself and wipe down any used equipment, be respectful, the basics I would expect in this type of environment.  Everything was taken seriously and professionally, which I was deeply grateful for.

We introduced ourselves around the room, "Hi my name is X, I'm a top/bottom, into A, B, a little D, but not G, S, or V."

Then the meeting adjured and we were free to play.  I wandered around the available rooms that had different themes and equipment available. The main room had two St. Andrew's crosses, a rack, suspended metal rings, puppy cage, and other equipment.  A prison cell with a saddle, wooden bondage chair, a hanging bar attached to a garage door motor.  A medical office with anything a Doctor/Nurse scene could ask for. A black room with checkered linoleum floor with a chain spiderweb, leather bondage chair, and a bench.  Another black room with more suspension equipment, bondage benches, a wooden standing cage, and an elevated throne.  The last room had more of a Renaissance theme to it, curtains along the wall, fine art, and lounging chairs.

I met up with an older gentleman during my exploration, we spoke about bondage and what we liked, after a delightful talk he offered to tie me up and I accepted.  We went back to the main room and claimed a St. Andrew's cross, I removed my leather shirt, he blindfolded me, and the experience started.  My arms were tied upward and wrapped in rope so they couldn't move, then the ropes wove around my chest and then down my legs until I was completely immobile.  From then on it was a wonderful and blissful experience of sensuality and sensation.  I learned later on that he used a bamboo pen tip and a paintbrush during our play in order to send me to the stars.  The experience was absolutely astounding, he moved me to the point of happy tears it felt so wonderful.  When he finally did untie me, he held me in his arms and hugged me, letting me come down gently from the high I was on.  (This is called "aftercare" it is very important that a top or dominant takes care of their sub or bottom because they are in such a vulnerable state and need close attention.)

I thanked him again and again for giving me my first official bondage experience, and making me feel so amazing.  I wish I had asked his email or phone number, but for some reason, it felt almost as if I wasn't "destined" to receive it...but I do hope to see him again.

After sitting down and resting, letting my head clear, and my thoughts return I explored the rooms again, watching other people experience pleasure in their rooms.  I met with another bottom in the black room, he seemed to have limitless energy and was hanging upside down from the suspension ring bolted into the ceiling.  We talked for a while and he shared his life stories with me, his experiences both good and bad in the fetish scene as well as life itself.

The night nearing an end, I was eager, if not starving, for another bondage experience before the event came to a close.  I finally found one with a dominant around my age, in fatigue pants and boots.  He asked me what I liked and I answered that I wasn't exactly sure, which looking back was somewhat of a lie but at that point I was still mentally fuzzy from my experience earlier on in the night.

He led me into the back hallway and asked what I wanted, I answered that I would like to be tied to a chair, having already being tied to a cross that night.  We entered the prison cell and I was blindfolded, and asked if I wanted to be gagged.  Excited, I answered yes, and he wrapped a handkerchief around my mouth, then duct taped it providing a nice tight gag without something uncomfortable in my mouth like most conventional gags.  He then taught me the two basic scene signal sets both verbal and nonverbal.

Verbal (Universal):

- "Green" - All is well, keep going.

- "Yellow" - Slow down, lighten up, back off a bit.


Nonverbal (May vary):

- 3 Fingersnaps - Hey! Stop! Do not like!

- 3 Grunts - See 3 Fingersnaps.

He then proceeded to figure out what I enjoyed.  He poked, prodded, pinched, rubbed, and got very physical with me.  Some I liked, some I didn't, some I didn't really respond to as others might.  He then reminded me that being tied down, I was at his complete mercy...to this I gave a sorry grunt, and he proceeded to perform what I call "pleasure torture".  I will not go into detail, but I will say that I was consistently reminded that being bound, you have little to no say of what happens. (Although in this environment if I seriously did not want anything to continue, I had every right and ability to stop it or be assisted in ceasing the act, if it had been in a more private or secret environment, I would have no say whatsoever and be at the utter mercy of my captor.  So you must be very careful with who ties you up.)

After the "torture", he released me, but had me stand up and bound my hands behind my back and lifted me onto the bench on the other side of the cell room.  He then lay me down and on my side, then joined me, holding and cuddling with me from behind which I enjoyed immensely.  Then after a short while of lying with my captor, he released me and the scene came to an end.

The night came to an end soon after my last scene, I chatted with a few new friends, and met someone who had come to the event very late.  I explained what the event was, and how much fun I found it to be.  I spoke with him about various kinks and subjects and we then soon parted.

I am very eager to attend our next meeting. ;)

I highly recommend finding a bondage club near you and learning more about the scene, even if you don't participate and simply observe, it is definitely a night to pursue.

Play safe!

The Hanky Code

(Original Post Date: May 27th, 2010)

A long time ago, in a time where homosexuality was spoken of in whispers and secret, guys used a specific way of showing what they were into without arousing suspicion.  This was done by utilizing various colored handkerchiefs, and it soon became known as the Hanky Code.

Now the colors used have changed in time, and some may not mean what they used to, but some colors have stayed the same even today.

The following is a short list of hanky codes I have found and what they mean.  Please be advised that times have changed, and colors may not be the same as they used to and have much different meanings.

For more information please visit: http://www.evilmonk.org/A/hankcode.cfm

One common instance I have found is where the hanky is worn seems to stay the same in meaning.

The back pocket means "I'm looking for"
The front pocket means "I have already found"

The left side means "Dominant"

The right side means "submissive"

Gray - Bondage

Blue (Medium) - Cop

Red - Fisting

Yellow - Watersports

Black - Heavy SM

Apricot - Chubby

Rust - Cowboy

Silver - Electro Play

Purple - Piercing

Coral - Feet

Gold - Two looking for one / One looking for two.

Peach - Bears

Sometimes a specific object is worn instead of a hanky in order to display the interest.  Here are a few examples.

Doily - Tearoom Top / Bottom

Cocktail Napkin - Bartender / Barfly

Jockstrap - Into Jockstraps

Baseball Cap - Coach / Jock

Dog Collar - Dog Trainer / Dog

Chain Collar - Master looking for slave / slave looking for Master

Mosquito Netting - Outdoor sex

Handywipe - Motor Oil Massages

Saran Wrap - Mummification
Kleenex - Stinks / Sniffs

Kewpie Doll - Chicken / Chickenhawk

Teddy Bear - Cuddling

What interests me in the hanky code is the wide variety of fetishes out there and what was considered their appropriate color in order to represent them properly.  Someone had to think up a way of portraying a specific sexual kink in a simple object and then decide what colors could be closely associated with that fetish all while being subtle and not catching the immediate attention of people who may have negative, if not violent, opposition to homosexuality and fetish.

Tom of Finland Event

(Original Post Date: May 8th, 2010)

I had the pleasure of attending the Tom of Finland Foundation event held at the Pistons bar last night.

For those of you who don't know who Tom of Finland is, he was a gay erotic artist who drew muscular gay men in very erotic scenes and poses.  For more information and short biography, please visit the Tom of Finland Foundation website.  His art is not only renowned for being so remarkable and uncensored, but for the impact it had on the gay community at the time it was showcased in America.

The event was quite enjoyable, there was silent auctions for various pieces and collections of Tom's work, as well as a very interesting demonstration of erotic wax.  The demonstrator and dominant was none other than the president of Avatar Los Angeles, who was so kind as to introduce me to the basics of electric play at Avatorium.

He began by burning two long candles over the volunteering submissive, dressed only in an orange jockstrap.  At first the demonstration started out small, little drops of melting wax falling here and there on his back, but then he picked up a cup candle and poured the liquid wax all over his backside.  The demonstration became more and more intense, more use of poured wax instead of dropping wax, until he opened up a container by the edge of the stage, took out a small pitcher full of red liquid wax, and poured it straight onto the submissive, who fidgeted and groaned underneath.  Once the demonstration was in full swing, the dominant took yet another pitcher full of melted wax, pulled open the sub's jockstrap, and proceeded to dump it straight down on his genitalia, much to everyone's surprise.  The sub however seemed to really enjoy it through his grit teeth.  At the conclusion, my electro play mentor then lit two sparklers and let the embers fall upon his sub's bare chest, which created a very elaborate finish to an already intriguing fetish display, and adding yet another kink to my "curiosity" list.

The evening ended with the humorous auction and banter of Mr. Leather titleholders who were raising money to send a member to a barbecue and leather event to represent them.  I also  talked with a member of the Tom of Finland foundation who lives at the foundation's house and helps out with the proceedings, he urged me to research the foundation and learn as much as I could about it, and hopefully come to the house itself as well.

Being a new fan of the art and interested in the history of the gay community, I hope to visit the household very soon and learn as much as I can in hopes of not only educating myself but those who may not have this kind of opportunity.


(Original Post Date: May 2nd, 2010)

Last night I attended Avatorium with a close friend of mine.

It was a three story dungeon space rented out by the gentlemen of the Avatar club in Los Angeles.  Various different rooms all containing different pieces for fetish play.  The bottom floor was equipped with a bondage bar attached to a motor, so it could be raised and lowered as needed,  along with a large cage, some bondage chairs, and general iron frames and two slings.  Upstairs on the second floor was a large bed, a shower and a toilet.  The third floor had more bondage and cage equipment, along with a suspended bed and other various equipment.  The space was also stocked with plenty of cleaning supplies for wiping down play areas, and safe sex supplies.

The evening started off with a bang, well to be more precise, a whip snap.  As I entered the space to sign in, I was startled by the loud snap of a bullwhip, the gentlemen at the door joked and said "Don't worry, you're next.".  Upon entering the first floor area, I was greeted with the sight of an older man in leather gear and bleachers (jeans with bleached splotches, generally associated with the skinhead scene, and not the racist skinheads you're thinking of, but more on that scene later on) taking a whip to a naked man standing bound to a bondage frame.  He would switch around his routine, lightly whipping the man's back here and there, then switch to flicking him with the tip, and finally just cracking the whip loudly on the floor. 

Periodically he would stop and hold his captive from behind, gently rubbing and hugging him sensually, before returning to the routine.  After watching for a while I noticed a man bound to a table behind the bondage frame, blindfolded, gagged, and tied down with ropes all along his body.  He was being massaged and orally pleasured by another man.

Watching both men being either whipped or tied instilled a feeling of romantic peace the longer I viewed.  The dim light coupled with the soft music in the air gave the dark place a sensual yet forbidden look and feel, which only just excited and interested me more.

Roaming upstairs I found the "blue bedroom", a bed covered in plastic wrap lit by a single blue bulb located next to a bathroom with an open shower, and then looking further upstairs I found a room that was much more warm and inviting, attached to what seemed to be a doctor's office room.  Soft carpet and various bondage chairs and couches were set up around the perimeter, and in the center, Michael O'Connor (See: the Industrial Rubber Bondage entry) was setting up for another display of "Boi in a Bubble". 

Passing through a darkened room which seemed to be set up like a makeup studio, I found the suspended bed.  A man was tied down to it, receiving CBT (Cock and Ball Torture) with clothespins, as well as electro play from a member of the Avatar community.  The room was equipped with a small stereo and color display that was synchronized with the hypnotic music.  Colors were thrown onto the wall in very sporadic and spastic ways, in tandem with the music, giving the room a very seductive air.

Walking through the suspension room, I entered another bedroom, this one with a bondage bed with a canopy.  It was being used by a gentleman who had tied down a submissive and was performing sounding on him.  From what I viewed, he had inserted a metal rod into the opening of the submissive's penis down into the urethra.  Watching for only a short time, I was not entirely interested in viewing for much longer, and soon left.  I wandered back to the staircase and found two young men, the dominant binding his submissive's hands to the rising bondage bar and proceeding to flog him.  I sat upon the stairs and watched as this display continued for a while, much like the display from the start of the event, the dominant would flog for a while, and then break to hold and caress his submissive.

Later that evening I spoke with the man who was performing electro play upon the man on the suspended bed, and we spoke at length about the electro stimulus fetish.  He invited me to try it out, to which I happily agreed.  I removed all but my briefs and sat on the suspended bed, he placed two pads on my thighs and then turned the controls to me.  The tool he had was an old machine from the 1950's sold to housewives in the hopes that it would reduce weight through muscle stimulation.  Needless to say it didn't, but that didn't stop us from using it for other more delightful purposes.  My new electro mentor told me that he preferred to give new subjects the controls in order for them to introduce themselves, and each time he's found that they take themselves much further than he would if he was in control of the level of intensity.  It actually felt very soothing, a buzzing sensation under my skin and in my muscles that pulsed in a fixed manner, I slowly took the intensity about half way to maximum before I felt I was at my limit.  Then he showed me how I could reverse the polarity, and upon doing so the feeling changed from a pulse that was dedicated to one small area, to the pulse going through the length of my muscles in my legs. 

My mentor then placed two additional pads on the underside of my thighs, and again gave me the controls.  The added pulse from a different source wasn't as noticeable, as the initial pads, most likely due to the polarities being the same.  Upon asking him if the feeling would change or if it was dangerous to use two different polarities so close to one another, he replied that I should try it myself.

Being cautious, I slowly changed the second pair's polarity to the first pair's opposite.  At once it felt as if someone was lightly pinching a nerve located below my scrotum, I quickly turned it back to the original polarity and never did it again.

We sat there and talked at length about the fetish I was currently enjoying before friends of his and my friend entered the room and joined us, as I sat in my briefs upon the suspended bed, enjoying my legs being massaged by electricity, and having other attendees wander in and out of the room.

Before I knew it the event was coming close to being over, much to my disappointment.  However, during the conversation the subject of flogging had arisen and I was invited to be introduced to that as well by a different member of Avatar.  I traveled downstairs and met with him, who explained that flogging can be very intense (as the same man from before loudly cracking his whip on the floor, showing it off) or a very sensual experience.  I admitted that I was very nervous to try this, seeing pictures of men with red marks all over their backs and hearing the moans and soft screams of the submissives in the vicinity as their flesh was struck.  He reassured me that those instances were of intense flogging play and that the sensual flogging was much different.

I was instructed to remove my top clothing and place my hands against the nearby wall, as my flogging mentor went through several different types of flogs, going from a light flogger to a heavier one each time.  The feeling was surprisingly relaxing, feeling the leather slapping my back was gently intense, and then after he had flogged me for a short while, he would run his hands and fingers up and down the flogged area, sending a tingling shiver up my back.  However some floggers were more intense than others, two of which bit at my skin with a sting that was nothing close to pleasurable, but it still intrigued me.

Unfortunately the night came to a close, and the light in the main floor was lit brighter, akin to a sunrise, signaling the event was already over, and for participants to finish and clean up after themselves.

Industrial Rubber Bondage

(Original Post Date: May 1st, 2010)

The other night, I had the pleasure of attending a meeting with the gentlemen of Avatar.  The topic of the evening was Industrial Rubber Bondage.

The meeting was quite enjoyable, many different men of various ages in different types of leather, some in full leather, some only wearing leather boots.  The air was very casual and laid back, and people were friendly.

The instruction was about the speaker, Michael O'Connor's personal design of an air pump and the use of surplus weather balloons he had bought from Brazil.  He designed an air pump so his demonstrating submissive, Alex Lindsay, could breathe comfortably through a gas mask which had an air tube that went through the pump itself.

He was very clear on the fact that this particular fetish, placing a grown man inside a small weather balloon, was not for amateurs.  The fetish requires physical strength and stamina in order to get inside the balloon itself, be able to sustain pressure from the tight rubber constricting upon parts of his body, and the risky nature of air supply being so important.

He went on to mention that Alex was tapping his leg through the balloon during the inflation process and after he was completely inside, because it was a way to notify if anything went wrong, due to the nature of the pump being so loud, he could not hear him say "I need air" or "I cannot breathe".  Furthermore, the act of tapping was also an immediate notification to him, if Alex ever stopped, he would know he needed to stop the scene and get him out of the balloon immediately.

The entire scene was fascinating, I don't particularly share the sexual interest of a rubber balloon, but watching him share this fetish was still very intriguing, and I am thankful I was able to witness such a complex sexual experience.


Hello everyone.

My name is LeatherFox, I'm a man, and I love kink and fetish.

I decided to open this journal as a way of recording my adventures in the fetish world, my opinions and feelings for fetishes, and more ideas as they come along.

I'd really like this journal to be able to educate people on the fetish world, kink, and sexuality, so they can break away from the closed-minded thought process of "Ohh that's what weird inhuman freaks do."

Well, that's about it for now.  Keep an open mind, and play safe. :)